The top 12 minivans available: and their price

Indeed, advertisements in today’s world inundate us with a thousand, and one offers, and it can be difficult to determine not the model but the type of automobile we want.

Minivans do not make a lot of noise, do not make the covers of specialized magazines, and are not discussed in the forums, but that is because they do not need it: their financial stability and the appreciation of drivers are their best guarantees.

The top 12 minivans available

As a result, in this article, we will suggest 12 minivans that are ideal for the transition back to normalcy because they have a lot of positive attributes and only a small number of negative ones.

A minivan is an example of what?

The minivan was the vehicle that was supposed to take control of the automotive industry. Still, ever since the advent of SUVs, it has been steadily losing ground to these vehicles.

The engine, passenger compartment, and trunk are all combined into a single volume, which is the primary characteristic of this design.

This was done so the vehicle would have more room and be more comfortable.

Some models are more compact and better suited for urban environments, but the most valuable ones have 5+2 seats and even resemble vans.

Let’s look at the 12 best minivans currently available on the market because traveling with other people, whether family or friends, is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend the year.

minivans available

12. Fiat 500L

The Fiat 500L, based on the already well-known Fiat 500, is a vehicle that has demonstrated to us that SUVs are unnecessary.

In the first place, the aesthetics that are so distinctive about it give us a singularity on the road.

In addition, however, we will enjoy a great deal of practicality and a large trunk.

Even a sunroof is not beyond its capabilities.

It has two gasoline engines and one diesel engine, and we will need the sport version with its sports seats for the city, while for the mountains, we will need the cross version, and all of them will be five seats.

We now have access to the newest model of the Fiat 500L Wagon, the market’s only minivan with a capacity for seven passengers despite its compact size.

I am starting at 19,760$.

11. Volkswagen Sharan

The Volkswagen Sharan is a vehicle developed specifically for families but still maintains a sporty character.

Its rear sliding doors open up to a vast and roomy interior, and the fact that there are two additional seats in the trunk opens up even more opportunities for us.

In addition, it possesses a sunroof and seats that enable us to put little hearts in a comfortable position for the younger passengers.

The We Connect system ensures connectivity, and the Discover Media navigation system will make it possible for us to avoid getting lost (although driving this car will make you want to get lost in enchanted places), in addition to the fact that its all-wheel drive sets it apart from the vehicles that it competes with.

From 37,060$.

10. a hybrid version of the Ford S-Max

Because Ford has not given up on the minivan market, we were very excited to check out the S-Max Hybrid.

We are discussing a Spanish-made vehicle with 190 horsepower, an ECO label, produced there. It is available in the following configurations: Trend, Titanium, ST-Line, and Vignale, with the latter version featuring equipment typical of luxury automobiles.

The standard equipment, which includes a leather steering wheel, parking sensors, and good connectivity, makes it a good option for people who enjoy driving American cars.

Additionally, the connectivity is excellent. Given that it was a risky bet on Ford’s part, we can guarantee it does not let us down.

I am starting at 41,230$.

9. [h3] Citron Berlingo Multispace

In a survey carried out by the French company, participants of the Citroen Berlingo Multispace were asked to rate the vehicle out of five stars, and they awarded it a score of five out of five.

And we won’t kid ourselves: this model has evolved into one of the category’s most recognizable representations.

It has a panoramic roof and 19 driving aids, and ample interior space designed for all occupants, so it is an excellent car to get if you want to enjoy a good trip.

Depending on the requirements, there is a choice between the M and XL sizes; however, either option can accommodate either 5 or 7 passengers.

I am starting at 24,952$.

8. Honda Jazz Hybrid

We did not forget about the Japanese, as evidenced by the fact that their Honda Jazz Hybrid is a car that is simple and comfortable to operate but also features hybrid technology that is among the most energy-efficient in its class.

In addition, they received the highest rating possible in the EuroNCAP evaluation, making them one of the safest models.

It is a very versatile model because you can give it a touch of crossover or SUV, which means it adapts to your requirements.

The cabin has a storage capacity of 1,205 liters, a large field of vision around the vehicle, and Honda Magic Seats, all of which will make our trip more enjoyable.

I am starting at 23,150$.

