The top 12 Formula 1 books

The lights at the intersection come on. The race will soon get underway for the cars. You and your family are sitting together on the couch as per usual.

However, things will be different today because you will amaze everyone with some top-notch specialist information.

the top 12 formula 1 books

Because falling in love with something teaches you that you will never be able to stop wanting to learn more about it, regardless of how much you already know about it.

And as we can see, viewing videos on YouTube is perfectly acceptable; however, for YouTubers to gain visibility, they need to create videos optimized for the algorithm.

This means including excessive clickbait and the essential information to keep more viewers engaged.

On the other hand, Formula One books are produced with special affection and a strong trust between the author or photographer and the reader.

The acquisition of books that will make us enjoy ourselves while the drivers are taking a break is made possible by the presence of specialized bookstores (such as Libromotor, which is also available online) that also have enthusiastic staff members about the automobile’s powertrain.

The best books are ever written about the Formula One racing series.

In the following piece, we will present a selection of 12 books that we think are very interesting for various reasons, including the information they contain and the images they have (and do not worry about the language, just let yourself go and enjoy).

Reading is essential for the development of the brain as well as for the process of learning new things.

Getting lost in the pages of a book that discusses topics of interest to you can be very stimulating for our minds.

1. Enrico Benzing: Formula 1. Evoluzione tecnica, regolamento (Giorgio Nada Editore, 38,50$)

To begin, we look at a book penned by one of the people in the know: an engineer.

Since the beginning of the ‘world,’ the development of the Formula 1 Technical Regulations has directly reflected the advancements made by these industry-leading machines.

Behind each rule, we find a thousand compelling reasons linked to increased performance, safety, design, infractions committed and how they have been combatted, and the inventions or discoveries of our era.

From that one sentence that served as the foundation for the first regulation, we worked our way up to a complete specification that spans more than sixty pages and is packed with information.

This specification has been translated into Italian for the very first time, and it is also being explained and commented on for the very first time in a manner that is accessible to the general public for the very first time.

The ideal way to shed light on the highlights of a long and prodigious evolution, lived by the author as the protagonist, while also focusing on the most recent revolutions and keeping an eye out for future developments.

2. Formula One 2021: The World’s Bestselling Grand Prix Handbook (Brookline Booksmith, 20$)

p And now for the essential item for every season. Fans of Formula One will be kept up to date with in-depth analyses of all the teams that will be competing in 2021 (ranging from Mercedes and Red Bull to Ferrari and Renault), all the drivers who will be participating in the competition (including Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Charles Leclerc), and all the circuits that will be featured on the Grand Prix-packed calendar.

In addition, it examines the most important topics currently being discussed in Formula One, provides race-by-race reports and statistics for the 2020 season, and highlights rule and regulation changes for the 2021 season.

In addition to the tables for the 2020 Drivers’ and Constructors’ World Championships, there is also a complete guide for 2021 included in the book.

This allows each reader to become an individual record of the Formula One season.

3. Jenson Button, according to Alan Henry. A world champion’s story, published by Haynes Publishing and available for 25$.

Jenson Button fulfilled a lifelong goal and won the Formula One world championship during the phenomenal first season for the Brawn GP team.

This is the complete account of Jenson Button’s racing career, beginning with his first race in a go-kart when he was a young boy and ending with the World Championship title he won with an outstanding performance at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2009.

This meticulously crafted book, which was written by one of the most prominent journalists in the Formula One (F1) industry, is fully illustrated in color and includes interviews with Frank Williams, Patrick Head, Ron Dennis, Alain Prost, Flavio Briatore, Jacques Villeneuve, Giancarlo Fisichella, David Richards, and Ross Brawn, among other friends, family members, and leading Formula One personality.

4. “Formula 1 in camera 1970-1979” by Paul Parker is available from Haynes Publishing for 64$.

This gorgeously illustrated, deeply nostalgic, the full-color book explores the development of the Grand Prix genre through one of its classic decades, which was a time in the sport’s history when it moved into an increasingly commercial and high-tech era.

