The top 12 American automakers

If we were to ask anyone in the world to name the top five car brands, they would most likely name brands from Europe, Asia (specifically Japan and South Korea), and the United States.

The top 12 American automakers

The names Ford, Tesla, and Cadillac…

They are reliable references in the world of motoring, which helps them generate millions of dollars in sales each year.

At Motorbli, we like a good challenge, so we will attempt to rank which one is better, even though it would be tough.

We do not have a fear of taking risks or engaging in debate.

What are some of the most reputable American car brands?

The most significant challenge we face is that discussing US and American cars is virtually inseparable from one another in the automotive industry.

Two separate facts can explain this preeminence: Because the United States is located in what is known as the “Global North,” they have improved access to both the market for the sale of goods and the need for the purchase of raw materials.

The second reason is that, compared to Latin America and Brazil, they experienced fewer political upheavals throughout the 20th century, allowing for the steady growth of their industrial sectors.

However, initiatives have surfaced in other countries.

While these initiatives have been interesting, we cannot include them on the list because they are not the most successful ones.

It was anticipated that the 2013 BioMotion Alux would set the standard for electric vehicles in Mexico.

In Venezuela, it appeared that Venirauto, a company that was supported by Iranian industry, was also doing well.

There have also been attempts to create specialized brands, most commonly supercars (of which there are two on the list), transport vehicles, and military automobiles. But enough with the small talk, let’s move on to the leading 12 car brands in the United States.

12. VUHL

Let’s begin with Mexico, to be more specific. Two brothers named Guillermo and Iker Echevarria had a goal: to design a supercar that was descended entirely from Mexican stock.

Their father, Guillermo Sr., instructed them in everything they required to know to create an original and flawless automobile with an endearing personality.

When Esteban Gutiérrez, a former Formula One driver, saw the VUHL 05 for the first time in public in 2013, he was utterly amazed by the speed and performance of the vehicle.

The beauty of the car and the elegance of its lines are two other reasons why it stands out.

And the assembly and production of its chassis both take place at the company’s factory in Querétaro, which bears the company’s name. The United Kingdom is where the processing takes place.

11. Felino

It is natural to feel apprehensive when you hear the name Felino because this Canadian supercar does not have anything to be envious of compared to the bravest lionesses or the swiftest cheetahs.

But, once you get past that fear, you shouldn’t be afraid to get to know it: it offers something that very few brands do, and that is the fact that the relationship between the customer and the manufacturer is very close; it seeks to constantly share feelings and opinions to improve the cars in an ever-increasing manner.

Produced one at a time, the Felino cB7 is a genuine art in its handmade form.

You can reach 325 kilometers per hour with the CB7(R), and it takes just 2.9 seconds to go from 0 to 100. Also, the CB7+, expected to be released in 2021, has piqued our interest.

10. Ram

We are now (what a shock) going to be entering the United States, and RAM will be our first choice.

They may not be the most attractive automobiles in the world, but in terms of functionality, they are in a league of their own.

2010 saw the beginning of the brand as we know it today, with its roots in the Dodge Ram brand, now a subsidiary of the Stellantis conglomerate.

They sell pickups and vans, which are highly durable and “American” in their design.

Their current standard in the industry is represented by the Ram 1500, which has been described as “a real beast” and “capable of serving both as a work vehicle in the mornings and as a vehicle for afternoon adventures.”

Although they haven’t seen much use in Europe, people in the United States are warming up to the idea of implementing them.

9. Jeep

When one thinks of an off-road vehicle, the first thing that typically comes to mind is the Jeep brand. They are already considered interchangeable words; such is the significance of the American brand.

It is once again a division of Stellaris.

Still, it has a very distinct personality because they were established in 1945, not long after the military realized the value of vehicles such as the Willys MB during World War II.

Now, to broaden the appeal of their products, they have begun producing SUVs.

Therefore, it is clear that they do not intend to give up their reputation as robust and daring cars.

An excellent example of a four-wheel-drive vehicle is the Jeep Renegade, which is now available as a plug-in hybrid. The Jeep Compass is a perfect example of an SUV and will generate much discussion.

8. Abraham Lincoln

Michigan was one of the manufacturers of Cadillac and was established in 1917 by Henry M. Leland. The Ford group of companies currently owns it.

They have produced many high-end automobiles, some of which have been driven by prominent politicians and members of the British royal family.

They make sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and luxury crossovers, a combination of a large car that is vast in its forms while also being polished and beautifully detailed.

