Pros and cons of buying a Ferrari

Our readers in South America are very likely familiar with the song “When I Was a Brat” by Duki, which begins, “I already wanted a Ferrari when I was a brat.”

There are a lot of high-end car brands, and each one strives to distinguish itself from the others by focusing on quality details.

On the other hand, in the collective imagination, Ferrari represents the pinnacle of glitz and acceleration. Everyone has their sights set on a Ferrari.

Pros and cons of buying a Ferrari

In addition, we need to mention that there are increasingly more Porsches and Jaguars driving around our streets daily.

Although the luxury market has expanded its product line to appeal to a broader demographic, we have not noticed an increase in Ferraris available.

One of these technological marvels is out of reach for all but a select few.

There are five reasons why purchasing a Ferrari is a wise investment.

Today we will investigate the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing a Ferrari.

Those who have the means to do so but cannot make a decision will find this helpful.

Those who do not have the financial means to purchase a Cavallino rampante but are interested in learning why wealthy people select this brand over others will also find this book helpful.

The benefits will serve as our jumping-off point.

Many people likely believe that the benefits do not need to be emphasized because they are self-evident; however, it is never a bad idea to go over them thoroughly because the market is becoming saturated with increasing options, some of which are luxury products.

1. A robust and reliable engine

The F12 Berlinetta was the name of a car that was produced in the past. It was an exquisite car, but what made it stand out was the 740 horsepower that it possessed.

An actual act of barbarism. It would have been tough for Ferrari to develop anything more potent…

Until the 812 Superfast came along with its whopping 800 horsepower!

The richest and the quickest Ferrari that can be driven on the road. It is equipped with a V12 engine that has 12 cylinders, so it can easily break any record.

It takes 2.9 seconds to go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. Who on earth wouldn’t want a car like that?

Any vehicle in the catalog will deliver a just as breathtaking performance as the others.

The F8 Spider has 720 horsepower and the same acceleration from zero to one hundred miles per hour.

The Portofino M has 620 horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.45 seconds. A true delirium for those who are obsessed with speed.

2. Quality

They have a general maintenance warranty for seven years, but if you get the Ferrari New Power 15 service, you can extend it to fifteen years!

This is a record of the warranties offered by all well-known brands. Problems with your vehicle, however, should not be a significant concern for you.

Ferraris are very reliable cars. The manufacturing process uses only high-quality materials throughout, from start to finish.

This includes the finishes and any accessories that may be included. There is absolutely no room for error, which results in each model having its one-of-a-kind characteristics.

3. The current situation

Although we have already brought attention to the technical aspects, it is nonetheless a fact that an increasing number of new luxury brands are entering the market willing to deliver the same level of performance.

However, Ferrari has a history dating back 74 years, and more importantly, it is a car that was designed and built to triumph. It’s hard to tell the difference between winning races and winning in life.

When you see a Ferrari driving down the street, you immediately know who is behind the wheel.

Perhaps it is a football player, a Qatari billionaire, or a pop singer.

There is no way around acknowledging the supremacy of the Italian brand on the pavement; it is unavoidable.

Therefore, if we want to keep a particular social status, it won’t hurt to demonstrate that to society by getting what we rightfully deserve.

4. Charming

It seems strange that in this day and age when being superficial is frowned upon, and it often appears as though discussing beauty is a form of moral corruption, we place such an emphasis on a vehicle’s outward appearance.

But this is the case: Because they are so stunning, Ferraris are regarded as a marvel.

There aren’t many vehicles that can compete with it in this regard.

Functional elements and the legacy of Greco-Latin tradition have always been one of Italy’s defining characteristics, and the country has always stood out. Consider Michelangelo’s David as an example.

Take a look at this Ferrari Monza SP1 as it competes on the Maranello circuit.

Or the fabled Ferrari Testarossa, which never existed. They are easily distinguishable from the other vehicles on the road, so the other drivers are already aware of who reigns supreme.

This unique quality is possessed by only a select few brands, even though many aim to achieve it.

5. The Child of F1

The Formula One drivers for the Italian team, Carlos Sainz Jr. and Charles Leclerc, may appear intimidating, glamorous, and significant figures.

You might appear to be a nobody in comparison to them. This is an entirely false assumption because the two drivers will be working as interns for you.

It is the Ferrari engineers who are responsible for modifying the single-seaters and searching for new technologies; however, Carlos and Charles are the ones who are responsible for fine-tuning the cars.

Based on their evaluations, a decision is made regarding whether or not an improvement can be implemented. And these newly developed technologies are eventually implemented in road vehicles.

More robust engines, improved aerodynamics, and heightened safety standards…

The technical renewal of the Ferrari is highly rigorous from one model iteration to the next.

They have access to a reliable proving ground.

There are five reasons why purchasing a Ferrari is not a wise investment.

