Everything you need to know about Honda NC750X 2021

If you are looking for a motorcycle suitable for riding around the city, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a scooter because a lot of cargo and is straightforward to control on asphalt.

On the other hand, major manufacturers such as Honda are releasing many models with asphalt versatility onto the market.

Everything you need to know about Honda NC750X 2021

What exactly does that phrase mean? Those models that were less suited to the asphalt have not only been given an update to their aesthetics but have also been entirely renovated by having versatility on the asphalt that is worthy of a scooter added to them.

Currently, the terms all-terrain vehicle, crossover vehicle, all-purpose vehicle, sport utility vehicle, etc.

They play a significant role in the purchases made by nearly every individual, and it is indisputable that customers (in addition to functionality) are looking for aesthetics, height, and comfort.

Positioning itself as one of the outstanding units within the premium segment, the Honda NC750X 2021 is an all-purpose trail that adapts (to the greatest extent possible) to any road.

However, the passing of time has been responsible for the Honda NC750X gaining followers and recognition: what began as a low-cost bike in 2012 has become a premium motorcycle thanks to its consistent upgrades.

Changes have been made to the Honda NC750X’s chassis, engine, suspension, plastics, and equipment over this decade.

Therefore, its recognition results from offering the highest possible quality in each iteration.

In a nutshell, we are looking at a motorcycle that has spent nearly more than ten years on the market, has been brave enough to adapt to all trends successfully, and at the same time has been able to captivate a significant portion of the general public.

What are your thoughts on the Honda NC750X 2021? Analyze in great detail

Suppose there is one thing that automobiles and motorcycles have in common.

In that case, it is a fact that when discussing the next generation of either type of vehicle, multiple conditioning factors are considered.

To put it another way, the motorcycle of the future does not yet exist; all we know for sure is that it will be determined by various factors that will shift over time.

As a result, the future bicycle needs to be affordable, user-friendly, well-designed aesthetically, technologically advanced, environmentally conscious, and capable of serving multiple functions.

If there is one product currently available that has the potential to fulfill all of these requirements, that product is the Honda NC750X 2021.

The NC750X is the only product on the market capable of meeting and satisfactorily balancing all of the needs of the general public.

This achievement is the result of the development that the model has gone through since the year 2012: the first iteration was the Honda NC700X, and it was introduced as a fresh perspective on the motorcycle as a vehicle that is useful and appropriate for a variety of applications (New Concept).

Since then, the NC750X has risen since 2015, consistently ranking among Spain’s top three best-selling mid-displacement trail models.

On the other hand, it has established itself in Europe as a regular among the top ten best-selling motorcycles, displacing more than 125cc.

Honda NC750X: technical data sheet

We need to look at the data before discussing the aspects that set it apart from similar products on the market.

Let’s go there: a good analysis requires, in addition to the rider’s subjectivity and the sensations they experience while gripping the handlebars, a data-sheet that objectively describes the bike.

1. The engine

A 4-stroke parallel-twin configuration can be found inside the engine block of the Honda NC750X 2021.

It has a displacement of 745 ccs and can deliver a maximum power of 58.6 horsepower at 6,750 rpm while also producing a maximum torque of 69 Nm at 4,750 rpm.

It has an electric starter, and you can select either a manual transmission with six speeds or a DCT transmission.

2. Chassis

The NC750X 2021 has a diamond-type tubular steel chassis; the front suspension is a telescopic fork with a 41 mm diameter and 120 mm of travel, and the rear suspension is a Prolink monoshock with 120 mm of travel. Both breaks have the same amount of travel (same as the front).

The front brakes consist of a dual hydraulic disc with a four-piston radial caliper, while the rear brakes are composed of a single hydraulic disc with a single-piston caliper each.

This motorcycle has a front tire with dimensions of 120/70-ZR17 M/C and a rear tire with sizes of 160/60-ZR17 M/C.

3. Dimensions

The length of the Honda NC750X 2021 is 2,210 millimeters, its width is 846 millimeters, and its height is 1,330 millimeters.

The ground clearance is 145 millimeters, and the wheelbase measures 1,525 millimeters. The seat is 800 millimeters from the ground, carries a weight of 214 kilograms, and can store 13.1 liters of fuel in its tank.

