Who is the highest-paid MotoGP rider among the top 10?

The races for the Motorcycle World Championship have seen a remarkable increase in the excitement in recent years, and there is a lot of parity between the various brands and teams competing in the championship.

This has resulted in them becoming unpredictable, leading one to believe that it may have had some bearing on the salaries that riders in the premier class receive.

Who is the highest-paid MotoGP rider among the top 10?

As a result, Motorbli will be responsible for covering the riders’ salaries in the MotoGP championship.

The departure of great champions like Rossi, Pedrosa, Lorenzo, and Stoner, along with the injuries suffered by Marc Márquez and the effects of the pandemic, invite you to take a look at the current state of affairs.

How much money is given to the riders who finish in last place in the standings?

If you compare the amounts of money the riders in MotoGP and Formula 1 earn, you’ll notice that the pandemic has had a more significant impact on MotoGP than on Formula 1.

As a result, it is common knowledge that the “most modest amounts start from 200,000 $,” which undoubtedly corresponds to those riders who compete for teams that are rarely lavished by the privileged positions in the races, in addition to the novices.

People like the rider for Esponsorama Racing, Luca Marini, who made his debut the year before but did not have much success, as Rossi’s younger brother scored a total of 41 points, with a fifth-place finish as his best result, can be found in this group to a perfect degree.

The salaries of the three rookies in the category will likely fall within the range mentioned above. On the one hand, they are teammates for the KTM satellite Tech 3 program.

Remy Gardner and Raul Fernandez, on the one hand, and Darryn Binder, who rides for Yamaha’s counterpart structure, the WITHU Yamaha RNF, after moving up directly from Moto3 on the other, are the riders in question.

After waging a fierce conflict until the conclusion of the final Moto2 race in 2021, the riders of the orange bikes finally arrived.

It is necessary to point out that when the four KTM competitors, along with the officials (Miguel Angel Oliveira and Brad Binder), and themselves are taken into account, the total does not even come close to the amount of 3.6$ million.

In the Aprilia class, the total prize money can reach four million euros, which will be split between Maverick Viales and Aleix Espargaró.

Some exceptional cases include the runner-up in the 2020 championship, Franco Morbidelli, who will receive just under 1.5 million dollars to race for the official Yamaha team.

This is also a product of the strategy that each house has decided to draw to deal with the economic crisis.

At Honda, they have decided to pay Pol Espargaró, Alex Márquez, and Takaaki Nakagami their salaries by distributing slightly more than three million dollars.

The majority, as will be seen in the following section, goes to the rider for the Repsol team, while the LCR competitors each receive less than one million euros.

MotoGP’s ten riders with the highest salaries ranked from highest to lowest.

Next are the curves and, by extension, the most difficult climbs in this category.

10. Pol Espargaró: 2.5 $ million

After his signing with the official team of the golden wing, Pol Espargaró was awarded a sum of money that was very close to three million euros.

His adjustment is proving difficult, even though he is already familiar with what it takes to win the pole position and place on the podium.

It was a season that ended for him in the worst possible way with that spectacular crash in practice at Cheste, and he will try to improve on those results in 2022.

In 2022, he will try to improve on the results of 2021. Will he be able to compete on the same level as Márquez? Only time will tell.

9. Enea Bastianini: 3.8 $ million

Isn’t it surprising to see one of the rookies from the previous year so high up on the list?

As has been pointed out by using the instance of Morbidelli as an illustration, the explanation lies in the strategy each factory has chosen to employ to deal with the pandemic.

Ducati has indicated a preference to prioritize the bike’s development rather than attracting names that would require a significant financial investment from the company’s coffers.

However, suppose Enea Bastianini continues his progression in 2021, in which he finished on the podium two times and battled until the end to be the best rookie.

In that case, he will undoubtedly have aspirations of higher fees in the future.

8. Jorge Martín: 3.8 m €

Without a doubt, Jorge Martin was the biggest shock to come out of the Borgio Panigale brand.

The one who hails from San Sebastian de Los Reyes (Madrid) had a successful season, during which he claimed his first victory in Austria with complete dominance, in addition to several pole positions and podium finishes, which led to him claiming the title of best newcomer overall.

