The top 10 promising young drivers in the automotive industry

When it comes to high-level auto racing, there are frequently “great irruptions of drivers who surprise the whole world” (singular: “irruptions”).

This reveals a lot about the state of the sport as a whole and the level of competition in the different types of auto-racing events.

After all, the routine and consistent appearance of the same main characters would always defuse the excitement and the sense of accomplishment that came from watching the races.

Top 10 promising young drivers in the automotive industry

With that being said, and before a new season of the most prestigious championships on two and four wheels, here at Motorbli, we are going to put the magnifying glass on ten young drivers who have shown promise in the world of motorsport and who have the potential to give a voice both in the year 2022 and in the years to come.

Take note of this because a lot of things could occur with them.

Young drivers who show promise and the future of motorsport to come

It is time to show you these potential stars of the engine that, sooner or later, can make you jump off the couch or that the ticket you pay to see them on the circuits is worth the joy that you will experience as a result of seeing them compete.

The introduction has already been completed.

1. Pedro Acosta

Without a doubt, this has been the most significant development in MotoGP during the year 2021.

Pedro Acosta made his racing debut in the inaugural Qatar race at Losail when he was only 16.

Now that he is 17, he has been proclaimed the Moto3 World Champion, making him the second youngest rider in history to achieve this accomplishment.

This remarkable accomplishment was accomplished by the Shark of Mazarron (Murcia) on the back of his KTM with his six victories and eight podium finishes.

A route that started at the beginning of the course despite the fact that, as discussed in the paragraph before, it was his first season competing in the motorcycle world championship.

This was a path that began at the beginning of the course. When he finished second in the first round, everyone in the world was stunned, and when he won the second round starting from the pit lane, people’s hands fell to their heads.

He caused the entire world to stare at him in disbelief. Seeing is believing.

Next year, he will move up to the intermediate category of Moto2, ready to aspire to everything, even though the background with those who promote with the most miniature crown is not flattering because of the vast differences between 600 cubic centimeters bikes and other 250.

Next year, he will move up to the intermediate category of Moto2, ready to aspire to everything.

2. Óscar Piastri

This young Australian race car driver, who is only 20 years old, was crowned the winner of the Formula 2 championship in the same year that he made his debut in the sport.

Formula 2 is a competition that serves as a stepping stone to Formula 1.

This tremendous accomplishment has put him on the path to success behind the wheel of a single-seater vehicle for the next three years in a row: in 2019, he won the Eurocup Formula Renault, and in 2020, he won the Formula 3 championship.

Since he won all three trophies in his very first race, we are dealing with a driver who can adjust to the car in a relatively short amount of time and ought to be taken into considerable consideration.

However, despite his achievements, he will not be given a spot on the starting grid of the premier class.

Instead, he will take on the role of a tester for the Alpine team, which has watched him mature over the past year ever since he joined their training academy.

3. Juan Martin Jorge

A well-known rider by the name of “Martinator” is one of the many big names that bowed out of the most recent MotoGP campaign.

Because of his strong performance atop the potent Ducati provided by the Pramac Racing team, the rider hailing from San Sebastián de Los Reyes (Madrid) has been awarded the title of a best rookie in the premier class.

He already gave a hint in 2018 of the talent he possesses by winning the title in Moto3, and if it weren’t for the contagion he caught from COVID-19 in 2020, he would have been at least closer to his second title in Moto2, then he was. He won the title in Moto3.

In addition to this, he is already familiar with what it is like to start from the pole position, place on the podium, and win a race when competing against the best.

However, his spectacular crash in Portimao (Portugal) was a big stone in the road. It brought him to the point where he considered giving up everything at 23, as he has acknowledged in recent interviews.

4. Enea Bastianini

Enea Bastianini, who came with the vitola of his crown in Moto2 in the previous race, was the one who was successful in stealing such an honor from the Spaniard.

The Italian rider was raised in the pressure cooker that was Valentino Rossi’s academy. Still, the results have not always been favorable for him due to his many injuries throughout his career.

In Moto3, he alternated years spent among the best (2015 saw him finish third, and 2016 saw him finish second) with years in which he was more absent (6th in 2017).

However, in the first season of the pandemic, he was able to have that regularity that he had previously lacked, and as a result, he was able to win the prize of the title.

Adapting to Moto2 was difficult, as demonstrated by his tenth-place finish in 2019. However, he overcame this difficulty in the first season of the pandemic.

In two of the races held at the Marco Simoncelli circuit, he competed with the Esponsorama Racing Ducati and successfully reached the podium in both of them.

At the age of 24, he still has a lot of room for growth and the opportunity to learn from the best.

5. George Russell

George Russell’s situation is an example of a similar case to Piastri’s.

The British driver arrived at the Grand Circus having won the F3 (2017) and F2 (2018) championships. Still, his previous successes did not help him gain access to a competitive car in the same way that, for example, Lewis Hamilton did with Mclaren.