According to the proverb, even in the best families, there are problems. And there is no other explanation than this one.

The acquisition of a Ferrari is accompanied by several challenges, all of which need to be considered. If that does not happen, then we risk being let down.

The Ferrari Portofino comes in as the company’s most affordable vehicle, with prices beginning at 212,350 $. It’s not a mistake; that is the lowest price.

Other models that may be of interest include the Ferrari 488 GTB, which starts at 237,653 dollars for the 3.9 V8 Automatic version and 263,852 dollars for the 3.9 V8 Spider Automatic version; the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, which begins at 260,073 dollars for the 3.9 V8 F1 Automatic version and 300,726 dollars for the 6.2 V12 F1 Automatic version.

But the 812 Superfast remains widely considered the most aesthetically pleasing of them all.

Because it will no longer exist in 2025, we must make the most of the time we have left with it.

The initial price is set at 339,000 dollars. The price tag for the Monza SP2 is 1.5 million dollars.

They are not to be considered inexpensive. To buy a Ferrari, you need to have a lot of cash.

And don’t forget about insurance, the garage, and the particular workshop where you can get repairs done…

Therefore, before investing this magnitude, give it careful consideration. Will I still have enough money to pay for it in five years?

When the people with the most influence run out of money to support the lavish lifestyles they envision, the secondary market for luxury automobiles will experience a flurry of activity.

Upkeep and Repairs

Even though the Ferrari warranty can last up to 15 years, the vehicle’s maintenance cost is relatively high.

For instance, the annual maintenance cost for a Ferrari Testarossa is approximately 720 $. However, on top of this base price, additional fees will apply.

It is recommended to perform a more in-depth review after every three years, and the cost goes up to 2,330 $ as a result.

The issue is that each minor repair or touch-up will be more expensive than it would be in a standard vehicle.

If you have already spent more than 200,000 dollars on the car, the remaining cost will seem like a pocket change compared to the initial investment.

In any event, we are required to include an almost weekly cleaning (please do not send us a dirty Ferrari) and a private or private garage sized to accommodate the vehicle’s requirements.

Consumption and emissions

If, for instance, we examine the information regarding the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of an 812 Superfast in greater detail, we will see that this is not the type of vehicle that Greta Thunberg’s supporters should be purchasing.

The highest level of emissions is 320 g/km, and the lowest is 573 g/km (common).

And consumption is significant, ranging from 14.1 liters per 100 kilometers (high) to 25.2 liters per km (low).

We are going to assume that you did not purchase a Ferrari to go grocery shopping for bread but rather to drive along the highway at a speed of 170 kilometers per hour (although we do not encourage you to do so): by the time you reach your destination, a few species will almost certainly have become extinct as a result of climate change.


The Ferrari is a high-end automobile, and as such, it is very susceptible to a) theft of the vehicle’s interior and b) theft of the automobile itself.

In 2020, there was a wave of concern caused by the fact that a criminal organization had devised a scam system that made owners believe that the car needed to pass an official service.

This scam system was responsible for the wave of concern. If the owner were to believe it, the thieves would drive off with the vehicle while it was being pulled behind a truck.

An 812 Superfast was successful in falling into the trap.

The company was required to post a message on various social networks to warn of the potential threat.

We must be clear that to store the vehicle, we will require a private garage with an effective anti-theft alarm system.

When we are away from home, we need to have already decided where we will park, whether in a reputable private parking lot or in a public location.

Second, we should never let our guard down when avoiding being tricked.

Criminal organizations are constantly researching novel means by which they can steal vehicles without fear of repercussions.

In any event, it is strongly recommended that you invest in theft protection insurance.

Pros and cons of buying a Ferrari

Pantomime Full

Ferraris are not just cars. They have constructed an entire galaxy in and around themselves.

And just like a lot of other luxury brands, the company has decided to sell products for the ordinary people: T-shirts, jackets, shoes, accessories…people with fewer resources (euphemism) choose to spend what little they have on doing a little posture instead of buying T-shirts, jackets, shoes, or accessories.

The T-shirt with a straightforward print of a Formula One car costs 80$. The cost is 120 dollars for the institutional backpack with the Ferrari shield.

As a result, the company becomes a financial black hole for its customers. Everyone should do what they please.

But what happens when a person from a less privileged background wants to demonstrate that he has become successful? First, he decides to purchase a BMW to make his neighbors green with envy.

If they don’t listen to him, he’ll blow it all on a Ferrari if it comes to that. And he finally abandons it on the sidewalk, next to a used Dacia Sandero.

The Prancing Horse (the automobile, not the marketing products) is the archenemy of both the mundane and the pretentious.

The most pitiful thing you can do with your life is to purchase a Ferrari solely to show off and embarrass your neighbors.

Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of people like that.

It is expandable to those who rent one and a half hours by the city to a maximum of fifty kilometers per hour. Absolute and uncompromising posture!

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