The top 15 most well-known and popular car brands worldwide

There are some manufacturers and brands in the automotive industry that stand out with their brilliant, either by how they design their models, the driving experience offered to the customer, the materials used to make the interior of the cabin, or the history behind it, among many other possible descriptors and explanations.

The top 15 most well-known and popular car brands worldwide

In any case, and using information from Google’s search volume as recent as 2020, we will discuss which automobile manufacturers are among the top 15 most well-known worldwide in this issue of Motorbli.

The objective is to provide a condensed explanation of what kind of reputation they have and the reasons why they are recognized to such a high degree.

The most well-known automobile manufacturers are already in your repertoire.

After we have completed the introduction, it is time to move on to the next step, which is to determine which brands are so well known that they attract the majority of the attention of people interested in the four wheels. Here we go.

15. Jeep

The industry standard bearer among sport utility vehicles, Jeep, is introduced first here.

We have already made the point that it is the only one specializing in that segment that can be found here.

This can be linked to the tremendous growth of the SUV market, in addition to its relatively tiny niche.

14. Nissan

Nissan adheres to a philosophy that is anything but conventional; it combines several different principles, which, in turn, paves the way for a diverse range of designs and models to be made available by the company.

Because of this, it cannot be associated with a particular driver profile; however, the truth is that it seeks a balance between form, function, and innovation; specifically, in the latter field, it has been involved with electric cars, including the Ariya crossover.

13. Peugeot

Peugeot is the first French brand to appear on this list, with slightly more than four million Internet searches.

Because of a greater emphasis and sensitivity to the technological aspect, a greater ease has been given to the steering wheel to undertake turns with it.

There has been an improvement in the materials that make up the upholstery.

All of these factors have contributed to its good commercial performance in recent years.

This has helped it to stand out in specific markets, such as the Spanish market, where it has been in the leading positions in recent times.

Another market that it has been successful in is the Japanese market.

12. Renault

Internet users ranked the company shaped like a diamond as the twelfth most popular source of information in 2020.

It has earned a place among the automotive industry’s benchmarks thanks to the cutting-edge designs showcased by its vehicles, which are backed by technology that is both very advanced and sophisticated.

Furthermore, the company caters to a diverse range of customers with its lineup of compacts and SUVs.

Yes, something additional will be required to earn a place of more extraordinary privilege in this ranking.

This is because it should not be forgotten that it is a brand that bets a lot on the world of competition and that helps popularity, and yet it does not enter the top ten. This is something that should not be forgotten.

11. Kia

In recent years, Kia has been working to modernize the look of its automobiles while simultaneously elevating the quality of the materials used in the construction of its cabins and increasing the amount of advanced technology integrated into its vehicles.

All of this was accomplished without causing a significant increase in the cost of the product, making it a very appealing brand for the customer, particularly for those who looked up information about their vehicles on the Internet.

There were approximately five million searches related to the South Korean brand; however, who can say whether this number will be higher in a few years?

10. Lamborghini

The high exclusivity that Lamborghini is known for maybe the brand’s most significant weakness in giving the impression of being in a stronger position.

And that adrenaline rush you get when the alarm goes off is something that many wealthy people consider priceless, but to experience it, you need to have the money.

The designs are dominated by sharp lines, which contribute to the aggressive nature of the product.

It had approximately five million visits in 2020, the year the information dates.

The direction it takes regarding the possibility of expanding its audience spectrum, as others have done, or changing its philosophy, among other options, will determine how it evolves in the future.

9. Porsche

The sports car manufacturer based in Stuttgart comes in ninth place.

Because it is a manufacturer of sports cars and supercars, one of its primary distinguishing characteristics is the feelings that are evoked when one is behind the wheel of one of its vehicles.

However, this comes at a high economic cost return, which may be why it is not placed higher in this ranking.

Although Porsche segments its models more than other brands in its niche, such as by offering SUVs, the company still managed to record approximately five million customer visits.

