Features and price of Toyota Corolla 2022

When a specific automobile model is one of the most popular sellers in a particular market for a specific reason, it is possible to attribute this phenomenon to the adaptability that compact cars provide and the favorable cost-to-benefit ratio they provide to the vehicle’s driver.

This is the situation with the Toyota Corolla, which has sold millions of units since its first generation appeared on the market and will be updated with new features for the coming year.

Features and price of Toyota Corolla 2022

Because of all these reasons, Motorbli is going to devote this new article to talking about the characteristics and price of the Japanese car to show what makes this vehicle different from being so quoted always, which goes beyond what has already been said up to this point.

Explore the full range of capabilities offered by the Toyota Corolla in 2022

After the introduction given earlier, it is now time to move on and discuss everything that the Toyota Corolla has to offer in terms of its exterior design, mechanical structure, interior equipment, price, and other comparable models with which it can compete.

1. Exterior design

The dimensions presented are encrypted as 4.37 meters in length, 1.79 meters in width, and 1.46 meters in height. In addition, the wheelbase is set at 2.64 meters.

It is important to note that it comes in not one, not two, but three distinct body styles: five-door, family Touring Sport, and Sedan.

One of the new features is the availability of multiple color options for specific models, such as the Iceberg Pearl White and Agate Grey, which will replace the Pearl White and Silver previously available for the Touring Sports Hatchback and the Touring Sports.

The Sedan, on the other hand, can also come in Pearl White, Silver, or Diamond Grey color schemes.

An angular front that combines curved lines, a small bumper and a large grille is noted to provide a plus in the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance.

The front and the rear of the vehicle have LED headlights, and the end of the car has daytime running lights.

In contrast to the other side, this one has a sizable bumper and two fake exhaust outlets on the back of the vehicle.

All of this is being done to modernize the design compared to how it was previously.

Regarding the tires, the entry-level models have a diameter of 15 inches, the sedan models have 17 inches, and the GR Sports models have an 18-inch diameter.

To wrap up this section, the maximum amount of luggage stored in its trunk is 368 liters; however, this capacity cannot be increased because the middle row of its rear seats does not fold down.

Its TNGA platform appears to prevent swaying in the curves, which can make driving more difficult.

2. Mechanical framework

In contrast to the Sedan, which is only available in a single body style, this car’s hatchback and estate versions typically come in two distinct structures.

It is important to note that the 125H (Active Tech, Touring Sports, and Sedan) is the most miniature power hybrid vehicle.

This model is powered by a four-cylinder gasoline engine that generates 98 horsepower and 142 Nm maximum torque.

This engine works in tandem with an additional electric motor that produces 53 kW.

Together, they deliver a maximum power output of 122 horsepower and a maximum torque output of 142 Newton meters.

It utilizes a transmission that is an automatic transmission with continuously variable gearing (CVT).

The gasoline engine in the model that represents the range’s pinnacle is a 1.8-liter unit, as seen in the prototype.

Which, in turn, supplies 152 horsepower and 190 Newton meters of torque, in addition to being coupled with another electric unit to provide the vehicle with 180 horsepower collectively in addition to those 190 Newton meters of torque already mentioned.

Both, it should be noted, are equipped with continuous variation gearboxes and have the ability to brag about having the ECO label from the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT).

The WLTP cycle’s homologated consumption is lower than five liters for every one hundred kilometers traveled.

3. The furnishings and fittings located within the space

There are up to seven trim levels, including Active Tech, Style, Business, Business Plus, GR Sports, Advance, and Advance Luxury.

The cabin’s interior is where the evolutions are more palpable, and the vehicle has seen the most significant changes. The two brand-new multimedia systems incorporated are the Toyota Smart Connect and the PRO. The first option is included as standard on the Style trim, while the second option can be added to any trim level and comes with a fifty percent more powerful processor than the one it replaces. Nevertheless, it is more practical to proceed by parts.

