The top 14 vehicle insurance plans in Colombia

Not only is Colombia the entry point to South America, but it is also a wonderful country filled with breathtaking landscapes and friendly, welcoming people.

The cities of Cali, Bogota, Medellin, and Barranquilla inspire in us a yearning to travel along Colombia’s roadways and rediscover our home nation time and again.

And while it is true that we can go by bike, modeling ourselves after Nairo Quintana and Egan Bernal, traveling by car will allow us to get there more quickly and with less sweat.

There are only two things that we require: the SOAT and reliable car insurance.

The top 14 vehicle insurance plans in Colombia

Everyone is familiar with the acronym SOAT, which stands for Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance.

We will keep it in mind for the fools who do not have this required insurance policy contracted.

The SOAT aims to ensure that individuals injured in an accident are transported to a hospital as quickly as possible.

It pays for the victim’s transportation to the hospital, medical expenses or surgical medical services, compensation for permanent disability, death of the victim, and funeral expenses.

Which car insurance companies in Colombia are considered to be the best?

In addition, obtaining a car insurance policy that either pays for damage done to third parties or covers all risks should be considered an absolute necessity.

Things are going well for them because it is always a nuisance to have an unexpected expense in case of an accident.

After all, it is mandatory to have insurance in Europe, at least third-party insurance, and things are going well for them.

Also, we do not run into any issues if other drivers are involved in the collision.

As a result, the advice that has been given is to invest in a reliable insurance policy that satisfactorily meets all of our requirements while remaining affordable.

As a result, we will now provide you with information regarding the 14 most reputable insurance providers in Colombia.

14. Zurich

Although Zurich’s influence in Colombia is not as significant as in other Latin American countries, we should still consider it when purchasing insurance.

They protect your automobile and your mobility whether you travel by bicycle, electric scooter, or public transportation.

They will do their best to give you the best price, but you can tailor the policy to meet your specific requirements.

The coverages are incredibly comprehensive, and you can handle any concerns about the procedure using the accompanying mobile application.

It is always a guarantee of financial stability to have the name of a large multinational corporation.

13. Compañía Mundial

They have been operating in the insurance market in Colombia for the past four decades, and they take pride in being able to accompany and assist their clientele in finding appropriate solutions.

They offer nothing but SOAT.

Compañia Mundial is a very solvent company that takes good care of any problem, so if we make the decision that we do not want any other insurance, we have the guarantee that this company will be there for us.

12. La Previsora

Previsora Seguros has a wealth of experience protecting both individuals and businesses over its many years in business.

They offer specific insurance for every conceivable type of motor vehicle.

They are a company that operates in a highly bureaucratic manner, which can be both a strength and a weakness for the business.

They provide adequate coverage for tort liability, severe loss damage, minor loss damage, or loss due to theft or earthquake; they give you property protection, assist you with legal matters, and cover personal accidents if the driver dies.

11. Axa Colpatria

The customers of Axa Colpatria have reported favorable outcomes as a result of using the combination.

They are financially stable and provide quality service across the nation.

They only offer one kind of insurance, but it’s comprehensive and covers much more ground than the others.

The ease of subscribing to this insurance is one of the benefits of purchasing it.

Other advantages include an extension of the policy term during the time that the vehicle is in the repair shop, a discount of fifty percent on the value of the deductible if the repaired vehicle is delivered later than the estimated delivery date, and a review of the critical control points of the car, which is granted twice during the term of the policy at Automás diagnostic center.

10. HDI Seguros

HDI is a multinational corporation with operations in various countries, including Chile.

Even though they are currently experiencing some level of overload due to the pandemic, their attention to the customer and their relationship with the customer is satisfied.

They only provide one type of policy, but it covers damage or total loss of the vehicle, theft, or depletion and includes a roadside assistance guarantee during road trips and tours.

It provides fundamental protection, the scope of which can be expanded.

9. SBS Seguros

Even though it only provides third-party insurance, it gets the job done.

Well. Additionally, it possesses additional coverages that bring it closer to the definition of an all-risk policy.

The fact that they put a lot of effort into preventing accidents is one of its vital points.

As a result, among its advantages, we have access to a road safety program for corporate clients, the possibility of a home inspection, and a preventive check of the insured’s vehicle before they go on a trip.

