Who makes the most money out of the 20 F1 drivers?

The annual salaries of each racer who will be part of the grid for the Formula 1 World Championship 2022 have recently come to light.

Who makes the most money out of the 20 F1 drivers

This information was recently made public. Given that the amount of money generated by the premier class of motorsport is enormous, to the point where very few people dare to predict an exact figure, this is fascinating information to consider.

Well, all of that will have an answer along the new entry of Motorbli, in which we will put light on this topic by showing the salaries that F1 drivers earn.

Of the twenty drivers competing in this eagerly anticipated season, fans and teams look forward to it most.

The specifics of the salaries that Formula One drivers receive

Following the introduction, we will shed light and introduce stenographers to one of the aspects of this world that is possibly the most closely guarded secret. Yuki Tsunoda: 660,000 $.

The Japanese Alpha Tauri driver will compete in Formula One for the second season in a row, and he has set his sights on bettering the results he achieved in the previous campaign.

He had good performances despite his irregularity, which weighed him down last year, and he came up through the F2 ranks, where he regularly competed with the championship leaders.

If he demonstrates a significant amount of room for growth, he might consider leaving this most recent position regarding salaries.

19. Nicholas Latifi: 850,000 $

The unanticipated main character of 2021’s final gathering is presented here.

As a result of Nicholas Latifi’s mishap at Yas Marina, the outcome of the championship was altered in a completely unexpected manner.

Because the Canadian driver only scored in Hungary and Belgium, the fact that he is currently ahead of Tsunoda can be explained by the sponsors and the money the Canadian driver brought with him when he entered the Formula One championship.

18. Nikita Mazepin: 850,000 $

In 2021, the driving skills of the Russian driver were less in the public eye due to the number of accidents he was involved in.

Both Hass and he were ineffective in this endeavor.

His future in the Grand Circus is more dependent on the sponsors he brought with him and the money he had available to invest when he was signed.

17. Mick Schumacher: 850,000 $

Both debuted in the same year, which makes their salaries comparable, combined with the fact that his incorporation attracted funding from Haas.

His teammate Mazepin also made his debut the same year. By winning the Formula Two championship, Mick Schumacher demonstrated that he is more than just the son of the most significant driver in the sport’s history.

It is said that Mick Schumacher is heavily involved in the development of his car. We must keep a close watch on what he does.

16. Guanyu Zhou: 850,000 $

Alongside Valtteri Botas, the first Chinese driver in the competition’s history will debut at the wheel of an Alfa Romeo. This driver will make his debut alongside Botas.

Guanyu Zhou has been the subject of some skepticism due to the covert commercial interests of Formula One in penetrating a market as significant as China; however, once he is on track, he will attempt to demonstrate that this is indeed his place.

15. Alexander Albon: 1.75 million $

Alexander Albon is the first driver to surpass the one million euro mark. Albon, who had been demoted to Red Bull test driver in 2021, is now back on the grid competing as a primary driver.

It’s possible that the economic disparity can be attributed to his having more experience than previously mentioned and having achieved a podium position.

14. Pierre Gasly: 4.5 million $

If the step before this one involved a significant leap, it takes it to an entirely new level.

Thanks to his recently displayed consistency, Pierre Gasly can brag about already having won an F1 race.

This consistency has allowed him to amass a sizeable amount of money, and he can now boast about having already won a race.

His stellar performance in 2021, including a Baku podium finish, made it abundantly clear that the previous year’s success was no fluke. His contract binds him until the year 2023.

13. Esteban Ocon: 4.5 million $

Esteban Ocon, a compatriot of Gasly’s, is on the same payroll as Gasly himself.

Alpine’s Ocon already has a particular track record, having experience at Force India/Racing Point, having worked as a Mercedes tester, and having tasted the sweetness of success with Renault/Alpine, having both a podium finish and a win to his credit.

In 2024, his agreement with the French will come to an end.

12. Lando Norris: 4.5 million $

There may be more than one person who is taken aback by the sight of Lando Norris in this role.

Although the smiling McLaren driver cannot yet claim to have triumphed in the most competitive category, 2021 was by far his best season, and he signed the contract for it in 2021.

If he keeps going in this direction, sooner rather than later, he will finish in the top 10 of the competition that comes after this one. In 2025, his contract will no longer be valid.

11. George Russell: 4.5 million $

Another driver destined to climb up these standings is Lewis Hamilton’s brand-new teammate at Mercedes, who was just recently signed to the team.

The Williams car that George Russell has been driving for the past three years will not be comparable to the vehicle he will be using in the upcoming season.

