The 15 cheapest SUVs on the market, ranked by price and features

A new dynasty of automobiles has emerged, and they do not possess the speed of sports cars, the load capacity of minivans, the urbanite status of utility vehicles, nor do they possess the urbanite status of people who drive them.

However, they are held in higher esteem by the general public than any other kind of vehicle ever has been.

I’m sure none of you are confused about the topic: sport utility vehicles (Sport Utility Vehicle).

The 15 cheapest SUVs on the market, ranked by price and features

However, this is not the case, and we will demonstrate this point with a list of the 15 least expensive SUVs currently available on the market.

These imposing automobiles may give the impression that their prices are incredibly high, but this is not the case.

What exactly is an SUV?

The platforms upon which the fashionable cars are based originally belonged to other automobiles, but they have been modified to include the additional height and increased dimensions.

They have become wildcard cars. As a result, highly versatile vehicles do not have a defined function (they are both urban and mountain at the same time), but at the same time, they have a great personality.

We are discussing a vehicle that falls between the characteristics of a minivan and those of an SUV and, as a result, has contributed to a decrease in sales of these.

Because they do not have four-wheel drive or suspensions as high as those found on 4×4 vehicles, some people believe they are unsuitable for use on rough roads.

Some people think they’re too large to move around quickly in cities.

Others are dissatisfied with their high fuel consumption rate (the bigger they are, the more they spend).

Despite this, the interiors are very comfortable, and the vehicles are impressive, both highly valued by drivers.

Now that we have a good understanding of what they are, we will move on to the 15 items that are the least expensive on the market.

15. Ford Puma: beginning at 21.925 $

Although they refer to it as an SUV, we can only refer to it as the Ford Puma.

It is an outgoing vehicle designed to make the work of the driver, who is operating an SUV powered by a hybrid drivetrain, easier.

This vehicle is a favorite among those who enjoy the excitement of trying out new driving maneuvers because it has multiple driving modes that can be selected, as well as Ford Co-Pilot360 and other assistance systems that help you adjust acceleration, braking, or steering in certain situations.

14. Nissan Juke: from 21,700 $

The small coupe SUV offered by Nissan is a vehicle that is perfect for having fun. It can demonstrate its uniqueness by featuring some intriguing design notes.

But on the inside, we have to take this seriously: the UltraNearField speakers have revolutionized the world of audio because they have integrated into the front seats’ headrests and provide passengers with a sound that surrounds them in all directions.

The Nissan Juke’s benefits include a roomy cabin, adequate visibility, and floating dashboards.

It is a type of vehicle that has become very common on our roads, and there is a purpose behind its proliferation.

13. Starting at 19,350 $ for the Kia Stonic

It has seven years of experience, an 8.8 out of 10 grade from its customers, a striking and sporty design, two-toned exterior color, and a 1.0 T-GDI engine with 120 horsepower.

These are the things that make up its cover letter.

This alone would be sufficient for it to earn a spot as one of the best on the list; however, it also has a cabin that is tailored to the needs of the driver, a large amplitude, seven primary safety technologies in addition to other secondary ones, premium connectivity, and a sporty appearance.

Even though The Stonic hasn’t received much attention, it is an excellent product.

12. Starting at 18,990 $ for the Volkswagen T-Cross

His philosophy is that he is an independent thinker, and the fact of the matter is that any labels do not constrain this Navarra-built vehicle.

It’s a compact vehicle, which makes it perfect for leaving your mark on the urban landscape, but they’ve also designed it to be an industry leader in terms of comfort, making it an option for extended trips.

The seats have been designed to be as comfortable as possible, and if additional space is required, the co-seat driver or the entire back row can be removed (although the trunk capacity is already 455 liters).

Additionally, it comes equipped with ambient lighting as standard, and you can customize the trim to best suit your needs.

11. Peugeot 2008: starting at 17,550 $

The horizontal hood that sits above the wide chrome grille that features LED lights and headlights gives the vehicle an impressively ferocious appearance.

Since the electric version of the car has recently been introduced, some analysts believe it will be the future SUV.

They have placed many bets to provide drivers with an experience distinct from their competitors.

This includes the development of a new cockpit with user-friendly ergonomics, a compact steering wheel, a touch screen measuring 25.4 centimeters, and front instrument panels.

In addition, it is equipped with other innovative technologies that have been developed specifically for connectivity and safety.

10. Beginning at 17,100 $ for the SsangYong Tivoli

I Lov It is their slogan, which is Tivoli spelled backward.

And despite the unfortunate nature of the pun, we adore it. The fact that it is a substantial and sizeable vehicle gives the impression of power.

They have attended to the exterior particulars, such as the LED headlights on the front and rear of the car, the bumper, the brake light, and the mirrors.

You have the option of selecting one of three highly efficient engines: a gasoline G12T (128 hp), a gasoline G15T (163 hp), or a diesel D16T (136 hp) with the most recent generation of variable geometry turbochargers.

You have a wide variety of options for personalizing the interior.

9. Hyundai Kona: from 16,990 $

Hyundai unveils a brand new 48-volt hybrid that is described as having an “incredibly refined and elegant aesthetic” (very refined and with an elegant aesthetic).