It is also the story of how sponsors took control of the fundamental identity of the teams and how the sport went global when English-speaking drivers joined newcomers like Emerson Fittipaldi, Ronnie Peterson, Jody Scheckter, and Niki Lauda.

Nelson Piquet was also a part of this movement.

5. Jean-Paul Delsaux: 1950, les courses, the reces, le corse (Automobilia, 92$)

This book is hilarious and available in French, Italian, and English. The purpose of this volume is to shed light on the most significant motoring events in 1950.

These include Formula 1 and the world championship, Formula Internazionale n. 2, Formula 3, stock car races, and the “soapboxes.”

Those who enjoy reliving a mythical era that will no longer be reproduced in this more commercial and technological world will find this book the perfect companion.

6. Rodrigo Castillo Brian: The 100 best drivers to compete in Formula One between 1950 and 2005. From Nino Farina to Fernando Alonso. (Cahoba, 25$)

The 100 best Formula 1 drivers are the first book published in Spain.

It traces a complete panorama of the premier motor racing category with its accomplishments, joys, milestones, records, lights and shadows, evolution, and disappointments.

This sport is gaining more and more followers, and its definitive take-off in Spain has come about thanks to Fernando Alonso, who won the Formula 1 World Championship in 2005, becoming the latest addition to the list of champions that began with Juan Manuel Fan.

The work, which is a documented and comprehensive reference manual, includes likenesses of the top 100 drivers in the Ranking of victories, more than 240 photographs, and an extensive appendix with tables of all the championships, the drivers’ orders, the teams, and circuits, as well as curiosities of all kinds related to Formula 1.

The work consists of the likenesses of the top 100 drivers in the Ranking of victories, more than 240 photographs, and an extensive append.

The remaining 15 drivers in the Ranking have finished in second place in at least two grand Prix events, even though they have never won a race.

Eighty-five of the drivers in the Ranking have won significant Prix events.

It includes a chapter dedicated to the nine most critical national drivers to pay homage to the Spanish drivers who came before Alonso in the world of Formula One and who are almost entirely unknown today.

Alonso was the first Spanish driver to compete in the sport.

7. Johnny Rives: 50 ans de Formule 1 (vol. 5) les grands constructeurs 1989-1999 (Etai, 62$)

The redesign of Formula One vehicles was prompted by the sport’s decision to abandon the use of supercharged engines.

An intense competition between Ferrari and Honda served as a defining feature of the beginning of this time.

The Japanese engine manufacturer was unable to keep up with its Italian competitor and maintain market control until the Renault V10 engines arrived.

Between 1992 and 1997, they were unbeatable in Formula One, despite having a roster of drivers as diverse in age and approach as Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill, and Jacques Villeneuve.

The departures of Mansell and Prost from Formula One led to a revolving door of drivers, not to mention the tragic ending that was in store for Ayrton Senna on the foreboding day of May 1, 1994, at the Imola circuit.

Following in Michael Schumacher’s footsteps were these three “monsters” of driving, whose exceptional talent appears to isolate their competitors. Michael Schumacher’s legacy lives on in these three drivers.

This may compel him to intersperse his brilliant driving displays with “muscular” confrontations, which ultimately detract from his otherwise outstanding career.

During the previous decade, major manufacturers such as Renault, Honda, Ferrari, Peugeot, Ford, and Yamaha engaged in fierce competition for the top spot.

8. Porsche Racing Cars 1953 to 1975 by Brian Long (Veloce, 69.50$) (available only in Italian)

There is no getting around the fact that, in modern times, the words “Porsche” and “racing” are synonymous with one another.

This book follows Porsche’s year-by-year progress in top-level racing and looks in detail at the pure competition cars that brought the German marque such immense track success and worldwide acclaim.

The book is organized in chronological order.

