10 tips for taking the best pictures to sell your car

When we want to sell a car, we expect the buyers to respond right away, complete the transaction as quickly as possible, and enjoy the money as much as possible without any concerns.

The issue is that there are thousands upon thousands of different offers vying for people’s attention on every internet portal dedicated to this topic.

10 tips for taking the best pictures to sell your car

And yes, the car must be in good condition, the papers are in order, and the description of the ad includes all of the relevant information; however, if you don’t have good photos, other people won’t click, and you won’t be able to sell the car.

What are the best ways to take pictures of a car so it can be sold?

We cannot deny that we are a part of a culture in which physical presence carries a great deal of weight.

This mode of socialization is something that we encounter daily; to give just three examples, we need to be well dressed at work if we are in front of the public; when using dating apps, we need to present ourselves as being as handsome as possible; and when purchasing fruit, it needs to be spotless and free of any blemishes (even if with some blow, it is good anyway).

Therefore, even if we put in the effort to make sure that the car is well-arranged according to the selling price, this will not help us if we do not publish an ad that ultimately appeals to the potential buyer.

They will not contact us if they do not have faith in their initial reactions to the vehicle.

If we have a mobile device that is equipped with a high-quality camera, then we can make an effort to take photographs directly with that device.

All that is required of us is to implement some of the suggestions listed below.

To obtain more appealing photographs, it is acceptable to make a modest financial investment in photographic equipment (or to borrow the necessary material).

Compared to the alternative of not selling the car, it is preferable to spend some money on promotion.

There are over 500,000 classified car advertisements on the Milanuncios website alone, all competing with one another.

Do you genuinely want to put yourself in danger by ignoring the photographic aspect?

1. Perform a complete cleaning of the vehicle.

The first thing that needs to be done is to give the car a nice appearance by thoroughly washing and cleaning it.

This is necessary to make the car look its best. We have no choice but to give it the complete treatment it deserves.

Let’s see; we are in the typical situation: if we sell a ratchet for one thousand euros, it may not be necessary to wax it, but if we want to make a lot of money, it won’t hurt to wax it.

Regarding the issue of the car having scratches or other minor damage, it is best, to be honest in the ad and make some discount if the vehicle does have these things, as the customer will notice them when they see the car in person.

However, you should avoid posting photographs that show the unsightly aspects of the vehicle.

Last but not least, if it glistens because of how well it has been cleaned, we can employ a polarizing filter so that the glare and reflections are removed.

2. Get rid of anything that isn’t necessary.

Because we will no longer own the car, it is in our best interest to remove all of the stickers that we have hooked on the back and any other decorations placed on it before making the transfer.

In addition, if we have any accessories, such as cushions for the back seats, we ask that you remove them before taking photos.

This is because we want the photos to be as accurate as possible. This is because we wish the person interested in being able to imagine themselves driving that vehicle, and if he sees objects that belong to us, he won’t be able to do this as quickly.

Before selling the car, we must get past the idea that it is still our personal property and find a way to detach ourselves from it.

3. The environment and the makeup of the population

If we take pictures of the car on a shabby street where pedestrians are walking behind us, we will miss out on the chance to make our vehicle stand out from the crowd.

We hop in the car and drive to the most breathtaking location, a winding path through the woods, a field of wildflowers, or a lookout point overlooking the ocean.

The solution could even be as simple as a white wall.

Amid so many advertisements, the combination of the automobile and its surroundings will immediately catch your eye. You will be led to believe that the car is stunning.

It is recommended to use a wide-angle lens that frames everything if we decide to go with a landscape that looks like something out of a dream.

In addition, we are responsible for ensuring that the composition is harmonious.

4. the hour of the day

Additionally significant will be the time of day. If we are not photography experts, the easiest thing to do will be to take the pictures during the daytime, when they will look their best without much effort on our part.

If, on the other hand, we want to take things a step further, conducting the process at sunset and sunrise, also known as the “blue hour” and the “golden hour,” respectively, will transform our advertisement into something very professional, almost on par with that of an advertising agency.

The interior light and the light from the outside will, without a doubt, produce an unexpected outcome for us.