4. The Price

The price of the Honda NC750X 2021 can range anywhere from 8,250 dollars to 9,150 dollars, and it all depends on whether we choose to purchase the manual version (8,250 dollars) or the automatic dual-clutch DCT version (9,150 dollars).

Currently, it is not easy to find any comparable bike on the market that provides this versatility of use; consequently, Honda sets the market price in the trail segment asphalt (more balanced) with its model NC750X 2021.

The characteristics that set the Honda NC750X apart from its competitors

The Honda NC750X is being propelled to its maximum sales thanks to the advantageous market positioning of both the standard model and the motorcycle’s DCT (automatic) version.

Due to its excellent performance in the mechanical section and the fact that it is the only one that shares technology with automobiles, the DCT model of the Honda NC750X accounts for fifty percent of all sales in Spain.

Along with an entirely new motor, the most recent iteration of the automatic transmission was installed in the 2021 model, which also saw a complete engine redesign.

The NC750X has not experienced a decrease in power due to the new regulations introduced by the Euro 5; quite the contrary.

Compared to its predecessor, it now has a maximum output of 58.6 horsepower at 6,750 revolutions per minute, an increase of 4%.

In this context, the redline revs have been increased to 7,000, which is a 600-rpm increase over the previous model.

After rethinking the pistons, shafts, and crankshaft counterweights, it has become 1.5 kg lighter due to its updated design. This was accomplished by rearranging the components.

The airbox, the part responsible for transporting air and the static pressure generated to the engine inlet, has a larger volume (by 22%) and lower internal resistances (34%), allowing for better air circulation.

In addition to its maximum power, its torque of 69 Nm at 4,750 rpm is one of the most important figures.

Torque is the natural muscle of this Honda NC750X 2021 and the secret to enjoying its driving experience to the fullest (consistently above the 2020 model).

On the other hand, it is essential to point out that its reduced fuel consumption is declared to be 3.5 liters per one hundred kilometers. This translates into approximately 400 kilometers of autonomy for its 14-liter tank.

The electric throttle has four driving modes: three that are predetermined (Sport, Standard, and Rain) and one that can be customized (User).

Each of the four components uniquely affects the power delivery, engine braking, and traction motors.

In addition, the dual-clutch version (DCT), when the automatic option is selected, allows us to choose the mode according to how we would like the motorcycle to react (more or less immediately).

In addition, the LCD instrumentation provides additional trip data, including the average speed, total time and kilometers traveled, and battery voltage as the trip progresses.

In a nutshell, the fact that the Honda NC750X allows riders to choose from such a diverse set of riding modes places it in the upper echelon of the market for motorcycles in terms of its technological capabilities, which in turn puts it among the premium options available.

Sensations experienced atop the Honda NC750X

Once all or the majority of the technical aspects have been understood, it is essential to make contact and experience the Honda NC750X for oneself to get a feel for what it has to offer.

Beginning with the static position, the posture and ergonomics are as one would anticipate in an asphalt trail, which means there is a lot of visibility of the traffic around us and a wide and comfortable seating position.

A seat that provides multiple functions allows the user to select the one most effectively meets their requirements.

The sound is loud enough to compete with that of a V-twin motorcycle (don’t forget that they are parallel), which entices us to get on the road as quickly as possible and take pleasure in riding while looking at a screen that displays the information in a logical and well-organized fashion.

Nevertheless, in addition to its ease of use in the city, the Honda NC750X 2021 is most enjoyable when driven on the open road, specifically on winding secondary roads at speed closer to the norm.

This is the best environment in which to experience its performance. In this context, the steering adjustments are performed with exquisite finesse.

In addition, you do not need to downshift when going around a curve because the vehicle can keep up a consistent and exciting rate of speed throughout the turn.

Why? Due to the effective utilization of torque in this delivery in 2021.

Because it has such a low center of gravity, there is very little weight transfer, and you can use it however you like because of this feature.

Consequently, the suspensions contribute to the dynamism while the vehicle is in motion because they hardly ever come to a stop, offering an incredible smoothness.

We couldn’t say our goodbyes without first discussing the automatic transmission system. Something difficult to find in today’s market is an automatic transmission that changes when you would do it.

This new car version, which also features a new engine, has accomplished this feat.

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