Drivers, teams and numbers of Formula 1 2022

The most prestigious competition in the world of motorsports is currently amid a period of change, which may also mean the beginning of a new era in every respect.

And is the debut of the new regulations to blame for the illusion that has been stoked among fans and the more underdog teams?

Drivers, teams, and numbers of Formula 1 2022

The objective is to make Formula One an even more entertaining spectacle than it has been in recent years, particularly in 2021 with that nail-biting finish between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton on the final lap of Abu Dhabi.

The goal is to make Formula One a more remarkable spectacle than it has already been in recent years.

In light of this, now seems like an appropriate time to talk about the drivers, the teams, and the bibs that will be the stars of this season, which has the potential to be historic.

The ultimate guide to Formula One 2022

Following this brief introduction, it is time to talk about the players who will attempt to make the front pages throughout the 23 grand Prix that will be contested during the subsequent course.

1. Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton (44) and George Russell (63)

The great hegemons of the hybrid era want to extend their dominance well beyond the hybrid era itself, which is now in the past.

They will do so with a 100% English duo, as young George Russell has arrived to replace the Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas and to drive alongside the driver who inspired him since he was a child, Lewis Hamilton.

When the safety car came out during the race in Abu Dhabi, the star brand did not tell the seven-time champion to come to a stop when the car came out.

As a result, the star brand lost out on the driver’s title at the very last second.

The best way to avoid repeating past errors is to learn from them, precisely what Lewis Hamilton plans to do in his quest to regain the title of world champion and pass Michael Schumacher as the most successful driver in F1 history.

However, Russell arrives hungrier than ever for victories after his three-year journey at Williams, with the only parenthesis of that race in Sakhir 2020, where he replaced the 44 for his positive COVID result.

Because he has already demonstrated the talent he possesses on that day, you should not rest on your laurels, Hamilton.

2. Red Bull: Max Verstappen (1) and Sergio Perez (11)

The Austrian team will go into the future with the hangover of Max Verstappen’s championship, which he won epically.

Despite this, they could not prevail over the Germans in the constructors’ world championship; consequently, they will require a more consistent performance from each of their drivers in the final standings of each race to win the trophy they were denied.

The winning combination of Max Verstappen and Checo has been re-established, with the added twist that the current Dutch champion has taken the risk of racing with the number one, which has not been seen on the track since Sebastian Vettel wore it while competing for the energy drink team in 2014.

While Mad Max is getting ready to extend his Palmares in this sport, Perez a priori will act as a faithful squire again and score important points for the team championship.

Mad Max is about to make history in this sport.

3. Carlos Sainz (age 55) and Charles Leclerc (age 16) driving for Ferrari

The most successful team in the annals of motorsports history plans to get back to its roots by retaining the same drivers for the 2021 season.

A significant amount of time has been spent in the Maranello factory looking for the solution, particularly in the engine, which has been his Achilles’ heel in the previous two races in comparison to the two cars that have beaten him.

Carlos Sainz finished every race in his rookie season and scored points in all but two of them. He also earned four podium finishes.

In Italy, many people compared him to Barrichello; however, the Spaniard passed Charles Leclerc in the overall standings and demonstrated that the hierarchy in the red team is not as firmly established as it is, for example, at Red Bull.

Leclerc, for his part, has had a difficult time, but he has continued to show his talent even though he is not driving a fast car.

The evidence of this can be seen in his two pole positions earned in Monaco and Baku and his second-place finishes at Silverstone, where he was so close to taking first place.

4. Mclaren: Lando Norris (4) and Daniel Ricciardo (3)

Mclaren was very competitive in many of the Grand Prix held in 2021 thanks to the Mercedes engine; however, a shaky finish to the season dropped them to fourth place in the constructors’ world championship, which Ferrari won.

A combination of Lando Norris’s youth and Daniel Ricciardo’s experience will lead the English team in the upcoming season for the second consecutive year.

The giggling Norris had his best season ever in 2014, largely thanks to the fact that he finished on the podium four times.

He also had a chance to win his first race in Sochi, Russia, but the rain started falling in the race’s final laps.

Ricciardo was the one to end the winless streak that had been going on since 2012 when he won the race at Monza.

This was even though he struggled to adapt to the car in the first half of the track. ‘I hope that with the Prancing Horse, they will return to what they were and compete toe-to-toe with the two giants.’

5. Alpine: Fernando Alonso (14) and Esteban Ocon (31)

The Plan is an idea that has been ingrained into each and every member of the Alpine team, which was one of the first to put a halt to the development of its most recent single-seater in order to concentrate all of its efforts on the upcoming racing season.

Thanks to Fernando Alonso, the author of these words and the person who utilized 2021 of transition to arrive here as prepared as is humanly possible.

If people are talking about The Plan everywhere, it is because of Fernando Alonso.

The two-time world champion did not accuse his biennium away from the championship, which was well reflected by his podium obtained in Losail (Qatar) and his memantine defense against Hamilton at Hungaroring, which ensured that his teammate Esteban Ocon would win the race.

To put it more precisely, the Frenchman opened the door to his F1 victory locker on that particular day, leading the team to victory for the first time since 2013, when it was still racing under the Lotus name.

