Features and price of Alfa Romeo Tonale 2022

It is anticipated that the Alfa Romeo brand will take a significant leap forward in the automotive industry in 2022.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale was initially introduced as a concept vehicle at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. This year, the company announced that it would finally bring this vehicle to market.

Features and price of Alfa Romeo Tonale 2022

Because of these two factors, we could not pass up the opportunity to write an article devoted to the Italian model. In this article, we will discuss the Italian model’s price and features in greater detail.

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Observations and thoughts on the Alfa Romeo Tonale (2022)

After building up anticipation through our comprehensive introduction, it is now time to move on to the meat of the matter and discuss the Alfa Romeo Tonale in terms of its exterior design, the mechanical structures in which you can take pleasure, the interior equipment that is present, the price at which you can obtain each of its variants, and a “rival” with which it can compete in the market.

1. Exterior design

Because it borrows some components from the Stelvio, this SUV displays an appearance that is both svelte and refined in equal measure.

The latter can be seen very clearly in the headlights, both in front and in the back, and specifically, the latter runs the car’s length across its width.

The central grille, mirrors, pilots, tailgate, headlights, and other elements have all been simplified as part of the new design, including other new features.

Also noteworthy is the transalpine brand describes its latest model as “a car inspired by the beauty and the manifest design of Alfa Romeo.”

The name comes from a mountain pass in northern Italy, where the pass in question is located.

With that sculptural image it conveys, it sports its distinctive diamond-shaped grille, so the logo is placed in the upper central area of the grille.

This, in turn, enjoys the company of LED headlights that look like sawteeth for their morphology.

A little further down, you’ll find the bumper. It’s right next to the massive air intake that spans the vehicle’s width. The mirrors have a sleek appearance and an air of sophistication about them.

On either side, the wheel arches are finished in a dark chromatic tone, as are the sills and the detail that eschews conventional door handles.

This can be seen on both sides. The front does not have integrated handles, while the back has some.

The design of the backlights is identical to that of the front lights, except that they are joined in the middle by the brand logo.

A spoiler and a diffuser that holds large exhaust outlets are located above the steeply sloping rear window of the vehicle.

Those individuals who rode the 33 Stradale in the 1960s were a source of inspiration for the 21-inch wheels featured on this model, which is an interesting fact to note.

In light of everything that has been discussed, it is possible to conclude that the Alfa Romeo Tonale is like a breath of fresh air in terms of its overall aesthetic level.

In addition, it appears to utilize the same chassis as the Jeep Compass. The length of its body is 4.53 meters, its width is 1.84 meters, and its height is 1.60 meters.

A wheelbase that is approximately 2.64 meters in length is added to these.

2. a mechanical structure

2. Because of that platform, which has already been mentioned, they can offer a wide selection of engines, all of which have four cylinders and are turbocharged.

The gasoline engines will be 1.3 T4 engines with powers ranging from 130 to 160 horsepower, and the latter will offer light hybridization.

This is on the one hand. On the other hand, the diesel model will have a 1.6-liter engine that produces 130 horsepower. With an automatic transmission, you can select any one of these alternatives.

The flagship model will be equipped with plug-in hybrid technology and will offer a choice between two distinct power outputs (190 and 240 horsepower).

However, thanks to its AWD system, which carries a second electric motor behind that drives the wheels of this axis while the front engine, which uses gasoline, does the same in your area, the traction in both will be all-wheel drive.

It has a capacity of 1.3 liters, and its overall design enables it to travel approximately 50 kilometers in electric mode.

The Tonale has borrowed certain aspects of energy management from other family members, such as the Giulietta, the Mito, the 4C, the Giulia, and the Stelvio.

More specifically, the Dynamic mode has evolved into Dual Power to ensure that the maximum performance of the two engines is achieved.

The E-mozione button, accessible via the touch screen, enables you to make fine adjustments to the acceleration, thereby enhancing the delineation of the braking and improving the responsiveness of the steering.

