What should I do if I fill up with the incorrect fuel?

Whether it is because you are not familiar with the vehicle you are driving, you are not paying close enough attention, or you do not know which fuel corresponds to that vehicle, the truth is that it is possible to make a mistake when choosing the refueling option when you go to a gas station with your car.

What should I do if I fill up with the incorrect fuel?

This is true whether it is because you are not familiar with the vehicle you are driving, you are not paying close enough attention, or you do not know which fuel corresponds to that vehicle.

There is more than one category of errors associated with this matter.

In TopDriverZ, we will try to answer this question, which you have probably ever asked yourself at some point: “What should I do if I make a mistake when refueling?”

This is done to be able to respond promptly to a potential problem that could arise as a result of this context.

Because we are all human and, as a result, prone to making mistakes, it is possible that it could happen to you or any of your family members, so we strongly recommend that you read the following lines very carefully.

To verify that what has been stated is accurate, you should be aware that, according to the RACE (Royal Automobile Club of Spain), approximately 72,700 drivers commit negligence of this type each year.

You are not the only one going through this.

Speculations regarding the possibility of an error in fueling the vehicle

Having said all of this, it is now time to list different assumptions in which errors can occur while filling the tank of a car to ensure that those who regularly consult this portal know how to proceed.

1. Putting gasoline or diesel in a tank designed for the other type, or vice versa

The first thing to remember is that the nozzles designed to work with the various kinds of fuel come in multiple sizes, which makes it doubtful that this unfortunate event will occur.

To be more specific, the one corresponding to gasoline is a more minor example than the one corresponding to diesel.

However, the hose used for gasoline is more narrow than the one used for diesel, which enables it to enter the intake used when filling the tank of a diesel vehicle, which is more expensive.

If this failure occurs, the consequences are highly detrimental to the vehicle’s operation and the user’s financial situation.

This is true even if the car is rented or borrowed.

However, to reduce the amount of potential harm, it is essential to carry out the following steps in the correct order:

Before you start the car, it is essential to recognize that you have completed the process of refueling incorrectly to find the best solution, if you can even call it that.

In this scenario, it would be adequate to take the vehicle to a repair shop with the assistance of a tow truck to have the tank emptied and cleaned.

If the preceding is not implemented, the car will exhibit faults after only a few meters of operation.

It is in everyone’s best interest to avoid forcing the mechanical structure to prevent the breakdown from progressing further.

If gasoline is used in a vehicle designed to run on diesel, the engine will begin to jerk violently before coming to a complete stop.

In this situation, you would need to empty and clean the tank, clean the ducts and replace the fuel filter.

In addition, you would need to open and clean the ducts. If it was insisted upon when it first started showing signs of malfunctioning, then there is a possibility that the fuel made its way to the catalytic converter.

It will be necessary to replace it, and the expense of correcting the defect will go up.

If gasoline is put into an advanced diesel vehicle, the engine will continue to make the same jarring motions until it comes to a complete stop.

This will occur until the gasoline is burned off. If this scenario plays out, it will not be sufficient to clean and replace the fuel filter because there is a possibility that the injection pump and possibly even some of the other injectors have been damaged, both of which require a more significant financial investment to repair.

If it is an older diesel, even a small amount will not cause much of anything to happen because gasoline is less dense than diesel and will stay at rest in the upper portion of the tank if diesel is present.

It is recommended that the tank be emptied and then refilled with diesel to the highest possible level to correct this issue.

Even without factoring in the cost of the assistance of the tow truck — which may or may not be covered by the insurance policy that you have purchased — the bill could reach a maximum of one hundred euros in the best-case scenario.

2. What are our next steps now that we know about the refueling mistake?

If we were fortunate enough to catch our error in time, it is recommended that we take the following actions to behave appropriately:

What happens if you’ve already got the ball rolling and started circulating?

If you cannot stop more severe problems in time, you should be aware that the filters and injection systems will have already sustained severe damage.

However, given the fact that the situation could always become even direr, it is best to proceed as follows:

What exactly does or can be covered by insurance?

The insurance provider that the user chooses to work with is responsible for paying any and all costs incurred while transporting the vehicle to the location where the inspection will take place.

The assistance offered in this scenario is analogous to that rendered if an automobile runs out of fuel while the driver is on a trip.

On the other hand, tasks such as cleaning the tank and the circuit, replacing parts, and employing labor are not included under any circumstances.

We say under any circumstances because leasing companies do not even consider these tasks.

What transpires if an employee of the gas station is the one who makes a mistake?

If you believe that an employee of the gas station where you decided to refuel your vehicle was negligent in some way, the first thing you need to do is collect enough evidence to demonstrate that this is the case.

Since most gas stations today are equipped with cameras that record activity around the clock, seven days a week, each month of the year, and throughout the year, there should not be a problem on the surface.

Following that, it would be necessary to submit a claim to the establishment for the costs associated with the transportation and maintenance of the vehicle.

What sorts of things might go wrong in a hybrid vehicle?

When recharging the battery of a plug-in hybrid vehicle, a somewhat analogous situation (because there is no error in the introduction of the wrong type of fuel) to what has already been seen in this article with gasoline and diesel can occur when the connector that gives this service overheats, and it can even burn.

This is because there is no error in the introduction of the wrong type of fuel. If you are in this situation, the most effective way to plan is to make a preventative change or replace it at the precise moment it begins to deteriorate.

How to Avoid Making Mistakes When Refueling Your Vehicle

In the immediate area of the gas station, the first thing that needs to be done is to drive at a speed that is considered to be moderate while simultaneously adhering to the boundaries that have been set up for this kind of situation.

This will avoid problems such as running over other people fueling their cars or maneuvering the vehicle to place it comfortably to complete the fueling process.

Additionally, this will prevent the need to move the vehicle.

It is even more important that, if at all possible, you refrain from using your cell phone when you are in a location that offers self-service.

Because the pumps have the potential to produce sparks, which can then lead to an explosion, both talking on the phone and putting gas in your car are incompatible activities to be doing simultaneously.

Tobacco use is also unsafe because the combustion process produces flammable byproducts known as vapors, which, when combined with the explosive elements of the cigarette, can result in an explosion.

While this process is being carried out, neither the engine nor the lights must be turned on at any point.

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