4 secrets of the SUV everyone is talking about: the Renault Arkana

The world of automobiles is in a continual state of upheaval due, among other things, to the climate emergency that the planet is currently going through and the fact that vehicles are primarily responsible for causing this emergency.

Additionally, the preferences and requirements of customers have developed over quite some time to reach this point.

4 secrets of the SUV everyone is talking about: the Renault Arkana

In order to determine whether or not the preceding information is accurate, it is a good idea to conduct an in-depth analysis of the Renault Arkana, the most recent SUV to be released by the French brand and which provides a lot of material for discussion.

To understand everything that surrounds this model and makes it unique, it is necessary to be aware of several hidden secrets of significant importance.

As the Spanish translation of its name itself indicates (which comes from the Latin arcanus), it conceals several secrets of great importance.

The factors that contributed to the success of the Renault Arkana

In light of what has already been discussed in the introduction, it is now time to zero in on the specifics that have established the Arkana as a benchmark in the automotive industry and as one of the people’s most beloved vehicles:

1. An innovative idea

The first thing that you need to be aware of to comprehend the excitement that the Renault Arkana has generated is the fact that this “represents a new way of understanding a car, dating from 2018, with a coupe silhouette” (that has come, it seems, to SUV models to stay and that stands out, especially at the rear”); this is the first thing that you need to comprehend to comprehend the fever that the Renault Arkana has aroused.

However, the trend is shifting, and it no longer appears that this will be limited to the higher price points.

This concept is put into action by a few components: a sculpted high waist and the elevations in the lower part of the doors.

These elevations have been a part of the signature of the rhombus ever since the Clio first debuted them in 2012, and they have continued to develop ever since.

The protections available in the front and rear and the passage of the wheels give their appearance an adventurous touch; the sloping line of its roof and the curved glass surface reinforce that touch coupe previously mentioned with a design that extends to the tailgate.

Its grille, located next to the large and recognizable Renault logo, is surrounded by chrome details and trim.

At the bottom, it has a bumper that gives the impression of dynamism due to the air intake.

Something visible in the rear area with a stripe stretched across the width of the tailgate is also visible in the front room with the LED lighting headlights that form the already recognizable C-shape that indicates that this is a Renault of the previous generation.

Chrome components, such as the molding of the windows, the protections above located next to the doors on each side, and the front fender trim, all contribute to the vehicle’s quality and beauty.

This also helps to contribute to the color palette that makes each of the design values shine with their light, as this vehicle can be found in up to seven different colors, including white with opacity, pearl white, black, tornado gray, Zanzibar blue, red desire, and orange Valencia (the latter exclusive to the range R.S. Line).

The French company offers the possibility of having the finish of the R. S. Line, which is inspired by the sporty air that usually accompanies him for a long time, as well as the legendary Megane R.S., to customers who prefer something more sporty.

Only one color, Valencia orange, is offered for purchase.

In addition to the metallic and black lacquered details that serve as a finishing touch to the bodywork, it also has a small aerodynamic slat.

Valencia orange was mentioned in the paragraph before this one.

Specific features include the front bumper and Silverstone wheels, which have red accents.

An R.S. Line badge serves as a point of interest on the fin trim, and behind it is a double exhaust pipe exit with a chrome finish and dark metal protection. Both of these features are novelties.

2. technology adapted from the Formula One racing series

In terms of its mechanized framework, there is a combination of a gasoline engine with a capacity of 1.6 liters and an electric motor that, when combined, can produce 145 horsepower.

Nevertheless, there is yet another electrified that is born of the inspiration that, in turn, has meant for Renault its presence in the world of Formula 1.

And this third actor is responsible for recovering energy and fulfilling a role in a multimode gearbox, which eliminates the need for a clutch and a synchronizer during the mode change.

This engine can produce up to 15 combinations, and it is responsible for monitoring how the other two engines work.

As a result, two ratios are utilized: one long and one short, and some gears in the middle that facilitate the most efficient operation of the gearbox.

In addition to these, it has a lithium-ion battery that is tucked away in the trunk and provides the additional energy that is required.

