Features and price of Cupra Ateca 2022

Cupra has been running its business on its own for some time now, independently from its parent company, Seat.

A strategy employed by the Martorell family that aims to enhance the driving experience of customers, in particular by emphasizing the sporty nature of the vehicles more than in the past, as well as a modernization that enables the company to position itself with an identity that is distinct from the one that has always distinguished it.

Features and price of Cupra Ateca 2022

In order for this to be translated into a financial success, the Cupra Ateca was the first model to emerge from its bowels.

This model will be subjected to an in-depth analysis along the following lines.

What measure accomplishes what we discussed in the paragraph before this one? If you want to understand it better, you should read on.

An examination of the Cupra Ateca

As soon as we have provided a brief introduction to the Cupra Ateca, it is time to move on to the nougat, for which we will talk about the five aspects that we typically deal with when reviewing vehicles: the exterior design, the mechanical structure, the internal equipment, the price, and a comparison to another similar model that you could call a “rival” in the market.

1. Exterior design

To begin, it is essential to make it abundantly clear that the vehicle in question is a compact SUV that is classified as belonging to the segment C and that possesses the following dimensions: The length is 4.38 meters, the width is 1.84 meters, and the height is 1.61 meters.

In addition to this, there is a wheelbase that is approximately 2.63 meters in length.

This allows the passenger compartment to accommodate about five people comfortably.

It is also important to note that it is derived from the Seat, with which it shares its nomenclature.

As a result, it is regarded as the unit most suited for athletic use among these.

It is based on the MQB modular platform, widely used in cars produced by various companies that are part of the Volkswagen group, such as the Golf, the Audi A3, and the Skoda Karoq.

This platform is shared by the vehicle.

The front end was given an entirely new design in the most recent update it received in 2020, which also momentarily coincided with the redesign that its relative received simultaneously.

This update resulted in the bumper getting a new appearance and new Full LED headlights being installed.

Its upper grille is designed in the shape of a honeycomb, and it features a chrome finish on the grille’s frame and the brand logo in the middle.

Looking a little lower, we can see a diffuser made of dark aluminum at the bottom.

In this region, it was also possible to see a large set of alloy wheels in a good viewing position in addition to an exhaust system with four outputs.

If we move to the sides, we can see that the moldings on the sides have a glossy dark finish.

This is also the case with the longitudinal bars on the roof and the rearview mirrors, which house the welcome lights that project the Cupra logo onto the ground.

However, there is also the possibility of equipping machined wheels Sport Black and Copper to join a cast of six different designs.

The wheels have a diameter of 19 inches and can be accompanied by inserts made of copper or silver.

If we turn our attention to the back of the vehicle, we will notice that it has been updated with new Full LED headlights and dynamic turn signals.

It can store luggage or other items in its trunk, which has a capacity of 485 liters, 25 liters less than what a standard Seat Ateca can hold.

2. Mechanical structure

Because it is the first model to be distributed by Cupra, the Cupra Ateca is only available in a single iteration in this respect.

This is because Cupra is the manufacturer of the vehicle. , with this, presents a gasoline-powered propellant, more specifically a block 2.0 TSI four-cylinder that enjoys about 300 hp of power when put between 5,300 and 6,500 revolutions, as well as a maximum torque of 400 Nm, which can be exploited in a wide rpm range to be between 2,000 and 5,200 engine revolutions.

In addition, the engine has a wide rpm range so that it can be used between 2,000 and 6,500 courses.

With these specifications, you can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.9 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 247 kilometers per hour.

The homologated consumption is estimated to be 7.8 liters, and the combined cycle consumption is estimated to fall somewhere between 8.6 to 8.9 liters for every one hundred kilometers traveled.

In addition, it “carries with a DSG automatic gearbox dual-clutch and seven relations” that divides the power produced by the engine between the vehicle’s four wheels using a 4Drive all-wheel drive system.

In addition, it features a steering system that can be precisely adjusted, oversized braking equipment, and an adjustable chassis that can be adjusted using the DCC damping system.

All this work was done to make it the most dynamic car in the world.