He could have shone even brighter if it weren’t for the serious injury he sustained in that terrible accident in Portimao.

This year may be a turning point in his professional life, serving as a bridge between the old and the new.

7. Johann Zarco: 3.8 $ million

Johann Zarco, who is “Martinator’s” teammate at Pramac Racing, is already considered one of the category’s veterans.

Since he arrived in 2017, he has demonstrated impressive speed, which is not surprising given his background as a two-time Moto2 champion.

Within the Ducati satellite team, he is beginning to rediscover who he truly is. He assumed the leadership position in the championship during the first part of 2021.

It will be fascinating to observe the level of competition between the official team and the Ducati satellites.

6. Jack Miller: 3.8 $ million

This was made possible by the rider’s two victories at Jerez, and Le Mans and his three other podium finishes at Montmelo, Portimao, and Cheste.

The wayward Australian rider finished fourth in the 2021 championship.

He was not as consistent as he ought to have been, considering that the Ducati is a more competitive bike than it has been in recent years and has developed to win at tracks where he did not, such as Jerez, without going any further.

However, he did not go any further than he did. If he does not want to lose the privilege of riding in red, he will need to improve in that area.

5. Francesco “Pecco” Bagnaia: 3.8 $ million

In the second half of the previous championship, Pecco Bagnaia put Ducati on his back by winning back-to-back races at Aragon, Misano, Portimao, and Cheste.

These victories put him in a position to carry Ducati to victory and put him first.

Fabio Quartararo won the championship thanks to the accident while leading the second race at the Marco Simoncelli circuit.

Bagnaia will undoubtedly have grown due to his failures, enabling him to compete better in 2022.

If the economy is in a position to support it and he keeps working at this rate, it would not be surprising to see him with a higher salary in a relatively short period.

4. “lex Rins” 4 $ million

According to the information, we have gathered, Suzuki is a company that strives to maintain a harmonious equilibrium between its finances and the bikes it sells to its customers.

Lex Rins is closing in on the top step of the podium for the highest-paid riders due to the multiple victories he already has to his credit.

Among these victories, the ones achieved after fratricidal duels against Valentino Rossi in Austin 2019 and Marc Márquez at Silverstone in the same year stand out as particularly noteworthy.2021 was not his year.

Still, thanks to his abilities, he can reclaim his rightful position.

3. Fabio Quartararo: 4 $ million

It is still surprising that Fabio Quartaro, the current world champion, received such a large sum of money, especially compared to what has already been seen with the top drivers in Formula 1.

Anyway, if good old Fabio continues to add to his Palmares, secures additional sponsorships, or at the very least maintains his position among the giants, he will start to be recognized in this regard very soon.

Despite the Ducati’s more choral showing, he was the undisputed leader of the championship; however, to revalidate the crown, he will have to compete with them again against other competitors.

He has already had Franco Morbidelli as his companion at the Sepang Petronas in each of his first two years, and the two of them will be sharing a box once more.

Did it come as a surprise to you as well that he came in third place?

2. Joan Mir: 6.5 $ million

The winner of the MotoGP championship in 2020 will receive a substantial bonus for his efforts on his own. Joan Mir has proven he is one of the best drivers in the premier class by taking third place overall and demonstrating that he can coax the most performance out of the Suzuki. As a result, Joan Mir has established himself as a legend of the premier class. As can be seen, the difference in income level between him and his fellow teammate Rins is not particularly significant. Absolutely nothing to do with the scenario that will be discussed further down.

1. Marc Marquez: 15 $ million

Since Marc Marquez was injured that summer Sunday in Jerez 2020, everyone at Honda has been thinking, “To Caesar, what is Caesar’s?” (to Caesar, what is Caesar’s) ever since the accident.

They disagreed with the Cervera house’s suggestion that they should not receive their salary for that year because they could not compete, so the Japanese house rejected the idea.

Because of his eight championships and the significant performance gap between him and the other riders on the Golden Wing, he continues to earn the salary of a superstar, which is precisely what he is even now.

In 2021, he was successful in winning races once more, precisely three, and he added one more podium finish in one of those left-handed circuits that he enjoys so much, as in the case of Alcaiz, in an incredible duel against Bagnaia.

Will we ever get to see Márquez at his best? There is less information to uncover.

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