Features and prices of Toyota bZ4X 2022

Car brands need to break out of their comfort zones to meet the essential requirement of complying with sustainability regulations centered on protecting the environment.

Increasing the number of vehicles in its catalog that run on different kinds of energy presents an excellent opportunity for the company.

It helps them diversify their services and products, so there are benefits.

Features and prices of Toyota bZ4X 2022

And Toyota is well aware of this fact; with the introduction of the bZ4X, the company makes its first foray into the world of fully electric vehicles.

This fact marks the beginning of a new era for the Japanese manufacturer and provides a glimpse of what may be produced by its factory in the future.

Will it live up to expectations? What novel aspects does it seek to introduce? To clear up any confusion, we will examine it along the following lines.

In-depth examination of the Toyota bZ4X

After introducing our main character, it is time to move on to the nougat and talk in-depth about the various aspects that characterize it.

These aspects include its exterior design, the mechanical structure it contains, the internal equipment it offers, the price at which it can be obtained, and a brief comparison with a comparable model with which it “competes” in the market.

1. Exterior design

The Toyota bZ4X is an SUV that belongs to the D segment and is currently immersed in its first generation.

It is the first electric vehicle the Japanese automaker has marketed on a large scale. It is also important to note that it is designed to be the pioneer car of the sub-brand Beyond Zero, which is entirely and solely concentrated on battery electrics.

It is based on an innovative BEV platform based on the e-TNGA philosophy.

It integrates the battery into the chassis to achieve high rigidity levels, a balanced weight distribution between the two axles, and a low center of gravity.

Its appearance combines sportiness, modernity, personality, elegance, and toughness in one cohesive package.

The goal here is to set this vehicle apart from the rest of the lineup and the other competitors it faces in its particular segment of the automotive market.

This is through dimensions of 1.86 meters in width, 1.65 meters in height, and 4.69 meters in length.

These dimensions require the addition of a wheelbase measuring 2.85 meters, which gives the interior space for five people.

The fall of the roof is accentuated from the area of the rear passengers to the trunk, which contains a luggage capacity of 452 liters, giving it the appearance of a coupe while still providing ample space for passengers.

Its front end has an odd hammer shape and very thin headlights and position lights that run across the width of the vehicle.

It also powerfully attracts attention because its roof can be equipped with an optional solar panel.

This additional feature goes beyond the realm of the merely aesthetic because it absorbs the energy from the sun and converts it into electricity to charge the car’s battery, regardless of whether the vehicle is turned on or off.

It can store “enough energy over a year to travel 1,800 kilometers,” as stated by Toyota itself.

On the sides, there is a low waistline, substantial front pillars, and certainly prominent wheel arches, accompanied by tires that can reach 20 inches in diameter and are very close to the corners of the body.

Additionally, the main wheel is arched on the back of the vehicle.

In the trunk area, the emphasis is placed on highlighting the edges, for which the pilots run the entire car width.

Additionally, the vehicle has a kind of rear diffuser, a slanted window, a roof spoiler split in two, and another shaped like a “ducktail.”

2. Mechanical structure

The driver can choose between two different configurations for this vehicle: one with front-wheel drive and one with all-wheel purpose.

The initial iteration features an engine with a power output of 150 kW, equivalent to 204 hp, and a maximum torque of 256 Nm.

It can achieve a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour and accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 8.4 seconds.

It is essential to point out that both have lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 71.4 kWh.

This gives the vehicle the ability to have a homologated range greater than 450 kilometers when measured using the WLTP cycle.

The other vehicle has motors with a combined 80 kW of independent power distributed across the front and rear axles.

Together, they can produce approximately 217.5 horsepower, have a maximum torque of 336 Nm, and provide quicker acceleration, as the vehicle can go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 7.7 seconds.

It has the same maximum speed, 160 kilometers per hour, but its range is significantly less, coming in at 420 kilometers.

When recharging the batteries, it is possible to do so at powers of up to 11 kW in alternating current through a Mennekes connector type 2 or up to 150 kW if we use a CCS connector that operates on direct current. It is important to note that Toyota guarantees that the battery will degrade by less than 10% over the first ten years or the first 160,000 kilometers driven by the vehicle.