7. A hybrid version of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

It is one of the two minivans that BMW offers, and while its architecture is a little bit strange, it still possesses the same level of quality and power as the other models produced by the brand.

We have brand new supercharged mechanics, and our four-cylinder and three-cylinder models and our hybrid model are exciting.

On the inside, it has a variable space of 1,510 liters in the trunk and doors, which makes getting in and out of the vehicle very simple.

Regarding aerodynamics, it is designed to have good contact with the asphalt and can add adaptive suspensions.

In addition, both the connectivity and the navigation system are incredibly cutting-edge. In a nutshell, it is a car for families designed to allow for the intense reenactment of stories.

From 31,300$.

6. Peugeot Rifter

The French manufacturer’s seven-seater vehicle, manufactured in Spain, is a stout and imposing automobile. Because it has a raised platform, it can traverse various without encountering difficulties.

This is one of its most vital points. Now is the time to go for the Style version of the 2021 model, which comes standard with fog lights and 16-inch TONGARIRO trims.

We find a passenger seat that folds down, an upholstery made of puma fabric with blue stitching, and a steering wheel upholstered in leather.

The two available engines also ensure a low fuel consumption rate.

Connectivity and driving assistance features that come standard are also beneficial.

I am starting at 25,985$.

5. Renault Grand Scenic

The Grand Scenic looks like a crossover, but do not be fooled by its appearance; it is still a minivan, and its engines are notable for their low fuel consumption (5.9-6.1 l for the TCe with 103 kW (140 hp) GPF). It is available at an affordable price.

We have the Limited Edition, the Zen Edition, and the Black Edition, but we don’t need to worry about missing anything if we stick with the first one.

It does not have a very diverse interior design, but it offers some good extras designed to make the occupants feel safer and more at ease.

Because of its affordable price, it is an excellent option for young couples considering having their first child.

I am starting at 21,360$.

4. Ford Galaxy Hybrid

The other primary wager comes from Ford, which produces the S-Max using the same chassis and powertrain.

And specifically, this engine, a 2.5-liter Duratec Atkinson FHEV with 190 horsepower and a CVT automatic transmission, is remarkable for its dependability.

The equipment and the finishes both have a high level of quality. We offer a hill start assist, sports seats that are adjustable in multiple ways, a trunk cover tray, and either dual-zone climate control or individual climate control for the rear seats.

We have options for ebony or leather upholstery and additional features like 18-inch alloy wheels and privacy glass.

We will significantly improve the functional safety features by utilizing the X package.

I am starting at 46,789$.

3. Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer

It is the Citroen Picasso of a lifetime and continues to be at the forefront of the competition regarding design and cost-effectiveness.

It possesses a very cutting-edge aesthetic, with fine lines that make it very distinctive in its appearance.

It has an intriguing lighting system consisting of three-level headlights and taillights with a three-dimensional LED effect.

The gasoline engine with a manual transmission equipped with the PureTech 130S&S designation is our best bet because it delivers 96 kW of power at a fuel economy of 6.2 liters per hundred kilometers.

And because they have worked hard to provide the occupants with the highest possible level of comfort, the interior is where this car shines.

From 23.900$.

2. Mercedes B-Class

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class was required to be included in this list.

We have the option of selecting either a diesel or gasoline engine, but we decided to go with the hybrid version of the B 250, which has a power output of 118 kW plus 75 kW or 160 hp plus 102 hp.

On the outside, it exudes pure sophistication and luxury. On the inside, we have a great deal of leeway to personalize the automobile (the heated steering wheel, which costs 211 dollars, is an absolute necessity).

And to round out the performance, the Premium Plus package that includes a sunroof, adaptive headlights, and seats equipped with lumbar support and memory settings can come to us very effectively.

From 33.750$, the most elementary form of it.

1. Seat Alhambra

Because the Seat Alhambra will no longer be produced after 2022, we must seize the opportunity to acquire one of the finest automobiles the Spanish manufacturer has ever produced.

It has been upgrading its hardware recently and boasts powerful engines (the same as the Volkswagen Sharan).

We could highlight its electric sliding side doors, its blind spot detector, or its Kessy System for keyless opening and starting. Still, without a doubt, the fact that it has a well-organized 2,430L interior makes it our favorite choice for 2021 to take the family wherever they want to go.

I am starting at 32,150$.

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