The top ten F1 video games

The Formula One World Championship is considered to be the most prestigious form of competition for four-wheeled vehicles for a variety of reasons, many of which have been discussed on previous occasions in this article, including the excitement, the glamour, the charisma of its drivers, the unexpected and beautiful appearance of some of its circuits, and so on.

The top ten F1 video games

However, there are a lot of hurdles to jump through to compete in it.

Fortunately, the rapid development of technologies enables any fan to feel as if he did it, thanks to the game that is brought to market on an annual basis.

Here at Motorbli, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Formula 1 video games available for those interested in purchasing the most recent release or one that came out within the past few years.

Take a look at the top 10 Formula 1 video games and see what they have to offer.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to take a closer look at what the individual entries on this list of the ten best Formula 1 video games have to offer.

If you intend to purchase one and demonstrate your skill behind the wheel, we strongly suggest that you make a mental note to hit the target precisely on the head.

1. F1 2010

The one that started it all also happens to be the one that has lasted the longest.

2010 was released on the Playstation 3, XBOX, and personal computers so that consumers could enjoy it on those platforms.

It was the one that initially permitted the office to be located in the team truck and the paddock while playing the career mode, which was, without a doubt, its best endorsement.

To begin, in it, you were required to respond to a set of questions featured in the user’s initial press conference in the capacity of a pilot.

Nevertheless, in the first update, a programming error caused the lap times to be inaccurate; fortunately, this problem was fixed later.

It featured single-player and multiplayer game modes, which were distinct.

The first section contained the previously mentioned Career, Grand Prix, and Time Trial competitions.

In the second category were the online races. These races could be customized by the user or already exist.

They provided the opportunity to compete for the Internet GP, Pole (with three dry laps and a random grid order), Endurance (20% of the actual distance, changing weather, and one-stop), and Sprint (seven laps in varying conditions, one-stop and quarter-hour qualifying).

2. F1 2013

The year 2013 will be remembered for bringing mythical cars and tracks to life, which has only been accomplished occasionally throughout the history of this game.

Without going any further, you could control legends such as Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, or Michael Schumacher and drive any of Ayrton Senna’s McLarens.

Additionally, there was a test for new young drivers right when the game was started and initially loaded.

In this manner, the user’s placement on a team would be determined by broken records rather than a predetermined order.

The fact that it was released during the generation’s waning months is perhaps the most damning criticism that can be leveled against it, given that the following year saw the release of updated versions of the Playstation and Xbox consoles.

That translated into a continuous line also because of the few regulatory changes that occurred at the fundamental level since 2014 to begin the hybrid era with the new V6 engines.

Only a few of those happened.

3. F1 2016

After the scandal-ridden year 2015, Formula One’s 2016 season debuted to make people forget the misdeeds of the year before.

Evils because it removed features such as the Career mode, which required players to spend significantly more time participating in online methods.

As the saying goes, “every cloud has a silver lining,” and in this case, being online allowed users to do a lot of tricks, such as installing infinite mods or software extensions that assisted in customizing the games and skins or character appearances.

The third protagonist took the aspects of its predecessor that worked the best and combined them with the method for regaining the Path.

Things like manual openings, formation laps, and the safety car were introduced, which undoubtedly brought increased realism to the gameplay and driving levels.

The online mode also got an update that allowed up to 20 drivers to compete against one another in the same race.

4. F1 2012

The game released in 2012 did not include any significant surprises compared to what was seen in the game that came out before it.

During those times, DRS and KERS coexisted in the single-seaters; as a result, they presented a challenge to even the most inexperienced players, who were accustomed to using the buttons on their steering wheels to accelerate, brake, move the car, and if anything, change gears.

As mentioned in the section corresponding to 2013, it was a first for the competition to implement an initial test to determine which team or teams the driver could compete for.

The Championship mode was laid out in the following manner: a test of young drivers on which other players had previously commented; challenges; and the Career or Story mode, which consists of competing in a world championship.

On the latter, there is a unique mode in which players are pitted against the various world champions who comprised the grid at the time.

This mode allows players to simulate a variety of different scenarios. As was the norm, the competitions in which they took part could be altered regarding the types of aids available and the severity of the penalties.