The Smart Connect is operated through a touch screen eight inches in size, which is a novelty given that it previously had buttons on the sides.

Additionally, it has a SIM card built inside of it and can boast greater power than its predecessor.

Cloud navigation and continuous information about the traffic situation surrounding the user are also included.

It should be noted that it comes with the brand’s connectivity services for the first four years; after that, a subscription is needed to continue using them.

This information should be added.

No shortage of virtual assistants can be used with voice control over the said system.

In addition, other features are linked exclusively to the automobile, such as opening and closing the windows.

What does not change is its compatibility with Android and Apple systems to associate with smartphones of each manufacturer, even though the former is wired while the latter is wireless in the case of the second.

The advantage that the PRO brings, in addition to the incredible speed already mentioned, is based on sophisticated navigation with integrated maps, warnings of the presence of fixed radars, and impending storms that are about to take place.

All of these features are included. The Style Plus and the GR Sport Plus are available if you want more parts and accessories.

Regarding the seats, you should provide upholstery made of fabric and synthetic leather to ensure the highest level of comfort possible for the driver and the passengers.

To conclude this section, it is essential to point out that it provides driving aids that are more sensitive than in the past.

These driving aids include an adaptive cruise control system that has a great touch regarding smooth acceleration and braking and a lane change warning system that emits sounds that can even be a little annoying.

In addition, it features an all-wheel drive; an anti-lock braking system activated in an emergency, and three different driving modes: ECO, Sport, and EV.

The ECO mode balances high performance and low fuel consumption (electric driving).

4. The Cost

At best, it is possible to obtain one for somewhere in the neighborhood of 21,600 $, which is the price tag associated with the Tech access version.

With a starting price of 23,100 $, the Style doesn’t require much more.

The GR Sport takes the next step up with a price of 26,700 $, and the Advance Luxury represents the pinnacle with a price of 30,850 $.

However, there are financing options available through the Toyota Easy Plus program.

These options include a four-year warranty and maintenance and can be purchased for a monthly rate of 160 $ for the Active Tech, 195 $ for the Touring Sports, and 235 $ for the Sedan.

What other automobiles does the Toyota Corolla 2022 compete with?

As a result of recent events and the features offered by the Toyota Corolla, it is time to broaden our perspectives and make a quick comparison between it and other models in its segment that could be considered its competitors in the market.

KIA Ceed

Additionally, one of the South Korean manufacturer’s best-selling models, such as the KIA Ceed, will receive a redesign from the company shortly.

That renewal intends to carry out includes a plug-in hybrid version for its family body with a combined power between its engines of 141 horsepower power that surpasses the access of the protagonist but falls short of the most equipped structure in this regard.

On the other hand, it distinguishes itself by having zero emissions.

Because it has a maximum engine torque of 265 Nm, it a priori provides superior performance on the road.

In its MHEV version, the trunk has a capacity of approximately 357 liters, rising to 395 liters in normal thermal mode; however, its compartments are expandable, unlike the Corolla’s, so that they significantly exceed the 361 liters that were discussed earlier.

Their seats are also more careful but are also heated, and it has dual-zone climate control.

Among the equipment included in its interior and driving assistance is a rear camera to reverse that can be activated even at low speed.

Because they are available in a more significant number of variations and finishes, their prices span a more comprehensive price range, which begins at 19,800 $.

Concept 1.0 T-GDI, producing 120 horsepower and topping out at 33,775 $1.6 T-GDI Eco-dynamics GT, is the sportier of the two models with 204 horsepower from a 1.6 T-GDI Eco-dynamics engine.

A pricing policy is very similar, with the differences denoted by specifics regarding the equipment and driving aids available.

I have high hopes that this article providing an analysis of the Toyota Corolla 2022 has served its readers in helping them comprehend the hook that this automobile has in our nation, or who knows if you already know who will be your next traveling companion. We’ll talk to you in the following.

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