They offer an incredible selection, which includes models such as the Navigator, the Aviator, the Corsair, and the Nautilus.

And in addition to this, they have successfully modernized their business by placing bets on the development of hybrid versions of their vehicles, which is something that people who have options have been requesting.

7. Chevrolet

In 2021, Chevrolet will commemorate its 110 years in the automotive industry.

The Chevrolet brothers laid the groundwork for the company when great American brands were beginning to emerge.

Because it is a subsidiary of General Motors, it is subject to the advantages and disadvantages that come along with that status.

Chevrolet is known for producing cars ahead of its time in innovation and creativity; GM’s continued financial support has enabled the brand to maintain its position as an industry leader.

On the other hand, they have not invested nearly enough to compete effectively in the European market, which is both one they are entering and one they are exiting.

Their sport utility vehicles (SUVs) like the Equinox and the Traverse are doing well in sales in the United States.

6. Chrysler

The Stellaris brand is probably the most emblematic of the company. Regarding the production of automobiles and minivans, Chrysler is a leader in the industry.

Since 1925, Chrysler has been producing iconic cars that symbolize the brand in the same way New York City is known for its towering skyscrapers.

They have a definition that is difficult to fit into conventional categories: the Grand Voyager is an SUV, minivan, and minivan at the same time; the new 300C is a sedan that looks like a head of state’s limousine and a sports car at the same time; and so on.

Therefore, the most accurate definition of Chryslers is that they cannot be defined. The Sebring and the Pt Cruiser complete the strong squad.

5. Dodge

Nevertheless, even though Chrysler is the leader of Stellantis, we favor Dodge. What an incredible work of art that car is. The company, founded by the Dodge brothers, recently turned 120 years old.

They began with the stunning Dodge 30-35, and their level of success has only increased since then.

The Viper has been our casual sweetheart for years, but today’s cars are finally starting to measure up to its standards.

The Challenger has not been altered to conform to the illogical aesthetic trends of modern times, so it maintains cars’ character from the 1980s and 1990s.

The Charger is an excellent sports car that performs exceptionally well over short distances.

On the other hand, Durango is Dodge’s wager on the practicality market.

4. Ford

Ford, taking into account its overall sales volume as well as its prestige, ought to be competing for the top spot on this list.

We may be being too harsh on them for producing cars that are suitable for the masses when the reality is that all of their vehicles are top-notch.

They were established in 1903, have grown to become the individual dominant forces in the American market, and are consistently ranked among the most successful sellers anywhere in the world.

The legendary Henry Ford, who was responsible for pioneering mass production in automotive manufacturing, was essential.

Now they manufacture vehicles such as the Kuga and the Focus, which, generation after generation, strive to be as modern as their predecessors.

And if you’re looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, the all-electric Mustang Mach-E is beautiful.

The top 12 American automakers

3. Tesla

Elon Musk is that eccentric genius who, one day, can announce a trip to Mars and, on the following day, can bring the Bitcoin market crashing down.

And somewhere in the middle is Tesla, the first mass-market electric car that has won the hearts and trust of the general public.

They are one step ahead of the competition, even if it’s just advertising.

Model S, Model 3, Model Y, and Model X are the four viable models we currently have available.

They are very comfortable, have a large trunk, and have the autonomy necessary to make urban and intercity travel not very time-consuming. They dominate the market for electric power.

2. Cadillac

The archetypal American automobile, but we adore archetypal American cars! On four wheels, you can have luxury, power, and elegance.

They entered the world in 1902 and have been a part of General Motors since 1909.

But the passage of time has not slowed them down, and in 2019, they broke their record for the most sales worldwide.

They were able to weather the oil crises well and have come to the present day with a complete range of vehicles, including electric cars, SUVs, and sedans.

And in 2023, we can look forward to the Cadillac Lyriq Firsthand, an all-electric vehicle akin to writing poetry on the road.

In the meantime, we will try to test the limited edition CT4-V that is only available in select stores.

1. Buick

It was challenging to finish first when there were so many strong competitors, but we were able to.

Buick is the American brand that we admire the most. It is the grand dame of automobile manufacturing in the United States.

Despite being a subsidiary of General Motors (GM), it deserves our utmost respect for having persisted for such a long time by producing vehicles of the highest caliber.

They manufacture sport utility vehicles and luxury crossovers such as the Encore, the All-New Vision, and the Enclave. Each of these vehicles is a marvel and a milestone in the annals of the brand’s history.

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