Features and price of DS4 2022

There are currently a growing number of manufacturers devoting resources to producing luxurious sports utility vehicles (SUVs), or at the very least, making them a central component of their product lineup.

In the quest to be at the forefront of trends and requirements in the automotive industry, premium brands are no exception, and a model of one of these brands will be discussed in the upcoming lines of this brand-new Motorbli entry.

Features and price of DS4 2022

The DS4 is the compact offering from the luxurious French marque that is part of the Stellantis group.

It debuted on the market in 2021, and its creators have determined that the product must be able to handle the volume of sales it will experience in the years to come while also being capable of competing with the most successful products in its industry.

It is not up to the driver to decide whether they will achieve it; however, the possibilities it offers the driver will either help or prevent him from attaining that achievement.

A breakdown of the DS4 using the 5 keys

After providing some background information on the topic as part of the introduction, it is time to get down to business and discuss everything the DS4 has to offer a driver considering purchasing it.

The exterior design, the mechanical structure, the internal equipment, the price at which it can be obtained, and a comparison with another model that can be considered it’s rival in the market will all receive the bulk of the attention, as is customarily done in these situations.

1. Exterior design

When discussing the DS4, one is discussing a vehicle that emphasizes design, technology, and engines that are both fuel-efficient and electrified and come in as many as three distinct configurations.

It is currently in the middle of its second generation, which first saw the light of day in 2021.

The first generation appeared in 2011.

It measures 4.40 meters in length, 1.83 meters in width, and 1.47 meters in height, and its body is an attempt to combine the characteristics of a crossover vehicle with those that define a conventional five-door compact, which requires an additional figure of 2.67 meters for the wheelbase to be added.

The introduction of characteristics of SUVs denotes this vehicle’s evolution from its first to its second generation.

These characteristics include a large grille on the front of the car, accompanied by slim headlights and vertical LED strips that lend it an air of modernity.

If you take a closer look at the front, you can see that it was designed with the DS Aero Sports Lounge prototype in mind.

This can be deduced from the aforementioned vertical grille that features a diamond mesh in the DS logo area.

The headlights, in this instance, provide the DS Matrix LED Vision system. This system combines matrix lighting with directional lighting.

The daytime running lights include 98 LEDs arranged in two rows across the front of the vehicle.

In the upper region, they are accompanied by an elongated hood, and in the lower part, they are accompanied by a bumper with sculpted lines.

The heavyweight C-pillar is worth mentioning on the sides because it is synonymous with extra solidity.

Additionally, the body sheet metal features a multitude of sharp creases and counter creases throughout.

There is a predominance of fluid and defined lines in general, as well as flush door handles, a variety of wrinkles in the upper portion of the waist, and marked lines in the lower section of the doors.

It is important to note that this component is finished with a piece of black plastic that serves as a protector and lends it the appearance of a crossover.

The roof displays an inevitable fallback in the C-pillar that leads to a muscular rear, with horizontal optics joined with a skinny strip that expresses width through angular and marked lines that, as we have already seen, are replicated in the rest of the bodywork.

This leads to a muscular rear with horizontal optics joined with a skinny strip that expresses width, with flat optics with a thin strip that says width.

The two exhaust outlets are contained within the slight gloss black diffuser that can be found further down.

As was stated at the outset, there are three distinct variations: the standard, the Cross, and the Performance Line.

The second of these reflect the visual style of SUVs, with a black finish for the bumpers and lower body areas, upper frames of the side windows and grille in gloss black, the same as the roof, distinctive wheels, and longitudinal bars.

In addition, there is a bar that runs longitudinally through the middle of the vehicle.

You can purchase the Advanced Traction Control system, which comes with settings for sand, snow, and mud, in addition to Hill Assist Descent Control.

The Performance Line, on the other hand, comes with a black finish and a black pack that can be found in the taillights, grille, and side window frames.

Additionally, the Performance Line has unique wheels.

This expertise is carried over to the interior, which features essential areas covered in Alcantara, seats with an exceptionally high density, and a steering wheel adorned with a piece of forged carbon.

