The 10 best “vans” on the market for living on your own

Who has never entertained the idea of vacationing in a camper van? This way of life or mode of transportation is a practice that is becoming increasingly common among drivers and users of all types. The camper van market is expanding.

As a result, the models being introduced to the market are becoming increasingly comprehensive, varied, and tailored to meet the requirements of a broader range of audiences.

The 10 best "vans" on the market for living on your own

The automotive industry is making strides forward, and the world of camping and caravanning is expanding rapidly.

Traveling from country to country in a motorhome is a practice that is already well established in Europe; however, in Spain, the camper phenomenon has burst with force, and it is said that the year 2021 could be the year in which the camper vans soar in our country.

In Spain, the camper phenomenon has burst with force.

A vehicle that can be used for traveling and sleeping, a camper is a popular mode of transportation that allows users to take their homes with them wherever they go.

You might be surprised to learn that this is not a motorhome.

No, the primary distinction is that a camper is a van customized from the ground up to suit the user’s preferences, beginning with the vehicle itself.

This constitutes a full-scale adaptation.

As mentioned earlier, converting or preparing vans so that people can live in them has been common in Europe for many years.

However, as a result of the severe actions that the government has taken to combat the coronavirus, citizens now avoid large crowds of people and vacations that are overbooked.

This is why an irruption is anticipated in the year 2021; society desperately needs clean air, the countryside, nature, sunshine, and lots of space. To summarize, the camper’s genetic makeup.

Which vehicles on the market can best be described as “vans”?

It is essential not to forget that if you are traveling in your van, you will not be required to pay for accommodations, and you will be able to travel with the house on your back without any issues.

This is one of the primary advantages of computerized vans and should not be forgotten.

In many countries, it is common practice to convert vans into campers or modify a vehicle so occupants can travel and live in the car.

In this article, we look at ten different camper vans available for purchase so that you can travel and live how and where you please.

1. Volkswagen California

There is no doubt that Volkswagen California is recognized as a benchmark among campers in its market segment. Its popularity among users is enhanced because it comes in two trim levels (ocean and beach).

The Beach model of the Volkswagen California has the spirit of a surfer ingrained in its DNA, which can be seen in all of its exterior finishes.

On the other hand, the Ocean model is more geared toward extended journeys.

The California Ocean provides us with first-rate amenities for our journeys, including a table, foldable chairs, a spacious bed created by the seats in the back, a roof that can be extended to create an additional bed, a kitchen with a sink, and a water tank, and even a shower cabin that can be installed in the back of the camper.

In addition to this equipment that enables us to carry the house on our backs, this model’s benefits are most remarkable.

It possesses multiple diesel engines with power ranging from 100 to 200 horsepower and can fit without any issues in the garage. The Volkswagen California begins at 44,300 dollars.

California is, in a nutshell, the evolution of the legendary Volkswagen Transporter.

It is a convenient camper with excellent equipment (if you want them included), a closed roof that enables you to park in any parking, and an engine that is very competitive in its segment.

And for those interested in learning more, Volkswagen has released the format of California in large volume (based on the Volkswagen Crafter): the Volkswagen Grand California.

This modified Crafter follows the same line as California and comes with equipment that makes it appear as though you are driving a floor with wheels rather than a van.

Nissan NV300 Camper is the runner-up.

Always keep a close eye on what the Japanese offer, even though they were the last country to enter the camper market.

The NV300 and the NV200 have been hampered by the Barcelona-based company BRAM technologies, and they stand out for their retro exterior line with two color options, wheels in a classic style, and a roof that folds down.

The interior is fully equipped with everything required for our stay, including swivel front seats that open up the cabin to provide additional space, rear seats that convert into a double bed, a kitchen with cabinets, a sink, a refrigerator, and more.

Its price (depending on the version) and the selected equipment start at about 30,000 dollars.

Its engines range in power from 95 to 145 horsepower, making it one of the most cost-effective models in this category.

3. The Nissan NV200 and the Nissan e-NV200 camper

If you typically travel alone or with only one other person, you probably do not require as much space as the Nissan NV300 offers. The NV200 and the e-NV200 (electric) are both models that Nissan offers.

And why have we chosen to highlight the NV200 rather than one of the other models?

The answer to this question is relatively straightforward.