Let’s observe how well he adjusts to his new lifestyle.

10. Sergio “Checo” Perez: 7 million $

Checho Perez was integral to Max Verstappen’s success in 2021, which resulted in him winning the drivers’ championship.

He has a contract with Red Bull that will expire at the end of this year, but if he plays as well as he did the year before, he will almost certainly see an increase in both his salary and the amount of time he spends with the team.

Because of his two victories and his many podium finishes, he is currently ranked in the top 10.

9. Lance Stroll: 8.5 million $

When you consider where Lance Stroll came from, it should not come as much of a surprise that he is currently in ninth place.

Since his debut in the championship in 2017, the Canadian driver for Aston Martin has struggled to demonstrate consistency.

In a lustrum, his most significant endorsements are a couple of podium finishes and a first-place finish.

8. Valtteri Bottas: 8.5 million $

The Finnish driver earned the ability to compete in this event during his most recent time working for Mercedes.

Despite the victories he achieved while working for the star brand, he now has the chance to demonstrate leadership at Alfa Romeo, which he could not do there.

7. Carlos Sainz: 8.5 million $

In 2021, the position considered the best in the rest of the world also has the seventh highest pay on the grid. Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz’s teammate at Ferrari, was passed by Sainz in the final standings, and Sainz was the only driver who did not pull out of any of the Grand Prix events.

After spending his first season in red, he finished on the podium four times, making him optimistic about 2022 and the possibility of claiming his first victory.

Since his contract with the Italian team is set to expire this year, it is evident that he has not yet decided whether or not to renew it.

6. Charles Leclerc: 8.5 million $

The following vehicle to come into view here is the other Ferrari racer. Charles Leclerc has not had an easy time of it lately, with that noticeable drop in performance from the Prancing Horse in 2020 and the arrival of an ambitious teammate in Sainz.

Sainz has been pushing Charles to improve his performance. He demonstrated in 2019 that he was the future, which is why his contract was extended until 2024; however, he will need to regain that good inertia to demonstrate once more that he should be the team leader.

5. Daniel Ricciardo: 13 million $

Daniel Ricciardo secured a lucrative contract with Mclaren by winning multiple races during his time with Red Bull. Currently, Ricciardo is driving for Mclaren.

The Australian driver switched from a powerful single-seater to a Renault, excelled in his second season driving for Renault, and then joined the English team to demonstrate that he could be more competitive.

At Monza, he ended the winless streak that had plagued him, but his consistency was less than ideal.

Let’s watch the amiable Australian and see what he does.

4. Sebastian Vettel: 13 million $

Sebastian Vettel has won four championships in Formula One, which puts him near the top of the list of drivers who earn the most money.

When he was at Red Bull during his glory years, and when he was driving for Ferrari during the years when he came the closest to winning the pentachampionship, the Aston Martin driver held privileged positions in this regard.

Even though he may have suffered a loss of self-assurance, he had some successful races with his green car the year before, mainly that podium finish in Baku.

At the end of this year, we will have to check to see if he decides to renew his contract.

3. Fernando Alonso: 17.5 million $

As with Seb, having roster members who have won world titles is sufficient justification for a team to agree to pay a high salary.

Fernando Alonso is all these things and much more, which is why he is ranked third on the list of those who make the most money.

Following a two-year absence from the Grand Circus, he returned to begin preparations for the significant overthrow he refers to as “The Plan,” which he intends to execute and for which he has already sent signals, including his appearance on the podium in Qatar and his dogged defense against Lewis Hamilton in Hungary.

Is he going to have a breakthrough year?

Who makes the most money out of the 20 F1 drivers

2. Max Verstappen: 22 million $

The current world champion has been a prominent figure since he was not yet a member of the champions club.

The youngest driver to make his Formula One debut and win a race, a sign that he was just getting started and that the best was yet to come, which was proven when he won the championship in Abu Dhabi.

When he waves goodbye to the driver in the following position, he will most likely have stormed his way to the front of this category and will be wearing the number 1 on his single-seater.

1. Lewis Hamilton: 35 million $

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time champion, has entertained the idea of retiring on multiple occasions in recent times; however, the British driver has given priority to the possibility of adding at least one more title to those he already has and positioning himself as the most successful driver in the history of the sport.

He has been the most dominant driver of the hybrid era, with the only exception being 2016, when his then-teammate Nico Rosberg caused a gap in his winning streak.

Fans were treated to some incredible battles between him and Verstappen, but some very controversial moments are sure to have a continuation. There is much less time left for relaxing and taking it easy.

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