With this redesign of the range, it has improved its safety thanks to advanced driving assistance systems, and its connectivity is excellent thanks to Bluelink, which allows you to control the car with your phone or by voice.

In addition, the range has been redesigned to improve its aesthetic appeal.

You can get up-to-the-minute information on traffic or the weather when you use LIVE services.

At long last, the brand-new engines and upgraded steering and suspension make for a serene and fluid driving experience.

8. Starting at 15,980 $ for the Renault Captur

A compact SUV that allows for complete personalization.

To begin, it has athletic lines that contribute to its overall sporty appearance.

You can then personalize the exterior by choosing different paints, mirrors, and interior protections.

You have customization options for the interior, including the dashboard, upholstery, color inserts, decorative bands, and armrests.

In addition, we can select from eight different models of ambient lighting and three distinct driving modes (Eco, Sport, and My sense).

It is one of the cars that can fool people into thinking it is a higher-end model, and it knows how to make the most of its strengths.

7. Starting at 15,900 $, the Fiat 500X

The Fiat brand is always iconic, and the 500X is not far behind. In this context, attractiveness and charisma are two sides of the same coin.

It includes air conditioning equipment, Lane Assist, a 17.7cm (7 “touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, light and rain assistant, a rear parking sensor, LED daytime running lights, and speed control, all standard features.

It is a beneficial automobile, and its body design makes it simple to drive and convenient to park.

6. Starting at 15,800 $ for the Opel Crossland X

The Mokka’s younger sibling, the Juke, has been redesigned to be a well-balanced automobile: Fans have been won over by the variety of engines it offers, the reasonable price point, and the clever use of interior space.

They have given great care and attention to the particulars, such as the fact that the seats have been raised and the amplitude that the occupants have been given. Four different finishes are available: Edition, GS Line, Business Elegance, and Ultimate.

The base model features LED headlights, a cruise speed of 16, and 16 “. The vehicle already has exciting features such as steel wheels and a rain sensor.

5. Suzuki Ignis: from 15,525 $

Another automobile that has, perhaps surprisingly, been met with a very positive reception.

We did not anticipate it happening not because it is a bad car (it is not) but rather because we were unsure as to whether or not people would want an ultra-compact SUV, which is, in fact, the only one that is currently available for purchase.

Indeed, the 1.2L Mild Hybrid that comes standard on the Ignis GLE draws excellent attention due to its iconic design.

With Suzuki’s SHVS system, the hybrid technology it developed has achieved good efficiency results.

If we go with the GLX trim level, we will be upgraded to a 4×4 design with viscous coupling.

This system will automatically transfer torque to the rear wheels whenever the front axle experiences a loss of traction.

4. Starting at 15,050 $ for the Seat Arona

Here at Motorbli, we can’t get enough of our teeny tiny Spanish SUV.

Simply put, it possesses the “aesthetic and personality worthy of a high-end car” (worthy of a high-end car”).

And despite its low price, it has a decent collection of accessories. For instance, we are discussing headlights entirely made of LEDs, a digital dashboard called a Cockpit, and a blind spot detector.

It received the highest score on the EuroNCAP test and has excellent connectivity and a wireless charger.

In a nutshell, it is a vehicle that is poised to become the dominant player in particular markets, such as the Spanish market, when applied in urban environments.

3. Starting at 11,950 $ for the Mahindra KUV100

If we want something that can go pulling, this car from an Indian manufacturer isn’t the best option because it’s one of the least expensive on the market, and we can’t expect a luxury vehicle from it.

However, it will serve its purpose. It was first introduced in 2018, a redesign is anticipated for 2022, and it is scheduled to be phased out in 2025.

We will have a car with air conditioning, two airbags, power steering, ISOFIX mounting points, a multifunction steering wheel with height adjustment, accompanying lights, a remote control, rear parking sensors, a Bluetooth connection, and a USB port in the meantime.

To reiterate, if there is nothing else we require, it should be able to serve our needs in the same manner as the Dacia Duster.

2. Starting at 11,800 $, the Citroen C3 Aircross

Although we can argue about which vehicle holds the throne, there is no denying that the C3 is the prince of the road.

They are present in every location, and those bearing the French brand know how to attract attention: 70 different color permutations!

Citroen has achieved a lot of success thanks to the fact that they provide a wide variety of options, such as the colors, the four engines, and all of the additional equipment so that the customer cannot stop customizing their vehicle.

And the four different interior settings! We could not mention all possible variants; therefore, you will need to discover them independently.

1. Starting at 11,600 $ for the Dacia Duster

It is incredible what Dacia has accomplished with their Duster model.

However, even though this manufacturer has been called out for producing automobiles that aren’t exceptionally high-quality, the public opinion regarding the Duster is unanimous: they adore it.

It is a highly affordable sport utility vehicle (SUV) that is quite simple by today’s standards; however, it performs exceptionally well.

It is available in either a 4×2 or 4×4 configuration, and thanks to its adaptability, it not only stands out in the city but also serves you well in the mountains. In addition to that, it is a pleasant and secure experience.

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