The top 10 vehicles sold in Colombia

The love of the engine transcends all cultures and geographic locations on the planet; it is not specific to any nation.

The good news is that it is getting easier to get behind the wheel of a car thanks to the new financing methods that manufacturers are making available and the proliferation of various digital platforms that allow users to rent a vehicle from their fleet in exchange for a fee.

The top 10 vehicles sold in Colombia

On this particular occasion, we will discuss what the market has produced as a result of itself in a new Latin American nation.

More specifically, we will discuss the top ten cars that sold the most units in Colombia in 2021.

Which brands will have greater prominence, and will the competitive landscape compare to what we saw in Mexico? Let’s clear things up regarding Motorbli.

The top ten vehicles in terms of sales in Colombia in the year 2021

Following this brief introduction, we will now discuss the protagonists that Colombian buyers most desired during the most recent fiscal year, which has now come to a close.

10. Chevrolet Onix: 5,659 units

The Chevrolet Onix comes in at number ten and features a three-cylinder turbo engine supercharged in all its variants and a transmission that can switch between a five-speed manual and a six-speed automatic gearbox.

It is important to note that the Premier model, which is the most expensive, has traction provided by front-wheel drive.

On the inside, the materials are not as technologically advanced as those typically found in vehicles that are available for purchase, but the cabin is roomy and comfortable.

Equipped with a leather steering wheel with multiple functions, automatic climate control, keyless entry and start, and a 7-inch screen in the information and entertainment system.

It is renowned for delivering a responsive ride thanks to the engine.

A large part of this reputation is attributable to the tuned suspension, which is credited with effectively isolating track irregularities.

9. Mazda 2: 5,773 units

The Mazda 2 is a car with a combination of sophistication and athleticism.

Naturally, following the update in 2020, it was only available with a single engine that produced 90 horsepower and was paired with either a manual or an automatic transmission; however, it is compatible with light hybridization.

On the inside, it combines leather with plastics, such as the upper part of the dashboard, the seats, and the coverings for the steering wheel.

For example, the upper part of the dashboard is made of plastic.

As a result of eschewing the plethora of technological gizmos that have become standard in more recent product releases, it adheres to the principles of minimalism.

Despite this, the ride is enjoyable and has a high level of responsiveness to the driver’s needs.

8. Chevrolet Joy: 6,616 units

The eighth spot on this list is taken by the Chevrolet Joy, a sedan produced by the American automaker Chevrolet that is well-known for its dynamic driving characteristics and affordable price.

A significant amount of black is used in the design, particularly in the LED lights, mirrors, and darkened grille that can be seen from the front.

Inside, there aren’t a lot of frills or luxuries, but there are some interesting little touches, like the black moldings on the steering wheel, the new fabric upholstery, and the two-tone finish on the dashboard.

Air conditioning, a central locking system, a hydraulic steering system, and power windows in the front are some of its standard features.

It only has anti-lock brakes (ABS) with electronic brake distribution (EBD), dual front airbags, a backrest, belts, ISOFIX anchors, and three-point seat belts, so its safety features could be lacking.

On the other hand, a powerful SPE four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1.4 liters, 126 Nm of peak torque, and 98 horsepower is housed beneath the hood.

It is paired with a manual transmission that has five different gear ratios.

7. Renault Logan: 6,944 units

This time, the seventh-place finish goes to yet another Renault vehicle, the Logan.

In addition to the red chrome taillights, it has C-shaped LED daytime running lights outside.

Furthermore, it has a more prominent grille and is new to the scene with this generation.

The wheels have a diamond shape, come in two colors, and are 16 inches in diameter.

Because of the plastic moldings on it and the crossover appearance they give it, it is somewhat comparable to the Stepway.

This purpose is to “raise” the bodywork so that the CVT will be protected from damage.

Inside, the driver is also accompanied by the Media Evolution system, which provides phone connectivity thanks to its USB port.

All of the pertinent information for the driver is displayed on the instrument panel, which is located inside the vehicle.

However, the only adjustment that can be made to the steering wheel is its height. On the other hand, the driver’s seat can be adjusted in height, distance, and tilt.

In its mechanics, we distinguish a 1.6-liter H4M engine with 111 horsepower power and maximum torque of 156 Nm at 4,250 rpm.

This engine, in turn, works with a CVT-Xtronic automatic gearbox that has seven gears in automatic mode and six gears in manual mode.

6. Dacia Sandero: 7,326 units

The Dacia Sandero has been one of the best-selling vehicles among private users over the past five years.

This success can be attributed, in part, to the philosophy of competitive pricing that is characteristic of the Romanian company.

However, its most recent new generation has made design and material debuts in the cabin, including introducing materials with soft surfaces that are pleasant to the touch in places such as the dashboard.

The equipment has emergency braking, blind spot warning, hill start assistant, traffic notification, parking sensors front and rear, and connectivity with smartphones.

Additional features include climate control, a rear camera, light and rain sensors, keyless entry and start, electric mirrors, emergency braking, and a hill start assistant.

As a result, we are discussing the provision of a guarantee in this context.

Mechanically, it is offered in gasoline (2) and LPG gas, and the base model is the SCe with an atmospheric three-cylinder engine that produces 65 horsepower and has a five-speed manual transmission; the next model up is the TCe 90 with a turbo engine that has the same number of cylinders but produces 90 horsepower and has a six-speed manual gearbox.

