The top 10 automated cars available today: Features and prices

If we make the statement that “the more facilities a vehicle can give a user, the better his experience will be when he gets behind the wheel,” we will not learn anything new.

Automatic transmissions, whether dual-clutch or traditional, make driving more convenient by eliminating the need to change gears routinely.

As a result, drivers do not need to be aware of the absence of a clutch pedal in these configurations.

The top 10 automated cars available today

We at Motorbli have compiled a list of the ten best automatic cars currently available on the market because we know that many people would instead steer clear of hassles and make the driving experience as easy as possible.

If this describes you, this list is for you—a sufficiently extensive repertoire to give you options if you plan to buy a car shortly.

These are the best models of automatic cars, according to Apuntad.

After we have completed the initial presentation of the rigor, it is time to move on to the action and begin handing out the rewards to the ten protagonists we will have in this new entry.

Listen carefully to what we have to say to you in a moment.

10. Ford Puma

This crossover is an excellent alternative to driving a car to work or school if you do so frequently because of its exceptional fuel efficiency when commuting within the city.

The version of the Ford Puma that is discussed in this article is the one that is fitted with a gasoline-powered engine that has a capacity of 1.0 EcoBoost.

This engine produces 125 horsepower and has a standardized fuel consumption rate of 6.2 liters for every one hundred kilometers traveled.

Because of how it was designed, the interior is roomy, and the exterior exudes an air of athleticism.

In addition, it can reach its top speed of 191 kilometers per hour and accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just ten seconds.

It can be purchased on the market for a price that is approximately equivalent to 30,000 dollars.

Because it emits approximately 140 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer and does not qualify for the Eco or Zero labels offered by the Directorate General of Traffic, you will be required to pay an additional tax when registering the vehicle.

9. Skoda Kodiaq

Regarding SUVs, the Czech is consistently ranked as one of the most comfortable vehicles on the market.

The cabin of the Skoda Kodiaq has enough space to accommodate seven passengers, and the vehicle’s trunk has a capacity of 720 liters; however, this can be increased to 2,065 liters by folding down the two rows of rear seats.

This is a fantastic suggestion for those who have a family and require a significant amount of storage space for each journey.

The Ambition trim level comes standard with an automatic transmission, which, along with the engine’s 150 horsepower, is available in both the gasoline and diesel versions.

It has a dual-clutch DSG box for its transmission and seven different gear ratios.

This, combined with the excellent value for money that is typical of this family’s products, makes it a vehicle that should be considered if you live in the scenario that was covered in the previous paragraph.

8. Audi Q3

The compact SUV produced by the brand with the rings makes its third appearance on this list, primarily due to the excellent habitability of its interior space, the breadth of its technological repertoire, and the versatility of its mechanical components.

Because of its wheelbase length of 2.68 meters, it can seat five people. It comes in various configurations, all of which feature an automatic transmission.

The first model is the 35 TDI, which has a power output of 135 horsepower and a seven-speed S Tronic gearbox. The second model is the 40 TDI, which generates 190 horsepower.

These two are part of the lineup for the diesel models.

Last but not least, the Audi RS Q3 400 hp is available with both the S Tronic and an all-wheel drive all-wheel drive configuration as part of its range-topping model.

Because of this, the price at which you can obtain it is highly dependent on the version you select, as some are closer to 40,000 dollars and the other part an amount that exceeds 70,000 dollars.

7. Citron C5 Aircross Crossover

The Citroen C5 Aircross has a powerful and imposing design with a distinct personality, which marries exceptionally well with its capabilities.

Both the diesel and gasoline versions feature automatic transmissions. The diesel version is powered by a 1.6 BlueHDI engine that generates 130 horsepower and 300 Nm maximum torque.

In comparison, the gasoline version is powered by a 1.2 PureTech engine that is equally powerful but generates 230 Nm.

It is important to note that the gearbox onboard functions as a torque converter at the rate of eight different relations.

Inside, it features seats that have been thoughtfully crafted to offer the highest level of convenience and comfort.

The trunk space of all versions, except the plug-in hybrid, measures approximately 580 liters, but this number is reduced to 460 due to the presence of the plug-in hybrid’s battery.