The Natural mode improves the functionality to the greatest extent possible, while the Advanced E mode improves efficiency to make the most of the electric way.

3. Interior equipment

The wheelbase above the measurement of 2.64 meters has made it possible for the passenger compartment to contain five seats, making it suitable for carrying a total of five people.

The interior displays a futuristic character that is both dynamic and sculptural simultaneously, giving the impression that it intends to transfer what is seen outside into the interior.

Leather, aluminum, and Alcantara are three examples of the types of high-quality materials that are readily available.

Within this future ambiance are a few translucent backlit panels, such as the central tunnel, providing the appropriate placement for the driving modes’ DNA selector.

While the digital instrument panel is controlled by a display 12.3 inches in size, the infotainment system is managed by a screen that is 10.25 inches in length.

It is important to note that the user has access to two new functions in the latter: Alfista and Paddock.

The first of these aims to provide users with an immersive experience by way of an interface that is connected to clubs and events selected by the Alfa Romeo community (rallies, events, and meetings), as well as providing users with up-to-date information regarding the brand to attend events and be eligible to win VIP experiences.

The second is a kind of onboard store where passengers can purchase the most up-to-date interior and exterior equipment and obtain information regarding merchandising offers.

In addition, the Chief Executive Officer of Alfa Romeo, Jean-Philippe Imparato, has promised that the Italian automaker will distance itself from the trend of installing large screens in multimedia structures.

4. The Price

It is anticipated that the price range in which they will move between the various iterations will be somewhere between 28,000 and 50,000 dollars.

Since it is not expected to be available until March and won’t start being marketed until June, there are still a lot of details that need to be disclosed, one of which is the price that will be attached to each item of the Tonale.

5. Competitors

Following this in-depth analysis, it is time to compare and contrast the performance of the Alfa Romeo Tonale with that of other comparable automobiles that can be regarded as competitors.

Features and price of Alfa Romeo Tonale 2022


Not only does BMW design stunning and forward-thinking sedans, but the company has also jumped on the sport utility vehicle (SUV) bandwagon, as the X1 ably demonstrates.

It is important to note that it is currently operating in its second generation, which underwent significant revisions in 2019.

The length of the vehicle is 4.44 meters, the width is 1.82 meters, and the height is 1.59 meters.

It is built on the UKL platform, which is also very characteristic of MINI, and its dimensions are 4.44 meters, 1.82 meters, and 1.59 meters.

In addition to this, the distance between its wheels is 2.67 meters. As a result, it is more narrow and approximately the same height as the Tonale, despite being shorter.

However, the interior has a greater volume capacity due to the slightly longer wheelbase.

Precisely, on the inside, it differs significantly from the main character in a significant way, and that difference is that the second row of seats in its trunk can be folded down.

As a result, the trunk’s capacity can range from 503 to 1,550 liters, making it a more user-friendly option for transporting items such as luggage and merchandise.

Because it is located in the front, its traction is also different. It offers a broader selection of engines, with three gasoline, three diesel, and one plug-in hybrid model.

In their own right, these can hold either three or four cylinders. In any event, the power in the entry-level version is 140 horsepower, while the energy in the highest-end version, specifically the plug-in hybrid, is 220 horsepower.

As a result, the one that is easiest to reach has greater power, while the one at the top has a slight disadvantage.

Although the interior does not give off a strong sense of modernity or futurism, the materials’ quality is high, and the appearance has been carefully considered.

The driving aids and technological accessories, such as an infotainment system with an 8-inch screen as an example, are where there is a greater degree of similarity between the two models.

Last but not least, their prices fluctuate within very similar ranges as well, even though the output a priori costs 33,950 dollars, a somewhat higher price.

The more advanced plug-in hybrid has a starting price of 47,600 $, assuming that the information presented above about the Tonale is accurate, is a slightly lower price.

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