This battery has a capacity of 1.2 kilowatts and is guaranteed to last for eight years or 160,000 kilometers driven.

As for consumption, the French manufacturer claims that their vehicles record an average of 4.8 liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers traveled in the combined cycle.

Their CO2 emissions are estimated to be 111 grams per kilometer.

3. An interior that combines comfort and elegance in equal measure

As soon as the door to the passenger compartment is opened, it is immediately apparent that passenger convenience and professional presentation are given priority over everything else.

The contoured line that it presents, the leather that was used for the upholstery of the seats, the chrome finishes that look like several different components, and the ergonomic architecture of the dashboard thanks to its soft foam lining and a decorative band that was differentiated with varying levels of finish are all evidence of this.

The rising demand of the general public has resulted in the placement of the driver’s seat being raised to a more comfortable height.

Following the steering wheel is an instrument panel in the form of a color screen with a different number of inches depending on the version that is selected (4.2, 7, or 10.2), to which is added another located in the center that can contain 7 or 9.3 inches and has the honor of being one of the display surfaces with the more significant extension of its range.

In addition, the latter model features a large amount of storage space, within which an integrated induction charging system for mobile devices can be found, as well as numerous side compartments for storing objects, such as the charging net on the front passenger side.

In addition to a wireless charging port, the Arkana has four USB sockets (two on the front and two on the back), which can be used to power electronic devices.

This is an important feature to take note of. Nor should we ignore the large storage capacity of the compartments of the doors, as they can protect bottles of a liter and a half in size, and that is extendable to the trunk thanks to the 480 liters that can be accommodated, which increases to 513 in the case of micro hybrids.

In the back, there is a ceiling clearance figure of 86.2 centimeters, making it feel much more spacious than it appears outside. This isn’t easy to imagine when looking at it from the outside.

The footwell has 305 millimeters of space, so you won’t have to worry about being cramped there, either.

This comfort is also reflected in the center headrest, which can be removed, the adjustable air intake visible on the rear panel of the center console, and the air purifier that is a part of the vehicle’s automatic climate control system.

The large glazed surface area ensures that the interior will be bright, but this can be increased if the customer prefers a practicable sunroof.

Concerning the upholstery, it is essential to note that the first level of finish features a high-quality fabric; however, in the higher level seats, this coexists with a leatherette, and there is even the option to select leather as the material instead.

4. Three different modes of driving and a high degree of autonomy

When he gets behind the wheel of a Renault Arkana, the driver will have the opportunity to choose between three distinct driving modes, namely: My Sense is a mode that allows for the manual configuration of driving, ambient lighting, comfort, and sound within the vehicle (although it does vary depending on the version); Eco is a mode that aims to reduce fuel consumption as much as possible through smooth steering, engine management, gearbox, and climate control that is used only when necessary; and Sport is a mode that allows for the harnessing of the power of the engine at the expense of firmer steering.

My Sense is available in all versions of the vehicle.

The battery is designed to function in such a way that it, on the one hand, stores enough energy to allow the vehicle to travel four kilometers in electric mode at a maximum speed of approximately 75 kilometers per hour and, on the other hand, is recharged every time the vehicle brakes using the power of the heat engine that has not yet been depleted.

According to the diamond brand, this energy contribution can save up to forty percent compared to the equivalent of a conventional thermal engine.

Autonomy attracts strong attention, even though it is only theoretical.

This is shown by the on-board computer when the fuel tank is complete with its capacity of 50 liters, and this is something that was corroborated in a test that Renault conducted, which consisted of a city tour that was conducted primarily in the city’s center, as well as by ring roads at a typical speed.

The fact that it consumed five liters on average lends credence to the assertions made by the brand.

At what cost can one purchase a Renault Arkana from a dealer?

The response to this question is complex because it depends on the type of finish you want: The Intense can be purchased for approximately 28,480 $, the Zen raises it slightly with its price of 30,500 $ and the R.S.

The line expands it even more, if possible, with its cost of 33,200 $ while sporting a more athletic appearance.

However, you can get it if you finance it over two years at a rate of 179 $ per month.

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