Some also suggest taking photographs on a day when the sky is partly cloudy but otherwise bright.

5. Different kinds of photographs

There are several essential photographs, including the side view, the front-and-rear view, and the longitudinal view.

The photograph taken from the side provides us with essential details about the automobile, such as its general appearance, the number of doors, the type of wheels and tires, and so on.

It is recommended that you do it permanently from the driver’s side (obviously, you can do another one from the opposite side) because the interested party can be visualized operating the vehicle in that position.

In both the front and the back, we will provide precise information regarding the make and model, which is very important.

Because of this, we will be able to show off the vehicle’s elegance with the longitudinal one; however, to do so, we will have to align an imaginary axis with the vehicle’s front and back wheels.

6. the vehicle’s powertrain

The engine is a significant component that attracts a lot of attention because of its aesthetic value.

Not only should the engine be in good condition, but it also needs to look like it is in good condition.

We won’t do business with the buyer if they have a negative opinion of the mechanics, even if the vehicle is flawless.

As a result, we ought to get a general shot of the engine and some other pictures that are more detailed and focus on its components.

We don’t need to zero in on one specific topic; instead, we should let those interested come to conclusions.

7. Make sure you don’t overlook any crucial aspects

Not only should we show the vehicle’s exterior and the engine, but we should also take some pictures of the interior, including the condition of the upholstery, the amount of space inside the vehicle, the steering wheel, and the driver’s compartment, among other things.

Playing with the depth of field, the subject of interest is brought into sharper focus. At the same time, the background is allowed to recede into the environment is a technique that can produce very visually interesting results.

8. A telephoto lens, a tripod, and bracketing for the photographs

It can be challenging for someone who is not technically trained to understand the terminology used in the field; however, we must have the following things: a telephoto lens that not only gives us excellent results but also enables us to open up the shot or close it in on the parts that are of interest to us.

We can take general photos with wide-angle and wide-angle lenses, including those taken inside the vehicle.

Additionally, if we needed to sell more than one vehicle, we could frame all of them with these lenses.

When taking photographs that remain in one place, the tripod is necessary.

By using bracketing, we can maintain the most excellent possible dynamic range in circumstances with a lot of contrast.

9. Avoid taking photos while the subject is moving.

It is tempting to post photos of the car while it is moving so that one can demonstrate how it works.

This trend originated on social networking sites like Instagram, where users are encouraged to showcase the aesthetic appeal of their vehicles by driving them on racetracks or public roads.

Because an advertisement is not that dissimilar from a post on Instagram.

However, we will be wasting our time if we try to take a decent photo because the purchaser will not benefit from having one.

If he thinks the car looks good from where he is standing, then he will go for a test drive right away.

Therefore, let’s not take any moving pictures and instead focus on ensuring that the car is in peak operating condition.

10. Seek the assistance of a trained professional

HHiring, a professional photographer, will be much more expensive than doing it ourselves, but if we want to ensure we get the shot, it will not be a bad option.

This is especially true if we want to sell the car for a high price (for example, we are not selling an Ibiza for one thousand euros), as this will help us sell the vehicle for a higher price.

Suppose we choose a photographer who specializes in automobiles.

In that case, he will know how to get the best possible results from the vehicle and will be able to master all of the techniques that we have discussed thus far and master them to perfection.

This point has a counterargument that we have to take into consideration.

If we only upload photos that are perfect in every way, the potential customer may believe that the images are stolen from Google Images and that the transaction is fraudulent.

As a result, we should also include some photos that are slightly less than “perfect.”

taking the best pictures to sell your car

BONUS: errors that you really ought to avoid making

Ensure the photograph was not taken from a higher vantage point, as this will make the vehicle appear to be a child’s plaything.

Therefore, adjust the camera’s height or the tripod so it is precisely where it should be.

Second, you shouldn’t be in the photo or the reflections; it looks ridiculous and will provide material for internet memes if you are holding the camera.

Finally, if you have thoroughly cleaned the car, you should ensure that it does not become soiled during the drive to the location where the photo will be taken.

And despite all of that, we do not guarantee results; however, you will be distinguished from your rivals thanks to all the factors above.

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