The top 10 vehicles sold in Mexico

Every aspect of the year 2021 can now be considered part of the past. During those past twelve months, many important events will be recalled for all time.

In the world of motor vehicles, myths of that significance can be attributed to cars as well as the best-selling motorcycles, which will be the primary topic covered in the lines that follow this one.

Top 10 vehicles sold in Mexico

More specifically, this post will talk about the ten automobiles that sold the most copies in Mexico in 2021. This post will be dedicated to Motorbli’s discussion of these automobiles. This ranking for Spain has already been prepared by us, as you may have noticed on our website. Will there be a lot of differences between the models, or will there be some coincidences? Continue reading to find out the answer for sure.

What are the top ten models that have been the most successful sales in Mexico in 2021?

Following this introduction to the requirements, it is now time to move on to the crux of the matter and reveal which automobiles have been the most sought after by Mexicans throughout the training that has just come to a close.

10. Mazda 3: 16,554 units

The Mazda 3 is the first vehicle to be featured here and also the one that kicks off the TOP. Its design is comprised of a single cohesive unit.

It comes in two different body styles: a compact with five doors and a four-door sedan emphasizing elegance and sensuality.

In addition to direct control of the accelerator, the new architecture of its mechanical structure promises to carry out that idea when driving, making it smooth and fluid.

On the other hand, it can boast of efficiency in consumption as the most powerful version of 165 horsepower, which has a 2.0 SkyActiv-G engine, “registers only a consumption of six liters per 100 kilometers” (only uses six liters of fuel per one hundred kilometers.”

It has five engines, three gasoline, and two diesel.

9. Toyota Hilux: 16,635 units

As further evidence that Asian automobiles exert significant influence in Mexico, the Toyota Hilux is currently being sold here in the country.

This pickup has been reimagined to appeal to a public of professionals and individuals looking for a relaxing and enjoyable drive.

To accomplish this, it provides the VXL and Limited versions, both of which, in turn, have benefited from the majority of the new features.

The first has parking sensors in the front and back, side running boards, and wheels measuring 18 inches, while the second has features that are not very common, such as full LED lights and keyless entry.

The vehicle’s interior features a sturdy cabin that makes the most of its ample space, particularly in the front, and its lineage-appropriate materials.

That is correct; features such as a Pre-collision system, lane change warning, and traffic sign recognition system, amongst others, have been included in newer models of vehicles.

8. Chevrolet Beat: 19,265 Units Sold

The Chevrolet Beat is the company’s second vehicle to be featured here.

The fact that it can be purchased at a reasonable price and, consequently, the low amount of money needed for its upkeep has got to be one of the most compelling arguments in favor of it that has been presented here.

On the other hand, you can get it in one of two different body styles, including a compact or a sedan.

Both vehicles utilize a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.2 liters and a maximum torque of approximately 108 Newton meters.

Mechanically, it has a front-wheel drive and a manual gearbox that has five gears throughout its entire range.

This accessibility is something the brand values, so it makes sense that the gearbox would have five sacks.

On the inside, it is bare-bones; the access LS does not even have air conditioning.

7. Nissan Sentra: 22,469 units

Once more from Nissan, the Sentra is in seventh place this time.

It is a sedan classified as a member of the C-segment and has made a significant advance, primarily in terms of driving aids, since it was first introduced.

Despite this, the interior appears to have been given more attention to detail than earlier generations.

On the exterior, it has narrow and pointed headlights, and they coexist with the V-Motion grille that has been discussed in the context of other protagonists from the same family seen here.

On the inside, leather is a common material choice, as evidenced by the center console as well as the other components that are located nearby.

It is possible to conclude that there is greater attention to detail and refinement, as well as the fact that it features a screen that is eight inches in size and excellent connectivity.

In addition, there is an abundant supply of features, such as automatic climate control split into two zones and adaptive cruise control.

In addition, the seats are designed with the concept of zero gravity in mind.

They are positioned directly on top of a platform with an independent rear suspension and redesigned steering, making for more dynamic driving behavior.

Last but not least, it comes equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a 2.0-liter engine.

6. Volkswagen Vento: 29,380 units

The Volkswagen Vento is the first European car sold in this country. It is a vehicle that prides itself on being technologically well-equipped and is the first European car to be sold in this country.

The design of this sedan is characterized, as it cannot be otherwise in this class, by a sleek appearance that looks like the most recent generation of LED headlights, a large grille attached to them, and curved lines down from the roof that gives it the appearance of a coupe.

Its technological repertoire is rich, as evidenced by its ambient lighting, its Discover Media infotainment system with an 8-inch screen and a host of functions, its Active Info Display in a straight line with the driver’s gaze, the electric regulation of the driver’s seat, and its automatic start system by operating the handle and pressing the Keyless Start Engin button with which to start the engine.

As already advanced around here,

its technological repertoire is rich, as evidenced by its ambient lighting,

Mechanically, it is outfitted with a 150-horsepower 250 TSI engine that is presumed to be fuel-efficient and comes with four different driving modes (Sport, Eco, Normal, and Custom).

5. Nissan March: 34,974 units

Another one of its representatives now sits smack dab in the middle of this top 10 in terms of sales.