In any case, the Toyota bZ4X includes, as standard, a heating system equipped with a heat pump to achieve a certain level of energy efficiency.

However, there is also the option of the previously mentioned roof with solar panels, which was discussed in the section about the exterior design before this.

Because several of this sister company’s vehicles are equipped with the X-Mode technology, it is easy to spot Subaru’s influence on this automobile’s design.

When traveling on slippery surfaces, such as mud or snow, up to a speed of 20 kilometers per hour, it adapts the traction control to the engine torque that reaches the wheels.

3. Interior equipment

The interior of the passenger compartment gives off the impression of modernity but does so without compromising on a functional approach.

It can also boast of having ample space.

A large floating-look touchscreen console in the center that divides the available space between the driver and co-driver to lead the infotainment system is one of the elements that has helped it stand out from the rest of the Toyota family in this regard.

Another element is a seven-inch instrument cluster positioned further back than is customary in comparison to the driver.

These elements have helped it differentiate itself from the rest of the Toyota family.

It brings significant focus and attention to its commitment to the steering system.

One Motion Grip is rectangular and uses an electronic steering system, eliminating the need for a direct physical connection between the front tires and the steering wheel.

According to Toyota, the goal is to provide easier and smoother handling by eliminating the need to cross arms when turning.

This is possible given that it can go from one stop to the other with approximately 150 degrees of bending.

On the other hand, due to the European Union’s regulations, this will not be coming to the continent of Europe.

However, among the materials, the absence of luxury is strikingly noticeable, which explains why hard plastics are so prevalent, even though there is an abundance of packaging and surplus amplitude.

This latter aspect is highlighted by the fact that the rear seats provide a significant amount of legroom despite having a completely level floor with them.

As for driving, [strong]provides the option of operating the vehicle with only one pedal; this makes it possible to accelerate and brake while using the same pedal, and according to the Japanese company, promotes energy regeneration when braking.

There is an option known as XMODE that comes standard with the all-wheel drive model that allows the vehicle’s handling to be customized depending on the environmental conditions.

Adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistant, blind spot sensor, cross-traffic detector, intelligent high beam assistant, and the emergency braking are some available driver assistance features.

4. The Cost

If they are going to meet what I said, Toyota Spain to put it at the same height as the RAV4 Plug-In, we are talking about it could be located around about 49,500 dollars, we are talking about when talking about the budget that the user has to keep to get this car.

It is important to note that the price it will have is not yet known, but if they are going to meet what I said, Toyota Spain will put it at the same height as the RAV4.

5. Competitive alternatives in the market

After providing you with information regarding everything that the Toyota bZ4X has to offer to those who are fortunate enough to afford it, it is time to broaden your perspective by putting the spotlight on a vehicle that competes in the same market segment as it does.

At this time, we have decided to go with the Kia EV6.

Features and prices of Toyota bZ4X 2022

Kia EV6

At first glance, this crossover has a quality that could be described as reminiscent of the future.

Furthermore, in contrast to what we’ve seen in our main character, the LED lights on this vehicle extend to the wheel arches, giving it an intimidating appearance.

What they have in common is the color contrast produced by the black insert that serves as the C-pillar in both of their vehicles.

While the Toyota only has front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, this vehicle has all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive in its mechanical configuration.

Its automatic offer is more varied because it comes in a more significant number of versions.

Its batteries can take advantage of a greater capacity due to its 77.4 kWh, even though they also have another 58 kWh.

On the inside, it is constructed of high-quality materials, although the seats are made of recycled plastic rather than skins like some other high-end brands.

It is also spacious, but technologically it has a different concept thanks to its two screens of 12.3 inches each that have been arranged in such a way that they look like one.

These screens are the Head-Up Display and the net for the infotainment system.

As a result of the fact that its base market price is comparable to the one we have chosen as a point of reference for the RAV4, we have concluded that, for tastes and colors.

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