In general, it is a compliant company; consequently, it may be an option worth considering if you do not want many benefits included in the policy.

8. Bolivar

Bolivar is one of those companies that, in addition to offering attractive prices, also inspires confidence.

They safeguard your vehicle by delivering assistance in a collision that causes injury to you or another person.

Not only do they provide you with additional peace of mind if your car is stolen, you become stranded, or it is involved in an accident, not only do they accompany you to a vast network of garages located across the nation, but they also solve all of your needs in real-time through the green button on the app.

Four different plans are available to us: the light plan, the classic plan, the standard plan, and the premium plan.

7. Equidad

Equidad provides insurance for various vehicles, including utility vehicles, and its coverage for these vehicles is very comprehensive and geared primarily toward proprietors of small businesses.

You will have protection for your wealth, making it easier to meet your financial obligations.

It compensates for losses incurred as a result of damage and losses incurred as a result of theft.

Equity insurance is the most affordable option out of the best ones on this list; however, it also offers the fewest benefits.

You can access all of the information related to your policy online.

6. Seguros del Estado

Seguros del Estado is an insurance provider that prioritizes providing excellent customer service and resolving any issues that may arise.

They offer a comprehensive selection of products concerning the insurance of private service vehicles of the family type, such as automobiles, trucks, vans, and motorcycles, as well as public service and commercial vehicles of both cargo and passengers as part of their package for auto insurance.

In addition, they cover motorcycles.

They do not offer an extensive selection of family plans, but the FamiEstado policy has a comprehensive coverage plan.

5. Liberty Seguros (Securities)

Liberty Seguros is a highly reliable company that provides quality insurance.

They pay for damages you may cause to other people or their property; they cover expenses associated with a total loss due to injury or theft; they cover partial losses due to damage or theft.

They protect you from earthquakes, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

They cover transportation costs in the event of a total or partial loss (damage or theft), amongst other things.

Even though they might make a mistake by not providing enough information online, their customers are still happy with the service.

4. Mapfre

The Spanish company is widely acknowledged as being among the world’s foremost authorities in the field of automobiles.

In addition to the SOAT, we can find a 0 kilometers policy, which is a series of very advanced coverages for high-end vehicles and their occupants; the Women’s vehicle insurance, which includes a series of additional ranges for women; the Family vehicle insurance, which is designed to provide total protection to family vehicles and their occupants; and the Traditional insurance, which is a complete coverage option.

Mapfre is a company that consistently receives positive customer feedback in each country in which it operates.

3. Aseguradora Solidaria

Seeing a national company on the podium is a source of great pride.

Still, the reason for this is that Colombia’s Aseguradora Solidaria provides very high-quality packages at a reasonable price and that the attention is very personalized.

They use statistics to determine what will be most beneficial to their customers.

Moreover, insurance policies are available for vehicles such as taxi cabs, yellow cabs, dump trucks, heavy cars, trucks, and vans, as well as buses and minibusses.

To summarize, it is doubtful that you will not find the optimal solution for your car.

They provide the standard, plus, financial, premium, and elite plans for individuals involved in tourism.

2. Allianz Seguros

Because it is a multinational corporation, Allianz has access to various assistance resources and financial flexibility to cover indemnities.

Because of the company’s technological system, its attorneys can mediate and settle most cases requiring legal assistance while still present at the accident scene.

They also can offer faster response times, made possible by their own network of experts who can authorize significant damages and virtual experts who can charge minor injuries.

Last but not least, they have a vast network of assistance providers worldwide who can provide prompt attention no matter where you are.

The top 14 vehicle insurance plans in Colombia

1. Sura

Sura is one of the most reputable businesses in Latin America, and many customers have rewarded its presence in Colombia.

Sura’s plans include compensation for people whose lives are negatively impacted by the damages you cause to others in the event of an accident or collision (if you are responsible, of course).

You offer a basic auto plan, a classic auto plan, a global auto plan, and an exciting plan for electric cars. These are the four primary packages.

The packages include an insurability inspection that can be completed virtually or at the SURA Service Center, services that can be accessed through the SURA app, an unlimited mobile workshop if you sustain an injury and comprehensive care at the scene of the accident.

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