Although it is indeed equipped with a high-performance engine and shared with the Volkswagen Golf R, in contrast to other models produced by the German conglomerate, it does not offer other mobility alternatives, such as plug-in hybrid versions of the vehicle.

The range of possibilities will undoubtedly expand in the not-too-distant future, and the driver will be able to select one of several available alternatives.

3. Interior equipment

The refresh that was given to the interior of the cabin in 2020 was not nearly as extensive as the one that was given to the exterior of the vehicle, however.

The quality was increased, most noticeably in the seats, which were upgraded to front bucket seats, which are now part of the vehicle’s standard equipment.

In addition, there are new features, such as the steering wheel with a push-button start and an optional driving mode selector, pedals made of aluminum, and a 10.25-inch digital cockpit display screen.

Additionally, it is possible to see details in Alcantara and moldings finished in piano black.

As a result, this material serves as the primary component of the upholstery.

The infotainment system appears to be of a higher level of sophistication, and there is the opportunity to have the “Petrol Blue” upholstery option installed, which gives the vehicle an appearance that is more sporty and more exclusive.

Regular, Sport, Cupra, Off-Road, Snow, and Individual are the various driving modes that can be selected from the available options.

The infotainment above system is controlled by a touchscreen measuring 9.2 inches in the middle of the dashboard.

This touchscreen can also be paired with navigation and voice control for added functionality.

The driver is granted access to the functions available within the applications of their Android Auto or Apple CarPlay smartphones through the Full Link system.

In addition to this, it features an online connectivity unit that is equipped with a SIM card and provides access to a variety of functionalities. These capabilities include calling emergency calls.

The equipment is very comprehensive, including features such as the Kessy keyless opening and starting system, the 360-degree rearview camera to make parking more accessible, a central console that enables wireless charging, active lane control, anti-collision braking, traffic sign recognition, automatic dual-zone climate control, light and rain sensor, and so on.

To wrap up this section, it is essential to point out that, in contrast to the majority of the currently available on the market, it is only available in a single configuration and does not come in various trim levels.

4. The Price

After everything is said, the Cupra Ateca has a price tag of 53,020 dollars and is currently available on the market.

The valuation, in every way that has been covered, is consistent with the premium approach taken toward the asset in question.

5. “Contender” in the marketplace

After conducting an in-depth investigation into all of the mysteries surrounding the Cupra Ateca, comparing and contrasting its performance with that of an additional vehicle that occupies the same market segment is a good idea.

You will have a more distinct understanding of its level as a result of doing so. We decided to go with the BMW X2 in the M35i trim level for this particular event.

BMW X2 M35i

It is classified within the SUV-C segment, with not too large proportions, which is the same category as our main character.

It is important to note that it was the first vehicle to be given the name SAC, which stands for “Sports Activity Coupé.”

This vehicle positioned itself as an urban crossover vehicle.

In comparison to the bee-shaped Cupra, the primary distinguishing feature of this model’s front end is the double kidney grille that is so typical of the German brand.

Additionally, this model has two sets of headlights. Additionally, it has an aerodynamic morphology that is clearly identifiable by its own identity sign on the vehicle’s front bumper.

However, it measures 4.36 meters in length, 1.82 meters in width, and 1.52 meters in height and features a concept very similar to what is seen in the rest of the design.

Consequently, it is more condensed in terms of length, width, and height.

In the mechanical department, its gasoline engine has a slightly higher power thanks to its 306 horsepower and homologates a somewhat lower consumption of 7.5 liters for every one hundred kilometers traveled.

In other words, it has slightly higher power and slightly lower consumption.

In addition to this unit, different versions are available to the user in the BMW X2. This condition is also conditioned by the fact that the brand is significantly older.

The cabin’s interior is also outfitted with high-quality materials and functions and a sizable collection of driving aids, so there are many parallels to be found in this regard.

In conclusion, the price of this variant of the German vehicle is higher than average, coming in at approximately 60 255 dollars.

This reflects the pricing strategy typical of the products manufactured in Germany, a Germanic country. Having said that, and considering the fact that it is a more recent model, the Cupra Ateca is suggested to the driver as the superior choice.

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