The top 15 vehicle insurance policies in Argentina

Because Argentina covers a total area of 2,780,400 km2, it is a vast country, perfect for getting lost in and exploring via its network of roads and highways.

And what better way to do it than in the comfort of your vehicle? In addition, despite the ups and downs of the economy, it is one of the most prosperous states in Latin America, as evidenced by the fact that millions of workers drive their cars to work every day.

The top 15 vehicle insurance policies in Argentina

Without further ado: Argentines must have reliable auto insurance.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss 15 of the most highly recommended insurance companies currently available on the market.

What are some of Argentina’s most reputable auto insurance companies?

Before we get a car insurance policy, we need to have a good understanding of our requirements.

We must purchase those bundles that satisfy our requirements in every way, including everything necessary and preventing unnecessary items from being included.

Regarding the operational aspects, we need to place a high value on the assistance they are providing us right now and the fact that the deal offers a favorable quality-to-price ratio.

When it comes to the passive aspects, a good company responds to our questions, claims, and demands in a prompt and even-handed manner.

The Centro de Estudios de Opinión Publica (CEOP) surveys customers’ satisfaction with their respective companies annually.

If we combine the data with the number of policies contracted in each company, we can determine the 15 auto insurance providers in Argentina that are the most highly recommended.

15. Río Uruguay

This business was established in 1958 to satisfy the requirements of its hometown of Concepción del Uruguay, particularly in agriculture.

They have maintained their “local” character throughout the country by caring a great deal about their customers and providing individualized service.

Because of this, they are one of the most well-valued companies, even though they are not very well known.

They provide three distinct coverage types: comprehensive, liability, and third-party.

Because of the size of their organization, they are not always able to respond as quickly as would be possible for a more significant business in certain circumstances.

14. Meridional

They started as a business insurance company in 1948 when they were first established.

They were accepted into the A.I.G. family the same year they were given a positive rating by Standard and Poors.

As a result of this international support, they have been given the ability to continue to innovate day by day in their services and benefits, as well as to listen to their customers’ issues and attempt to find solutions to them.

They provide coverage for both third-party and all-risk liability under their policy. It has a good reputation, even though, like everything else, it has received negative customer feedback.

13. Mapfre Argentina

This company was established in Spain in 1933, and it has since achieved impressive growth across the world (they are in 49 countries).

In Argentina, it possesses an extensive network of interconnected centers and is responsible for employing more than 500 individuals.

They are known for providing excellent service to their customers, and year after year, they move up in the rankings of the best insurance companies.

They provide essential, third-party, and comprehensive coverages for a total of 8 different packages that can be tailored to the client’s requirements.

12. Seguros Sura

For years, Suramericana Seguros had been unsuccessful in their attempts to enter the Argentine market. Still, in 2016, they were finally able to establish themselves there in a somewhat aggressive manner successfully.

It seemed like one of those businesses that do not care for their customers, but nothing could be further from the truth: Sura has received the highest ratings in many surveys.

They offer nine different packages, each of which can add additional protections.

Their app support is also highly comprehensive and available at all hours of the day and night.

11. Zurich Argentina

Zurich is a Swiss multinational and one of the world’s top 100 most influential companies. In Argentina, it is the most successful business in the country.

They offer four different types of coverage, in addition to optional ones, such as theft coverage.

Replacement at the 0 km value for two years provided that the vehicle is still manufactured as 0 km and has not had any claims, and replacement of tires for two years provided that the vehicle has not had any claims.

These advantages for 0 km cars are attractive.

10. QBE La Buenos Aires

The Australian brand established itself in Argentina by acquiring the La Buenos Aires company.

This merger combined the prestige of a well-liked insurer with that of a corporation with an established presence on the global stage.

Since it is now a part of Zurich, we know that they can handle any claim that may arise.

The fact that it is not one of the companies with the lowest prices and that they have been increasing the costs over the past few years is a drawback. The attention they pay is excellent.

9. Allianz Argentina

Allianz has even been placed in the top three of some rankings of the best insurance companies.