In terms of the sizes of campers, the NV200 is classified as a small model, but it is one of the rare models that includes virtually the same amenities as a medium-sized model.

To put it another way, the NV200 is essentially the NV300 in a more condensed form because it has the same features as the NV300, including a lifting roof, a double bed, a table, a kitchen, a sink, and

Without a doubt, Nissan has made the most of the opportunity by launching a small camper market with the same amenities as the medium market.

In addition, they have introduced the e-NV200 Camper, a fully electric model with a power output of 109 horsepower and a driving range of 275 kilometers.

The motorization is entirely electric. To put it briefly, we can say that it is a camper that wants to be a caravan, and you can find this van for anywhere between 26,000 and 30,000 dollars, depending on whether it has an internal combustion engine or an electric engine.

4. Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo

Without a doubt, Volkswagen California’s chief competitor in the camper van market is none other than the Marco Polo. These two vehicles battle it out for the throne regularly.

The Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo is the marque’s crowning achievement in the market for cars of this category since it was first introduced.

Indeed, it does not have the same level of notoriety as the state of California; however, it has gradually been gaining ground and has managed to position itself as the natural alternative.

The Marco Polo highlights the ability to travel with all the comfort in the world, taking out the heavy artillery; this camper offers an elegant interior and sophisticated, high-quality finishes.

In addition, Marco Polo highlights the ability to travel with all the comfort in the world.

It is, in fact, a straightforward cabin that provides (by far) everything you require to travel and rest comfortably, regardless of the kind of trip you are taking.

To fully comprehend this, the interior of the Marco Polo exhales a luxurious fragrance and features refined wood and leather finishes.

In terms of its exterior design does not stand a chance of being as “cool” as California because it appears more like a passenger transport vehicle than a camper van “surfer” camperizada.

This makes it less likely to win over customers. The finishes are of premium quality, and the bodywork is designed in an almost sporty manner.

Lastly, it provides a performance slightly inferior to that of the Volkswagen California, but the difference is hardly noticeable.

The diesel engine offers a power range from 88 to 190 horsepower, which is more than sufficient power for any journey.

Starting at 42,900 dollars, the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo can be had for that amount.

5. Citron SpaceTourer (no apostrophe)

Following the positive response that the Citroen SpaceTourer Rip Curl received from the casual surfer audience, the audience for this vehicle was oriented to be 100%, casual surfers.

The French manufacturer had no choice but to commit to the Camper market and compete there fully.

Because of this, they decided to take the Rip Curl model and make it applicable to a broader range of people.

As a result, the SpaceTourer is one of the campers that provide greater versatility than the others because it is available in various configurations, including the Free, Sweet, Free with folding roof, Sweet with folding top, and Soul with folding roof models.

These kits range from 2,500 to 15,000 dollars, with the Sweet model being the most affordable and the Soul being the priciest.

The main advantage of the SpaceTourer over its rivals is that it is a camper van that can be configured in various ways and comes in both medium size (M) and large size (L).

As we have mentioned, the SpaceTourer has distinguished itself in the market thanks to its adaptable space and versatility (XL).

Because a BlueHDi four-cylinder turbo engine powers it, the adaptable Citroen SpaceTourer has a range of power from 115 to 180 horsepower.

This camper that can be used in various settings can be purchased on the market for 39,000 dollars.

6. A Ford Transit Custom Vehicle

Since its introduction in 1953, the Ford Transit van has become one of the best-known and best-selling commercial vehicles on the old continent, coming in second place only to the Volkswagen Crafter.

This well-known industrial model has been marketed by the American company Ford for some time now and has become one of the vehicles best suited to the camper phenomenon.

Primarily because they are industrial, they have a hefty load capacity, and the camper fits them like a glove.

In addition, it is a very adaptable van with excellent fuel economy and can provide a high level of safety for those riding inside of it.

In addition, the sixth generation of this van is currently one of the most appealing commercial vehicles available on the market.

Ford provides a computerization option, which can be found in certain dealerships. Although it does not have the same variety of possibilities as the Citroen SpaceTourer, it does provide good options, such as a raised roof and rear seats that can be converted into a double bed.

The Ford Transit is a camper classified as a medium-sized vehicle (M), with five seats for traveling and four chairs for sleeping.