8. Ford

Ford is one of only two American brands that make it into the top ten most searched and popular brands, and the other is Apple. It does not have the same level of luxury or exclusivity as other vehicles.

Still, it always guarantees a dynamic driving experience, a coexistence between power and efficiency thanks to its EcoBoost technology, and a wide variety of safety features inside the passenger compartment and while the vehicle is in motion.

That, in addition to a great deal of other information, sparks the interest of slightly more than six million people when they search the Internet.

7. Honda

In terms of fame, Honda is currently in seventh place, which is very close to sixth.

In addition to a globalizing approach that allowed it to become the first Japanese company to start making cars in the United States and the fourth manufacturer worldwide, its unwavering commitment to incorporating environmentally friendly technologies into its automobiles may be one of the primary reasons for the privileged position in which it currently finds itself.

The fact is that rather than standardizing how its offices, headquarters, and dealerships carry out their duties, Honda advocates decentralizing authority and granting autonomy to the professionals it employs in different parts of the world.

6. Audi

It is common knowledge that German automobiles enjoy great fame, and it is essential to note that no single brand dominates the top spots.

The company’s motto, “Leadership by technology,” along with its commitment to ongoing research and development on all of its models, gives Audi the impression of being an active and evolving brand.

A little more than six million searches have been recorded by the house based in Ingolstadt, which stands for excellence in tailoring its cars inside and out.

This translates into a beautiful experience for the driver and confidence in what it does.

5. Hyundai

The number of searches conducted for the fifth most popular brand was equal to the number of searches conducted for the fifth most popular brand.

In recent years, the Korean house has transitioned from being a low-cost manufacturer offering good value for money in its automobiles to another manufacturer paying close attention to every detail and embellishing its products.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that it ranks near the top of the market in certain nations, such as Spain, where Tucson was the second best-selling car in 2021.

It appears that this is just the beginning of a much larger project.

4. BMW

The German automobile manufacturer BMW comes in at number four on the list of most sought-after brands on the Internet, with close to seven and a half million searches.

The Bavarian manufacturer is well-known for its excellent user experience, which is primarily centered on the concept of luxury and is marketed with the tagline “Do you like to drive?”

When you enter the cabin, you will find exquisite materials that ensure the utmost level of comfort for both the driver and the passengers.

Its designs feature the well-known double kidney grille that attracts the attention of everyone who sees it.

Thanks to its BMW I sub-brand, it is positioned as a brand at the forefront of forthcoming technological developments.

3. Toyota

An Asian brand like Toyota takes the final spot on the podium.

The Japanese company comes close to matching the number of searches conducted on the second classified, which indicates the interest it generates among people who use the Internet and its successful performance.

Above all else, Toyota is reliable, which the consumer always appreciates.

In addition, Toyota is environmentally responsible with its extensive range of electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as the Mirai hydrogen model.

Therefore, it is possible to say that it is a manufacturer focused on the future and that it is in an unbeatable position to set the pace in the years to come, particularly in terms of environmental friendliness and the provision of automobiles that have received positive ecological certifications.

2. Volkswagen

Volkswagen is the world’s second most popular and searched-for brand, with just over nine million queries.

The people’s car is, by extension, the most recognized brand in its native Germany, which is in and of itself very important considering that it is a market in which 14 operate.

There are other big names such as Mercedes or Audi.

It continues to be one of the market benchmarks because of the high level of customization it offers, which takes into account both the user’s budget and their requirements, as well as the increasingly sophisticated technological equipment it uses.

The top 15 most well-known and popular car brands worldwide

1. Tesla

During the first year of the pandemic, when the stock market was doing exceptionally well, this particular brand was the one that people wanted to buy more than any other.

The company that Elon Musk founded at the turn of the century came into the world to revolutionize how electric cars are conceived, and it is succeeding at doing so.

The incredible technology included in its models to make driving easier, in addition to the exquisite materials used for the upholstery and the rest of the cabin, are the reasons for the company’s success over the years, which they have been reaping.

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