Top 12 must-have objects in a caravan

People of every age group are increasingly interested in purchasing motorhomes. They are no longer reserved solely for eccentrics or retirees; instead, an increasing number of people value the freedom and independence they provide.

You don’t have to worry about the hotel being complete, you have access to more places to go, and in a nutshell, you get the feeling that you’re at home.

Must-have objects in a caravan

Know that sooner rather than later, you will be bitten by the bug to go with the big brother of camper vans, so if you are a young person who still chooses to go in a camper, you should be aware of this fact.

And since you don’t have to buy one—you can rent one instead—the lack of financial resources won’t be an excuse.

However, just as we have everything we require to live in our house, we will need to stock our motorhome from scratch; therefore, you must compile a list of the essential things.

In this section, we will discuss a list of 12 things that are indispensable to us.

What are the essential components of a motorhome?

Before we set out on an adventure, we must have a general idea of the terrain we will traverse and the kinds of resources and supplies available in the area.

It is not the same thing to go to a touristy area as to go to the desert because, in the desert, we can find anything we need to survive, whereas, in this area, we will need to be prepared for anything that may happen.

Nevertheless, whatever the case may be, we think certain things are necessary, and because of this, we can neither forget them at home nor rely on the fact that we will purchase them. The ability to look ahead is always going to be our best friend.

1. Backpacks

Let’s begin with something that might not seem all that significant at first glance: A backpack for each person staying in the motorhome.

However, you would not be the first person to load up the motorhome with things, drive to their destination, and then discover that they do not have anywhere to put their snacks when they want to go on a hike in a picturesque location.

A motorhome is not a vehicle that is used for going to work; instead, it is a vehicle that is used for enjoyment, such as traveling to one’s favorite location and parking there before going for a walk.

Because of this, a reliable backpack for explorers must be included on our list.

2. Cylinders filled with gas

The heating system, water boiler, and kitchen are powered by gas in many motorhomes.

This is also the case for many other motorhome systems. Because of this, no one would ever consider going anywhere without their gas cylinder.

The challenge at hand is to ensure that you do not fall short because, in addition, a large number of countries in Europe utilize LPG, whereas you may choose to use a different kind of gas.

On the other hand, propane significantly improved over butane, with a freezing point of 0 degrees. Celsius; if we remain in chilly areas, we might be in for an unpleasant shock.

In a nutshell, ensure that you take one cylinder every four days, and you will not run into too many issues.


3. Toilet paper and tablets for the toilet

It would be irresponsible of you not to take your toilet tablets, so don’t make that mistake.

Using the restroom in the motorhome generates unpleasant odors, which is especially problematic after consuming a dish that is traditional to the area and consists of beans.

Which brand should you go with? You can try a few different ones until you find one that satisfies your need for comfort and cleanliness.

When it comes to toilet paper, it should be easy to dissolve to prevent annoying clogs while emptying the sewage tank.

4. Connector for electrical power

At a campground, thanks to the power connector, we can charge the motorhome’s batteries while we are there.

The only hurdle is that different countries use different current intensity levels, which means you cannot forget an adapter.

If we have an extension cord, we can connect to a socket further away; however, it is essential to remember that the greater the distance, the more current we lose.

Because we might have to park some distance away from the outlet, the standard is to have a cable at least 25 meters long and no more than 55 meters long.

5. First aid kit

A comprehensive package of first aid supplies. When we say that it should be complete, we mean that it should have all of the following components: gauze, adhesive tape, elastic bandages, antiseptic towels, neutral soap, paper stitches, saline solution, scissors, and tweezers, thermometer, ice pack, hot compresses, gloves, hydrogen peroxide, five and 10cc syringes, razor blade, and a thermal blanket.

In terms of pharmaceuticals, an antibiotic cream, betadine, an antihistamine, ibuprofen, and paracetamol, as well as an antacid.

There is no such thing as a sure thing, and all things eventually come to an end, but a thousand different things could happen to us, and each of those things has a unique answer.