It also has all of the necessary equipment to carry your house on your back, in addition to a generous amount of safety equipment from the manufacturer, such as SYNC connectivity, GPS, lane change assistant, adaptive cruise control, and so on.

Something analogous to what takes place at Volkswagen with Grand California also occurs at Ford.

You can find on the market the Ford Transit Westfalia Nugget, one of the reference motorhomes in the XL segment, and offers a model that is even better equipped and comes in an XL size if you are interested in this type of motorhome.

This model is highly competitive, well-known, and can be yours for the low price of 54,000 dollars if you want to make a life away from home.

7. Iveco Daily, number seven

We are not going to discuss the interiors of the Iveco Daily, its camper options (which are excellent), or its line, which can be described as being more or less adventurous.

Because it is a standard in the industry, the Iveco Daily probably reminds you of that well-known model of commercial vehicles. This is because the Iveco Daily is a reference point for the industry.

So, why is it even being considered for this classification, then?
It occurs in a manner comparable to the Ford Transit, but Iveco has not ventured quite as far into the world of computerization.

It is the perfect model to take as a basis for whole computerization, and the Iveco Daily is one of the best van models for campers, making it one of the best models overall.

The robustness of its frame, which has been synonymous with warranty and durability since its first generations in the 1980s, makes it strong and stands out in particular for its functionality and comfort.

When you get inside the Iveco Daily, you will first feel safe and strong on the road.

From here, you can let your imagination run wild in computerization because it is the perfect model to transform into a camper.

Therefore, if you do not have a very clear computerization but if you want to have a solvent model with guarantees on the road, having an Iveco Daily as a base is a perfect option that you could go with.

The propulsion power for models of the Iveco Daily ranges from 130 to 180 horsepower.

The price of an Iveco Daily can vary anywhere from 43,000 dollars to 60,000 dollars, depending on its performance.

8. Fiat Ducato

Famous for being the most significant commercial vehicle produced by the Italian brand Fiat, it is distinguished by the fact that it is a van with very hardy mechanical characteristics and very hardy engines.

Because the Fiat Ducato van shares its bodywork with other vehicles, including the Peugeot Boxer and the Citroen Jumper, all of these vehicles can be mentioned in the same breath as the Fiat Ducato.

One could say that these three models have achieved a great deal of success in the camperization industry, and within the market, they offer a diverse selection of camperization modes and accessories.

The width of these models, which measures 1.86 meters, enables us to lay the bed out in a horizontal position, which we feel deserves to be highlighted.

9. Opel Vivaro Life

The model with the fewest bells and whistles, but one that also has more valuable features.

We are obligated to point out that the Opel Vivaro Life is not designed to travel for extended periods of time or to transport your home on wheels.

However, it is the ideal size for sleeping away from home and can be easily stored in the parking space that you have available.

The following make up the various components of the interior of the Vivaro Life: The cabin has three rows of swivel seats that, when rotated, form a living room (possibly including a folding table); the fourth row, when turned, starts the bed, and the cabin has both heating and air conditioning.

Users who want to enjoy a get-away and live an adventure without carrying a “tank” of van will find that the Opel Vivaro Life is the ideal choice for their transportation needs.

It comes with a diesel engine that has a power range of 90 to 145 horsepower and can be purchased for a starting price of 36,000 dollars.

The 10 best "vans" on the market for living on your own

10. Volkswagen Transporter

We couldn’t wrap up this piece without mentioning the vehicle widely regarded as the “classic of classics”; it is the camper that served as the model for all subsequent iterations of the industry.

The Volkswagen Transporter, whose first generation debuted on March 8, 1950, is considered a benchmark because it enables people to successfully balance their professional and personal lives (mixed vehicle).

Have you ever heard of it before? From this multifunctionality both at work and at home, the camper world was born.

In the 1990s, the camper world underwent a revolution and a consecration as a type of vehicle thanks to the fourth generation of the Volkswagen Transporter.

This revolution allowed users to take much better advantage of the space behind the car (load), which has evolved to the present day with the Volkswagen California and Grand California.

There will never be another camper van like the iconic Volkswagen Transporter, which holds the title of “mother of all campers.”

Its layout is already the history of the car fleet, and just by looking at it, and it communicates the spirit of throwing you to make miles on the road.

Many people who enjoy the outdoors, particularly mountaineers and surfers, consider this the best camper van available.

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