Overall, he enters 2022 with the motivation to continue growing alongside the Spaniard, improve on the score of 74, and, who knows, maybe even help him win the highly coveted three-peat championship.

6. Pierre Gasly (10) and Yuki Tsunoda are the sixth members of Alpha Tauri (22)

The Frenchman Pierre Gasly and the Japanese driver Yuki Tsunoda will continue to compete for the Alpha Tauri team in the same roles as they did in 2021.

Gasly is, undoubtedly, the standard bearer for the Faenza team, gallons that he has earned with extraordinary regularity while behind the wheel of a car on the lower end of the performance spectrum.

The Frenchman finished on the podium in that wacky race in Baku, taking advantage of Hamilton’s mistake at the beginning of the race to move up to third place.

In the following race in Monza 2020, he achieved glory by maintaining until the very end first grid position of the restart before Sainz’s intense pursuit.

He has made several public requests to be reinstated to his Red Bull seat, but he will need to continue demonstrating his merits before it will be possible for him to do so.

Tsunoda, for his part, was the one who had to pay for the rookie’s hazing on multiple occasions by making mistakes on the track. He also led heated discussions over the team radio, which Helmut Marko and the other senior drivers disapproved of. He is quick, but to be a consistent driver, he needs to learn to control his temper.

7. Sebastian Vettel (5) and Lance Stroll (18) driving for Aston Martin in position 7

Under the banner of the esteemed luxury brand from the United Kingdom, the combination of four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel and up-and-coming Canadian driver Lance Stroll is being reissued by Aston Martin.

The structure of the team has been altered due to Otmar Szafnauer’s departure as Team Principal; however, the identity of the individual who will take his place is still unknown.

After his contract with Ferrari was not renewed in 2021, Vettel debuted his new colors for the first time.

Many people looked down on him because he performed poorly during his final year in the red.

Still, the truth is that he gave great performances, such as coming in second place in Baku and fifth place in Monaco, even though his performance during his final year in red was inferior.

His four crowns did not just appear out of thin air; with this new regulatory environment, he hopes to shine once more if he is accompanied by the car in his endeavors.

For his part, Stroll will be competing in the Formula One championship for the sixth season even though he has not achieved particularly outstanding results in the sport thus far, except for his three podium finishes and his first-place finish in the wet in Turkey in 2020.

Even though his father, Lawrence, has a lot of influence, he still has a ways to go before he can be considered a driver worthy of discussion because he has never been able to place in the top ten drivers.

8. Spot for Williams are Nicholas Latifi (6) and Alex Albon (23)

It has been one year since Frank Williams passed, and the legendary team is still alive.

They have been able to regain some of their illusion after spending several years stuck at the back of the grid by having a more significant presence in the point-scoring positions and even finishing third in the race at Spa, which was otherwise uncompetitive due to the fact of the safety car, thanks to Russell’s assistance, more than anyone else’s.

They are one of the few teams that present novelties in their driver pairing. The Canadian Nicholas Latifi will be accompanied by Alex Albon, who takes the place of the heroic young Englishman.

This makes them one of the few teams that present novelties in their driver pairing.

It is essential to keep in mind that Latifi was the one who caused the exception that led to the conclusion of the previous world championship with his accident against the barriers in Abu Dhabi.

This caused the Stewards to leave their decision in favor of Verstappen’s interests until he could pass Hamilton.

The Thai Albon, for his part, makes his comeback to the scene after working for Red Bull for an entire year as a tester.

His unremarkable performance in 2020 was the final straw for Christian Horner and the other top brass, who decided to let him go.

Will he again finish in the points multiple times, as he did while driving for Toro Rosso? It will depend on what happens.

9. Valtteri Bottas (77) and Guanyu Zhou, both driving for Alfa Romeo (24)

The combination of youth and experience can also be found at Alfa Romeo, which has wholly remade its driving duo with the rookie Guanyu Zhou and the veteran Valtteri Bottas of Finland.

After spending the past five years operating in Hamilton’s shadow at Mercedes, Bottas will attempt to make a positive contribution to the Italian team.

He now has the opportunity to end the reputation of having a stone-cold chest that has always been associated with him.

He has acquired a markedly inferior car to the one he had and will be engaging in more melee fights.

As for Zhou, he is the first Chinese driver to compete in Formula One in the sport’s history.

He received his training in Alpine’s young driver program and will compete while wearing the number 24, which has been completely overlooked since 2014 when free choice became an option.

After competing in F2, where he achieved a third-place finish, he has arrived.

10. Haas: Mick Schumacher (47) and Nikita Mazepin (9)

Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin will continue to start for the Haas team in 2021 despite other drivers filling those positions.

Because neither the German nor the Russian could score in any Grand Prix events, they will be looking to make significant strides in their sophomore campaigns.

It is not surprising that the American team is pinning its hopes on his figure, especially considering that Mick has acknowledged that the car being made is very much focused on him.

Many reports state that the German has been heavily involved in developing the single-seater for 2022, so it is not surprising that the American team is pinning its hopes on his figure.

It will be interesting to see if they can return to the average level.

Mazepin, for his part, was more in the spotlight in 2021 for his accidents and incidents with other racers than for his skills behind the wheel, so he would do well to take advantage of the situation and collaborate on his teammate’s work to advance his career.

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