Now is the time to talk about the March, which specifically underwent renovations during the previous year to extend the time it can be sold on the market.

This compact now has a more aggressive front end than the one that came before it, which appeared more beautiful and elegant.

It also has a striking V-Motion grille, sharper LED lights, and a more stylized rear bumper accompanied by a diffuser that gives it a sporty soul.

On the other hand, the interior is significantly more subdued, even though the design of the steering wheel has also been updated.

The driver is placed in a position that gives the impression of being slightly elevated, and this is done to make the vehicle easier to handle when driven on the road.

The monitor of the navigator is not overly decorated; instead, it has a monochrome screen and provides only the most essential information, which is limited to consumption, range, and traveled distance.

However, the rear seats have a lot of legroom and a high ceiling thanks to the V platform on which the vehicle is based. This allows for a lot of habitability, which can be seen in the back of the car.

4. KIA Rio: 35,249 units

We will not leave the compact segment because the KIA Rio, currently in its fourth generation, is coming up after us. In this instance, we are discussing a vehicle that falls into the B segment and is unmistakably intended for use in urban environments.

It features a front grille that was updated in 2020 as part of a significant redesign carried out by the Korean company in conjunction with this vehicle.

The design of the car is simultaneously youthful and contemporary in equal measure.

When discussing its workings, it is essential to note that it is available in three gasoline variants in addition to two other hybrids, both of which were introduced in 2020 as part of the changes that have already been mentioned.

On the inside is an ergonomically designed cabin and aesthetically pleasing, with nothing that isn’t essential present.

It reveals physical controls for regulating things like the temperature and volume of the radio, a multimedia system located relatively high up, and an analog panel for the instrumentation.

Its UVO Connect infotainment system is presided over by a touchscreen measuring 8 inches, providing helpful information in real-time.

3. Chevrolet Aveo: 37,039

The Chevrolet Aveo, a compact vehicle that belongs to the B segment, brings the podium to a close for Chevrolet.

It has front-wheel drive and a versatile set of features, which are likely reasons why Mexican customers have given it such high marks to propel it to the third spot on this list.

It’s also possible that this is because of the significant renewal that its design underwent compared to earlier iterations, which made it more daring.

It has some striking features, such as the headlights, which have a rounded shape and do not have a fairing. Additionally, the front of the vehicle is quite muscular, and the grille is unique.

On the inside, the cabin exudes technology while also maintaining its minimalistic aesthetic.

Despite having five seats, it does not have a touch screen, which means that only four people can travel comfortably in it, which is evidence of the second possibility.

Touch screens are standard equipment in most new cars on the market today.

Mechanically, it is offered in gasoline in two different variants with horsepower ratings of 75 and 95 and diesel with horsepower ratings ranging from 86 to 116.

A variant with 101 horsepower and an automatic transmission produces 116 horsepower within the diesel lineup.

2. Nissan NP300 Frontier: 47,884 units

This is another instance where the Japanese brand dominates the market, dominating both top positions.

The NP300 Frontier is a pickup truck that combines the work requirements of a purely professional vehicle with those requirements that may be specific to a user who wants the freedom to move about as they please.

In contrast to the NP300 a secas, this model features a signature in the shape of a C and four-point LED lights in the front.

In addition, its grille has been updated to make it appear more attractive, along with the rear bumper and the lights in that area (which are also LED), and the front of the vehicle now has a more assertive appearance.

Inside, the cabin is shown to be more soundproof than the exterior, thanks to materials that isolate very well acoustically, in addition to a windshield and laminated front windows.

The cushions and backrests of the seats have been refined, contributing to their overall enhancement.

There is a brand new infotainment system that has an 8-inch screen and a 7-inch TFT screen.

The console also has a unique rain sensor and USB-type C port. These are some of the technological components that are included.

Finally, its mechanical structure is made up of either gasoline or diesel engines that are 2.5 liters in size.

One of the engines has a manual transmission with six speeds and drives the rear wheels, while the other has an automatic transmission with seven ratios, drives all four wheels, and has an active brake limited slip differential.

The top 10 vehicles sold in Mexico

1. Nissan Versa: 69. 775 units

The Nissan Versa, with its V-shaped front grille, LED headlights in the shape of a boomerang, C-pillars on both sides that continue up to the roof and that are complemented to a thousand wonders with the rear area, and a spoiler on the top that emphasizes the aerodynamic approach, has been the vehicle that consumers in Mexico desired the most in 2021.

This is because the design of the Nissan Versa includes several fascinating design details.

Mechanically, it is offered in two different configurations: a five-speed manual transmission for the access version Sense MT and an innovative continuously variable transmission (CVT) called Xtronic for the new configurations.

Because of this, the engine can operate at low revolutions per minute, resulting in lower fuel consumption, lower noise levels, and an overall more comfortable ride.

Finally, the interior of its upholstery is outfitted with high-quality materials and finishes, which make the time spent in the cabin very comfortable.

Additionally, as a point of interest, their seats are designed with a “zero gravity” concept, which seeks to maintain a neutral position for the body.

How the doors are lined and the finish they present contribute to the item’s air of sophistication and contemporary style.

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