2. Mechanical framework

The following is the breakdown of the engine options for the DS4: a gasoline engine with a 1.2-liter PureTech turbocharger that produces 130 horsepower, a diesel engine with a 1.5-liter BlueHDi turbocharger that produces 130 horsepower, and a plug-in hybrid E-TENSE that generates 225 horsepower when combined with its gasoline and electric motors.

Each is equipped with a torque converter automatic gearbox with eight forward speeds and front-wheel drive as standard.

If you focus on the plug-in hybrid, you will notice that it combines a gasoline engine with a power output of 180 horsepower (1.6 PureTech) and an electric motor with a power output of 110 horsepower (81.2 kWh), resulting in 225 horsepower total.

As is customary in such situations, it comes with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 13.2 kWh.

It can store enough power for a single charge to allow for travel of 50 kilometers.

Because of this, the Directorate General of Traffic has given it the Zero Emissions (DGT) title.

It is essential to point out that it was constructed using the most recent iteration of the EMP2 platform developed by the Stellantis group.

As a result, it features a monocoque with a tail chord that measures 34 meters and a more significant number of welding points, both of which contribute to the increased rigidity of the structure.

3. Interior equipment

A three-spoke multifunction steering wheel can be found inside the cabin of the DS4, and just behind it is a digital instrument cluster that coexists with a Head-Up display with a 21-inch field of view and projects all of the vital information from the dashboard and the central screen onto the windshield.

This prevents the driver from having to take their eyes off the road for any reason.

Next to them and in the middle of the television set is an infotainment system called the DS IRIS SYSTEM. It has a screen measuring 10 inches and another 5 inches below it.

In general, you should prioritize quality over quantity when selecting materials.

Some quality materials include leather, Alcantara, wood, and forged carbon.

The dashboard provides a sense of continuity by linking up with the door panels, which contributes to the overall appearance of two tones.

Its invisible aerators in the center, which are called DS AIR, its air purification system, its active suspension that adapts thanks to a camera that analyzes the road, its Matrix LED headlights with a central module that can rotate 33.5 degrees to provide better lighting in curves, and its FOCAL ELECTRA sound system of 690 watts and 14 speakers with acoustic side windows all draw attention to the vehicle.

In any event, the distinction between the various trim levels is made by the presence of multiple components and options for both the driver and the passengers.

4. The Price

With everything it offers and can come to deliver depending on the chosen finish and version, the DS4 can be found on the market for anywhere from about 28,800 dollars, which corresponds to the 130 hp PureTech 1.2 engine and base finish, all the way up to 51,150 dollars, which is the case with the E-TENSE because it has a 225 hp engine and all of the extras.

5. Competitor in the industry

After going over everything there is to know about our main character, it is time to make a quick comparison between it and one of its rivals.

This time around, we’ve decided to go with the Mercedes A-Class.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

This star brand compact belongs to the D segment and has more generations behind it than the DS4, as it has been manufactured since 1997, making it four years older than the current generation.

Its rugged appearance can be deduced from its dimensions of 4.42 meters in length, 1.79 meters in width, and 1.44 meters in height.

It has proportions that establish it as a car that is longer, narrower, and lower than the compact vehicle produced by the French company.

The mechanical offer’s structure, which includes gasoline, diesel, and plug-in hybrid units, and how it scales power levels are very similar.

On the other hand, the transmission can have a broader range of variations; there are seven and eight-gear automatic gearboxes and six manual gearboxes.

The same thing happens with the traction, which results in the A 200 diesel engine being available with both front and total.

It is important to note that even though the sedan comes in two different body styles, some variants have even more power.

The concept that predominates inside the cabin is the same as outside, with high-quality materials and a vast technological repertoire that enables a great deal of customization via upholstery, moldings, and LED lighting.

This concept can be found throughout the cabin.

It has a more excellent mechanical and bodywork variety, which means that it moves in the broader price range, which means that several of the versions are priced at higher amounts.

In addition, it has a broader price range than its predecessor.

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