Since 1988, they have been running their business in Argentina, consistently receiving positive feedback.

They have an entire system ready to deal with any customer problem in their app and on their website, so the first steps are straightforward. In the CEOP survey, they achieved first place in claims payment satisfaction in the year 2020 and received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 in their internal survey system.

8. Provincia

Since 1993, Provincia has been operating as a subsidiary of the holding company Banco Provincia, which is involved in the insurance industry.

They stand out from the competition with their policies for the business sector and the agricultural industry.

They offer three standard individual packages, but the Provincia Plus is the best.

This package provides you with a replacement car if yours is stolen or destroyed, uncapped deregistration expenses, personal accident coverage, collision coverage between insureds, key replacement if your keys are stolen, and partial damage coverage if your keys are stolen.

7. Mercantil Andina

They have been operating in the Argentine market for the past 80 years, which has helped them become a reputable and well-liked business among local consumers.

It has 45 offices of its own and a total of 200,000 customers covered by its policies.

It is the business that has a customer satisfaction index that is higher than any other in the middle of the country.

They provide total damages, complete third party, M (limited civil liability, full and partial fire, total and partial theft, and robbery as the five different types of packages they sell.

Real damage due to accident. A portion of the loss is within the entirety of the theft.

Hail, complete and partial flooding), the M premium, and the All Risks with Excess coverage.

6. Segunda C.S.L.

La Segunda is an Argentine conglomerate of businesses that aims to provide quick and accurate services across the board in all company operations.

They have made an effort to cover as much territory in the country as possible, and this ambition has helped them become one of the most in-demand companies.

They offer three customer-friendly plans: the privilege plan, the L2 select plan, and the third complete plan.

The privilege plan is the most comprehensive of the three. In addition, they provide you with the ability to complete a number of the necessary formalities through an app.

5. San Cristobal

They began as a group of people who recognized the need for a business that genuinely looked out for the people’s interests and banded together to form a cooperative.

The project was started by 22 partners in 1939, considered one of the essential referents in the Argentine market.

You will receive a discount of 15% as well as a bonus of $1,500 if you submit your quote online.

You can choose between an essential third party, an entire third party, or all risks with an excess, and you can also request assistance at any time of the day or night. It offers the most convenient combination of excellent care and location.

4. Sancor

Another business that enjoys a reputation among its clientele as being among the most highly valued by those clients. Some people believe that it is the best and most serious choice.

They provide a total of eight different coverage options in addition to a specialized plan for motorcycles.

It is not necessary to get to the all-risk package to have excellent coverage; for example, the Automax 6 package already has virtually everything included in it.

In the same vein as other businesses, it offers a mobile app from which customers can make bookings.

3. Seguros Rivadavia

It is the third company in terms of customers, but despite its success, they have not lowered the bar.

They consistently rank among the most preferred companies in the industry, year after year.

One of their most notable qualities is that they can provide adequate protection not only to those looking for comprehensive coverage but also to those primarily interested in obtaining an economic policy.

They provide essential coverage and full third-party and comprehensive coverage.

But in addition to that, they offer several other ranges, the most notable of which is assistance provided to nearby countries.

2. Caja Seguros

The top 15 vehicle insurance policies in Argentina

It is undoubtedly one of the best in the nation and stands out as among the very best.

It is consistently ranked in the top three on customer satisfaction lists and is number two in customer rankings.

The contracting is done online, you have access to 24-hour mechanical assistance, and the insurance coverage for accidents is comprehensive.

The three packages include complete, third-party with hail, and an entire third-party range, each of which is available in “comfortable” and “savings” versions.

Undeniably, “this is a company that loves its customers describes this business perfectly.

1. Federación Patronal

Regarding policies, Federación Patronal is the most critical business in Argentina. And they started their modest beginning in 1921 in the city of La Plata.

They provide all-risk coverages, with or without an excess, c full-full- a third party total, and civil liability coverage.

Their numbers are “more than one million insured cars,” as stated in the previous sentence. Not only the dedication of their clients but also the company itself.

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