5. F1 2017

The game, turning five years old this year, followed the Path of its predecessor.

However, it must be applauded the idea of adding more legendary cars that joined those already mentioned here, such as the R26 of Fernando Alonso to sign his bicampeonato, the F2004 of Schumacher to reach the seven crowns, the McLaren of Lewis Hamilton with which he began to write his legend in 2008 and the same of Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull of 2010.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the release of

One more quality that many critics have praised is the game’s transversality in striking the right balance between simulation and arcade gameplay.

This allows players of all skill levels, from the most inexperienced to the most seasoned, to take pleasure in the experience in their unique way.

Because of its unyielding artificial intelligence, it was tough to emerge from the first turn of a race unscathed, leading to many infractions being assessed against the user.

This was the aspect that was the most problematic.

The virtues at the level of Codemaster graphics came into play in changing contexts, which gave much realism to the development of the races despite relying on a quick menu to make decisions in a matter of milliseconds.

This was accomplished by changing the context of the game.

6. F1 2018

The successor to the recently analyzed meant a breath of fresh air for its online modes, in addition to new cars to remember, such as the Brawn of 2009 and the Williams of 2003 that achieved several victories and maintained the equilibrium and transversality that has already been commented on.

When it comes to getting the best contracts, picking the opposing driver rather than just a teammate, or switching teams in the middle of a race, the importance of the relationship our driver has with his agent has grown in the Career mode.

At the beginning of this section, it was mentioned that the Online mode has some fantastic new features, one of which is the Super license system, which ensures that the races are run clean, competitive, and fair.

7. F1 2019

Since it took over the development of the official Formula 1 video game in 2009, many people consider it one of the best titles Codemaster has made available for purchase.

First and foremost, this one was responsible for the F2 being introduced, to which evolution was added when representing details with incredible fidelity.

Anecdotally, we can point out the fantastic realism with which the yachts of the Monaco Grand Prix are represented.

This realism can be extended to the appearance of the stands and the presence of mechanics and engineers inside the box, both of which are included in the representation.

The microphone on the DualShock can be used during the portion of the race in which the user is driving to communicate with the rest of the team in the role of team radio.

In addition to this, he successfully regained access to the Campaign mode, which allowed him to form a squad, and the online mode of the game, which provided a vast array of opportunities to organize and participate in various competitions.

8. F1 2020

The circuits that had been removed from the calendar as a direct result of the restrictions caused by the pandemic were included in the first game released during the pandemic.

Neither the Mercedes, which switched to black in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, nor the Williams, which lost its primary sponsor, received any aesthetic updates during the season.

When it came to driving, some minor new features emerged, such as steering assistance, and for the sybarites, an endless number of parameters could be configured.

Some examples of these parameters include anti-lock brakes, stops, settings, damage, and other similar things.

Another new feature was the control system for the ERS, which consisted of a button that the driver could press whenever they needed additional power to pass another vehicle.

If there were one area that could have used some improvement, it would be the selection of single-player game modes.

Aside from the standard Grand Prix, Time Trial, and Championship options, there was nothing else to itch anyone’s itch.

On the other hand, the local multiplayer mode that supports split-screen play has been restored, and players can now participate in official eSports competitions or create private leagues with their friends to play in.

The top ten F1 video games

9. F1 2021

The most recent release has introduced new game modes, such as Braking Point, which is the closest thing to FIFA Career mode as the character is already created under the name of Aiden Jackson work and grace of EA, or the Real-Season Star, which allows you to “replace” one of the fundamental drivers of the grid and inherit his car as well as his points so that you can start from any GP that has already been contested.

The eSports have an exclusive tab in which to compete in various events, which in turn provide a wide range of experiences.

Because the examinations for beginners and experts are organized in a clear hierarchy, you can select one set of qualifiers for beginners and another for experts.

10. F1 2011

In addition to being able to host sixteen competitors in an online race, the most recent entry in this list brought with it the ability to compete in a championship alongside a friend in a mode that allows for multiplayer play.

The fact that in the replays, there were appreciated little spontaneous movements on the part of competitors and the clipping of seeing polygons crossed mutually were considered among the shortcomings.

The challenges against the clock in various settings and conditions were brilliant. These challenges also allowed players to compare their times with those of other participants.

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