We can’t afford to take any chances with our health.

6. Jack

Because they do not know how to change a wheel, many people do not want to carry a jack with them because they do not know how to do so.

To begin, every driver needs to be familiar with the fundamentals of auto repair, as was just mentioned. In addition, the jack is an essential component of the overall strategy.

We do not know when we will get a puncture, and if we are in a very remote place or if we are in another country, it is possible that we will not have the opportunity to receive assistance.

If we have the jack with us but cannot change the wheel on our own, we can always offer the person who helps us a few beers and some chips in exchange for their assistance.

We are doing pretty well with a standard jack, but upgrading to a 5T jack will make things significantly safer, mainly if the motorhome is on the larger side.

7. Wedges for leveling the ground

The surface of the earth is not flat. No, we are not going to discuss any bogus scientific theories; however, we do mean that there are locations that are tilted or contain irregularities in the terrain, both of which can result in a restless night during which one is unable to fall or stay asleep.

We need to bring a level (mobile applications make levels) and some leveling wedges to ensure that the motorhome is level.

With this, we will be at ease; however, we must keep in mind that, in some countries, putting wedges in the ground is equivalent to camping, and if camping is prohibited there, we will be subject to a fine.

8. Hose

Not only can you use the hose to drench your kids with water on a hot summer day, but you can also use it to fill up the water tank in the motorhome.

Because of this, it must be as long as possible because, at specific campgrounds, we will not be able to park as close to the source of drinking water as we would like.

We advise going with a hose that is 25 meters long; however, if we cannot locate one for whatever reason, we can explore the possibility of using a hose that is 15 meters long.

It is essential to have nozzles of a variety of types as well as a tap adapter that does not have a thread. There is no way for us to predict what we might encounter.

Top 12 must-have objects in a caravan

9. Extinguisher for fires

It is not very common for a motorhome to catch fire for no apparent reason; however, if this does occur, we should get out of there as quickly as possible because there is a lot of flammable material inside, and we are packed in very close together.

However, if we can determine how a fire began, we will still have time to put it out using our resources.

Because of this, it is essential to have a fire extinguisher on hand at all times, and said extinguisher must be homologated. Furthermore, we should be familiar with how the extinguisher operates.

The most common mistake people make is storing it in the motorhome area that is the furthest away from view; however, we must be clear that this ultimately renders its functionality useless.

The fire extinguisher cannot be operated from a distance.

10. A case for tools

I remember that whenever my dad went anywhere in his motorhome, he would bring along a massive wooden hammer.

He was always afraid that the police might question him about it. Our tool case should be comprehensive and include items we believe we are unlikely to use.

Still, more importantly, it should contain the standard tools (wrench, screwdriver, hammer, etc.) and, most importantly, flanges and duct tape, which are a godsend for repairing any incident that may occur inside the motorhome.

11. Cooking utensils and implements

It’s terrible when you want to make your go-to meal but can’t because you don’t have the right pot or utensil, like a spoon.

Accepting that we will forget items in the kitchen that we did not realize we required during our initial trips is required of us.

On the other hand, little by little, our motorhome ought to be filling up as though it were our real estate housing. Suppose we discover that we are lacking in available space.

In that case, we will have to consider the possibility that we will not be able to prepare paella for fifteen people. Paper towels, salt, oil, and dishwashing liquid are also items we cannot abandon.

12. A spare tire and a toolkit for repairs

The cat, our family pet, has already been brought up, and now it is time for us to discuss the spare tire and the tire repair kit.

The kit enables us to make a quick repair in an emergency, such as fixing a puncture. We must break for it as soon as the tire is ready to be driven.

Let’s not try to be innovative and make it home with the tire in this condition; the safest thing that could happen is we make a mistake and get into an accident.

If the hole is too large to repair, you should switch to the backup tire as soon as possible. We know it takes up a lot of room, but we cannot leave it at home.

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