This particular volume begins with the story of the 1953 550 Spyders and continues to take the reader through a series of racing models, including the glorious 917, up to 1975.

It utilizes contemporary photographs and words from a recognized Porsche authority.

The book includes detailed year-by-year coverage of Porsche’s world-class racing exploits in terms and 300 excellent photos.

9. Jean Luc Fournier: Alpine les monoplaces tome 2 1971-1975: Les années pour gagner (Les Bielles Doo-Wap, 45$)

We can revisit Alpine’s past now that it is at the forefront of the competition.

The years 1971 through 1975 are covered in Volume 2, which begins with a foreword written by Jacques Cheinisse and chronicles Alpine’s participation in single-seater racing in Formula 2, Formula 3, and Formula Renault.

It brings to mind the years of victories in F3 with Patrick Depailler and Michel Lecler, but also the fantastic fights in FR from which an impressive number of talents will emerge.

The modalities that led Elf to favor a return to F2 with the Elf 2, then to finance the development of the A500, the first single-seater equipped with a turbo engine, opening the formidable saga of Renault in F1.

This book benefits from many previously unpublished photos and testimonials from drivers such as J.P. Jabouille, A. Serpaggi, M. Leclère, P. Tambay, J.C. Andruet, etc., supported by those engineers such as André de Cortanze or Bernard Dudot.

h 10. Pino Allievi: Michael Schumacher. Images d’une vie (Etai, 53$)

This book is about one of the most successful race car drivers of all time, but it is much more than just a photographic and literary portrait of his life.

This is an investigation into the secrets of a career that is very clearly distinguished from the individual’s private life.

The figure of a self-assured man emerges as victories on the track and adventures of the way, with the man’s strength frequently taking the lead, in contrast to more fragile and hidden aspects of his character.

Michael Schumacher is a champion with a wide variety of skills and qualities.

The passage of time allows his friends, teammates, rivals, enemies, and even superficial acquaintances to reflect on and evaluate his many guises at this juncture.

Reading the book is like going on a genuinely intimate dive because it is filled with anecdotes, details, curiosities, and episodes that bring the reader closer to the natural face of a character.

This icon is, above all else, a fantastic race car driver with exceptional talent.

Michael Schumacher unquestionably leaves an indelible mark on his era and that of the entire society, going far beyond the phenomenon of sports.

11. The fight for the British Grand Prix, as described by Alan Henry The inside story of the battle to save Britain’s most prestigious motor race (Haynes Publishing, 25$).

On the schedule for the World Championship, the event that has been around the longest is the British Grand Prix.

And the argument regarding its now-assured future dragged on for more than ten years before it was finally settled.

As told from within, this is the whole story of the commercial and personal battles between Bernie Ecclestone, the commercial rights holder for Formula 1, and the British Racing Drivers Club, the organization responsible for running the races.

It’s a story that has everything: high-octane personal jealousies (Sir Jackie Stewart and Bernie Ecclestone), high finance, and it’s told by a journalist who had access to all the characters involved and who himself served as BRDC director for two years during the height of this drama.

It’s a story that has it all.

12. “And they walked away!” exclaimed Bruce Jones. The major collisions and the drivers who survived to tell their stories (Motorbooks, 32$).

The very last item on the list is reserved for fans of morbidity.

Because motor racing is the most glamorous and dangerous sport in the world, millions of people worldwide watch it on television when they cannot attend the races themselves.

The need to break speed records frequently compels drivers to push themselves past the point of acceptable risk, which can sometimes have disastrous results.

Formula One cars are built using innovative construction methods that make them robust enough to allow drivers to survive high-velocity collisions involving multiple vehicles.

The bravery of the drivers and the engineers’ expertise is celebrated in this book.

It is a photographic celebration of the competitors’ ability to survive terrifying accidents in athletic competitions.

This book presents a compilation of terrifying incidents from which the drivers walked away unscathed.

From Luciano Burti at the beginning of the German Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2001 to many other crashes during national events, there has been a lot of them.

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