In addition, an automatic transmission is an option for all trim levels except the Feel and the C-Series. You can have it for somewhere in the range of 30,000 50,000 dollars.

6. Mercedes-Benz GLC

The Mercedes GLC belongs to segment D of automobiles, which differs from the SUVs discussed in this space.

The sense of community and togetherness that permeates it is immediately apparent when you focus on it.

It has dimensions of 4.65 meters in length, 1.89 meters in width, and 1.65 meters in height, which is not surprising.

The materials used inside the cabin are of the highest quality, as is customary for the star brand.

The technological equipment also has its share of prominence, with optional features such as a panoramic glass roof, decorative moldings based on carbon fiber and wood, heated sports seats, ventilation, electric adjustment, or an intelligent lighting system with LED arrays.

All of these features are available as add-ons.

The most common transmission type is the torque converter transmission with nine different gear ratios and all-wheel drive.

Despite this, the prices it trades are pretty high, considering everything covered in the previous section.

5. Ford Kuga

The American manufacturer makes another appearance in this segment with the Ford Kuga, another sport utility vehicle (SUV) that, in contrast to what is typically seen in cars of this classification, takes a more relaxed approach to the robustness of the design.

Those models that incorporate the 1.5 and 2.0 EcoBlue engines, which have powers of 120 and 190 horsepower, respectively, and can run on either diesel or gasoline, are the ones that come with an automatic transmission.

One of the benefits it offers about driving is that it provides the driver with a total of five modes, which allow for the management of the steering, throttle response, and the transmission itself.

These modes are as follows: Standard, Sport, Eco, Slippery, and Snow/Sand are the modes available.

It is possible to find it for a little bit more than 30,000 dollars or even for a sum greater than 40,000 dollars, depending on the finish contained in the chosen version.

4. Hyundai Kona

The Hyundai Kona can command a significant amount of attention due to the size of the grille located in the front of the vehicle and the sophistication of its headlights, each split into two distinct parts.

It does not have the large trunk capacity of others discussed in this article, nor does it have the notoriety of others.

Still, virtually all of its variants have the Eco distinction that the DGT offers.

In terms of the transmission, it is essential to note that with the introduction of the 2020 revision came the 1.6 T-GDI engine with 198 hp of power.

This engine is paired with a 7DCT dual-clutch gearbox, which allows it to operate at its maximum capacity.

You can use a diverse technological repertoire at the forefront of the demands placed on it by users inside the cabin.

Lastly, their starting price is approximately 17,340 dollars, although that amount will increase when automatic units are purchased.

3. Peugeot 3008

The Peugeot 3008, a compact crossover that does sport a design full of character, as well as comfort inside its cabin and agility and precision in its behavior, is the lion brand’s attempt to put all of the meat on the grill.

All the automatic options, beginning with the entry-level models and going up to the top of the line, include an EAT8.

This French automobile can be purchased for a price that falls within the range of 35,000 to 52,000 dollars, depending on its presence in the offer.

2. BMW 3 Series

There are things in life that cannot be SUVs, but there is still life after those things. The BMW 3 Series is a luxury sedan that is highly exclusive and has the spirit of a sports car.

It features a torque converter gearbox with eight speeds in its transmission, which is renowned in its particular application for its rapid response, superior obedience, and superior smoothness in comparison to what is experienced in other models.

The extensive list of connections ensures that the initial stages are highly integrated to deliver an improvement in acceleration and enhance resource utilization at the highest level.

Inside, it features the most advanced technologies and safety systems available.

Although it comes at a high cost, if you are confident that you will be able to pay for it, then it is in your best interest to purchase it.

1. Peugeot 2008

The Peugeot 2008 is currently in the lead and is distinguished by its availability in up to six distinct levels of finish.

This aspect of the vehicle’s offering contrasts with its mechanical options, which are limited to gasoline, diesel, and electric powertrains.

The engines with 130 and 155 horsepower are the ones that are compatible with an automatic transmission that has eight gears.

According to all accounts, its interior is futuristic, an aspect complemented by the variety of textures of the materials used to create it.

Acquiring an automatic transmission for more than 30,000 dollars is possible if you so desire.

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