Despite this, good old George has been able to get the most out of his Williams car for the past three years, even though its future seemed very bleak, to the point where he has been able to put it in Q2, in the issues, and on the podium (remember that unfortunate race at Spa) the last few times.

After beginning his career at Mercedes, he made his debut with his current team at the Sakhir Grand Prix in Bahrain in 2020, where he replaced exactly Hamilton due to the latter’s positive result in COVID-19.

He was superior to Valtteri Bottas, and the only thing that prevented him from finishing on the podium for the first time in Formula One was a severe error he made during one of his pit stops.

At 23, he is prepared to make the life of the heptacampeón even more complex than the Finnish did.

6. Lando Norris

Lando Norris is yet another Englishman who belongs to a generation very close to the previous one and is currently competing in the most prestigious four-wheel championship.

When he made his debut in Formula One in 2019, at the Australian Grand Prix held in Melbourne, he did so at the age of 19 years and 124 days, making him the third youngest driver to ever compete in the sport.

It is impossible to argue that it was not deserved because he had finished in second place in the F2 competition on the previous course, just behind Russell.

During his time at McLaren, he has demonstrated that he is a highly skilled racer.

His steady ascent evidences this up the ranks at Mclaren, his five podium finishes, and the fastest lap he achieved “in extremis” in Austria to earn the first of those podiums.

With the new regulations about to be implemented, we will have to wait and see how far the laughing boy from Bristol will go.

He has already come close to winning in Monza and Sochi (Russia).

7. Guanyu Zhou

I want to introduce all the first Chinese drivers to compete in Formula 1 racing.

Alfa Romeo has placed a great deal of faith in Guanyu Zhou, and as a result, he will soon be making his debut in front of the general public.

At 22, he can say that he will have experience in the competition that is considered the mother of all championships.

In 2021, he came in third place in the F2 championship after finishing first in the Asian F3 championship.

Despite the extra-sporting interests surrounding his signing, Zhou achieved good results in his formative stage, both in karting and single-seaters.

The truth is that Zhou has signed up with a professional racing team. On the one hand, he won the British Super 1 karting championship in 2013 and the Rotax Max Euro Challenge in the junior category.

On the other hand, he also won the Rotax Max Euro Challenge. In contrast, he finished second in the Italian Formula 4 Championship (2015).

8. Raul Fernandez

Going back to the two-wheelers for a moment, it is impossible to ignore how quickly Raul Fernandez has been destroying stages.

The rider, born in Madrid, made his professional debut in Moto3 at 18 with the Angel Nieto team.

Even though he only scored 60 points and finished in the 21st position, KTM trusted him to demonstrate that he had not won the CEV championship (2018) by chance.

After everything was said and done, he finished fourth in the riders’ standings thanks to two victories and four podium finishes.

Despite the challenging transition that comes with moving from Moto3 to Moto2, Fernandez has passed that exam with flying colors as well as reflected by his runner-up finish, which also places him as “the best rookie in history in the intermediate category ahead of even Marc Marquez” (the best rookie in history in the intermediate category ahead of Marc Marquez) (2011).

Now he’s moving up to the MotoGP class to ride for Tech3, KTM’s satellite team, where he’ll be reunited with Remy Gardner in the pit box.

Because of how well he adjusts to new environments, he will bring much joy to Spanish fans.

9. Fabio Quartararo

Even though the Frenchman has already established himself as a reality by winning the MotoGP championship, he is still only 22 years old, which allows him to be classified in this manner.

Despite coming into the World Championship having won the previous two CEV Moto3 titles in 2013 and 2014, Fabio Quartararo has not had an easy time of it since he has been competing in the event.

His excellent results in the world championship were not repeated, as evidenced by the fact that he only finished tenth in his rookie season and thirteenth in the following season.

Even though he had his first victory with Speed Up and two other podia finished in 2018, that same sequence played out in reverse in Moto2.

That advancement was highly valued by Yamaha Petronas, which is why they gave him one of their two bikes. In his first season of MotoGP competition, Fabio responded with seven podium finishes and six pole positions.

Although he got off to a perfect start by winning the first two races of the year at Jerez, the ghosts of inconsistency followed him into 2020.

Even though he could only finish eighth, Yamaha gave him an official bike to ride in place of Valentino Rossi even though he had only finished eighth.

With his first world title under his belt, the results have been unsurpassable: five victories, ten podium finishes, and five starting positions on the grid.

10. Kalle Rovanpera

It is not receiving the same level of attention from the media as it did in the past.

The World Rally Championship (WRC) has been witness to the emergence of a star, and that star is Kalle Rovanpera of Finland.

This driver’s son, who is now 21 years old, is the youngest person ever to reach the top step of the podium, take the lead in the championship, and get his first victory in Estonia at 20 years, nine months, and 17 days. His father is the driver Harri.

When he was only eight years old, a video of him sliding across a frozen lake in a Toyota Starlet, whose pedals were too high for him to reach, went viral on the internet.

The incident piqued people’s interest. Even though he is still relatively young, he has already competed in the past for Skoda Motorsport and now drives for Toyota Gazoo Racing. Impressive.

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