The model that tops the lineup is the LPG with a three-cylinder turbo that produces 100 horsepower and has a six-speed manual. They are all driven by the front wheels.

5. Renault Stepway shipments totaled 8,340 units

Another Renault, this one called the Steepway, appears at the equator.

It underwent a significant redesign a couple of years ago, which resulted in the introduction of C-shaped LED daytime running lights, 16-inch wheels, and taillights stretched toward the center of the vehicle.

It is identical to the model that came before it in that it has a ground clearance of 18 centimeters.

This allows it to perform relatively well outside of the city, especially when combined with the 154 Nm of maximum torque available in the version with a 1.6-liter engine.

Another of this vehicle’s new features is its continuously variable transmission (CVT), which has replaced the traditional four-speed.

Its technological equipment has handy functionalities, such as automatic climate control, sensors for light and rain, an infotainment system led by a 7-inch screen, a rearview camera, and smartphone connectivity.

4. Renault Kwid: 8,409 units

According to what has been observed, the Renault group is winning over customers in the country.

One of the reasons for this is that it has put its second representative on the list with a model of the brand that gives it its name: the Kwid.

It is a city car with a ground clearance of 18 centimeters and is classified as belonging to the A segment.

It has positioned itself with a good balance between economy, safety, and technology, which has probably attracted the attention of a younger target audience.

On the inside is a straightforward cabin devoid of a great deal of luxury but features a few orange accents in the form of added aesthetic details.

These can be found on the shifter, steering wheel, and doors. Because of the plush quality of the upholstery’s surface, touching it is a satisfying experience.

The limited space in the back seats, which means that three people will have to travel in close quarters and with only a pelvic safety belt, is the area that could use the most improvement.

All the opposite occurs in the trunk, which boasts a sizable capacity of 290 liters and places him among the leaders in its category. All of this is contrary to what occurs in the cabin.

When it comes to the workings of this vehicle, it all begins with a naturally aspirated 1.0-liter engine that generates 67 horsepower and 93 Nm of maximum torque.

3. Kia Picanto: 8,719 units

The Kia Picanto’s market success in Colombia can be attributed to several factors, including the car’s youthful appeal and the affordability of its price.

The former is demonstrated by looking at the design, which features bold lines ideal for shining in the middle of the city, which is the environment where this model thrives the most.

However, it is also an excellent choice for transporting luggage because its trunk has a capacity of up to 1,010 liters and can be expanded to 255 liters by folding down the second row of seats.

Inside, it must be admitted that there is not a lot of space, even though it has new features like an a8-inch center console screen, a UVO Connect browser that is compatible with smartphones, and another new monitor in the instrument panel of 4.2 inches that displays helpful information in real-time.

When it comes to the remaining components, it is essential to note that you can select either a black fabric or a synthetic leather finish.

In conclusion, its mechanical structure comprises three distinct power levels, which are 67, 84, and 100 horsepower, respectively.

The entry-level has a 1.0-liter engine with three cylinders and natural aspiration, the next step up has a 1.2-liter engine with the same type of aspiration, and the final one is turbocharged. Except for the GT-Line finish, all three come with a manual gearbox with five different speeds.

The 67 and 100-horsepower models each come with a further automatic transmission.

2. Dacia Duster: 9,273 units

The Dacia Duster is the second SUV on our list, yet another one that was recently updated.

This new look includes a more contemporary design and technological features that have been brought up to date.

These modifications include Y-shaped headlights equipped with LED technology, a chrome front grille, a new method of spoiler that presents in the rear roof area, alloy wheels measuring 16 and 17 inches, and tire bearings that are optimized to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The screen size of the infotainment system can reach up to 8 inches on the inside.

It can work in conjunction with either the Media Display (which features six speakers, a DAB radio, Bluetooth, two USB ports, and connectivity for Android and Apple smartphones) or the Media Nav (adds integrated navigation, WIFI with smartphone, upholstery, and new headrests and high center console, among others).

Mechanically, the EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission that works with the gasoline engine that produces 150 horsepower is retrieved for the cause.

To it are added two additional choices of this fuel with 90 and 130 horsepower, a diesel dCi 115 6-ratio manual and another Biofuel gasoline-GLP with the new tank that gives it its name increasing the capacity to 16.2 liters under the trunk floor and the same with its autonomy up to 250 kilometers.

Both of these options are available now.

The top 10 vehicles sold in Colombia

1. Mazda CX-30: 11,213 units

This sport utility vehicle is distinguished in particular by providing a substantial quantity of technological components.

As a result, the Japanese manufacturer has regarded the Mazda CX-30 as the most important example of its product line.

It provides engines that run on gasoline, diesel, mild hybrids, and micro hybrids of the gasoline variety.

It is built on the Skyactiv Vehicle Architecture, which is also used for the platform that underpins the Mazda 3.

Although the distance between the driver and front passenger seats about the roof is one centimeter less than in his brother’s cited model, the interior of this model is roomier than that of the CX-3.

This is in part because the wheelbase of this model is 2.65 meters longer than that of the CX-3.

The ergonomics are the primary protagonist, with the high position of the driver’s seat serving as one of the canons in this market segment, the fact that both the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat are height-adjustable, and the availability of an electric adjustment with lumbar support as an option.

The user is presented with a sizable Head-Up Display in front of them, which is projected onto the windshield.

This display can be adjusted using the circular HMI knob on the central tunnel, also used to control the 8.8-inch screen that does not support touch input.

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