12 Automakers you may not be familiar with

If we were asked, say, twenty years ago, what the greatest danger would be to a generation that had grown up in a globalized world, between economic crises, climate change, and population displacements, sooner or later, we would have ended up talking about the possibility of consumer goods becoming standardized.

12 Automakers you may not be familiar with

Although globalization and its concern are not new, the use of global marketing and consumer trends makes possible one of the worst-case scenarios for small car brands.

This scenario is known as “progressive substitution toward the standard.”

People in any country can now purchase a Toyota, for instance, thanks to the complete liberalization of the automobile market, which adheres to the principles espoused by economists such as Thomas Sowell.

The intense level of competition helped drive down prices.

However, because this market has not stopped being extremely vulnerable to crises like oil in 1979 or the great recession in 2008, many businesses have banded together to form the same group.

To compete against these atrocities, one must concentrate on driving exclusive cars such as the Tramontana or the Hurtan.

Rare automobile brands that you (probably) aren’t familiar with

Despite all this, we will have unfamiliar car brands driving around our neighborhoods.

The fact that we drive a car made by an obscure brand lends us a certain air of social distinction.

In a homogenized world, people start looking for different things, but in a once heterogeneous world, the world becomes homogenized.

Get comfortable and get ready to be surprised by these 12 brands you aren’t familiar with that will blow your mind.

12. Arrinera

Poland was the first country that we visited on our trip. Some people decided to create a supercar that could compete with the best in the world.

A difficult task, but some Poles are up to the challenge.

The Arrinera Hussarya was first shown to the public in 2016, and it has already participated in the GT3 competition, where it has made a very favorable impression.

It looked like a Ferrari, and a Lotus had a baby together and named it Lotus.

The company had planned to manufacture road-legal vehicles, but for the time being, the project has come to a standstill, and they have slowed the rate at which they are working.

Because we’ll have a lot of fun driving one of their cars if and when they get their idea off the ground, we’re looking forward to seeing it become a reality.

11. Chery

Since the company’s inception, the Chinese manufacturer Chery has adhered steadfastly to a technology-driven business strategy to develop an internationally competitive and influential vehicle brand.

It is the first passenger vehicle company in China that has successfully mastered the technology for cars and is now exporting engines to other countries.

Chery’s sales and service network now cover more than 80 countries and regions after more than 20 years of development.

As a result, the brand has gained the confidence of 8.3 million customers worldwide.

Its most notable offerings are the Arrizo 7 and Arrizo 6 sedans and the Tiggo 7 and Tiggo 8 sport utility vehicles.

10. Comarth

Murcia is another city that should be included on this list.

Comarth is a technology company that produces electric vehicles distributed worldwide and is notable for its high-reliability level in the cars it sells.

Their background in producing sports cars, such as the S1 and the Xtamy, has allowed them to develop electric vehicles and automobiles with high levels of stability and performance that, in their words, “thrill.”

Customers looking for a more tourist-friendly car can find what they need in their lineup of electric vehicles, which serves both professional and consumer needs.

The Cross Rider, the CR Sport, the T-Truck, and the T-Bus are the vehicles that are included in its lineup.

The cars have an air of uniqueness about them thanks to the shape of the bodies.

9. De Tomaso

We will take a short break to discuss one of the legendary brands. Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer De Tomaso entered the Formula One racing circuit at some point in its history.

It vanished in 2012 after years of torment, and the only thing that remained was the memory of those who were sentimental…

The De Tomaso P72 did not make its debut until the year 2019.

A limited edition, of which only 72 copies have been produced worldwide.

It is the utmost level of exclusivity possible. The chassis of an Apollo IE combined with a supercharged V8 gasoline engine that produced 700 horsepower and a manual transmission gearbox.

The most breathtaking experience is watching how memories can be brought back to life. The De Tomaso P72 is truly a work of art.

8. Geely

Geely Auto Group is a prominent automobile manufacturing company established in 1997 and headquartered in Hangzhou, China.

They have a fifty percent ownership stake in the LYNK & CO brand and sell cars under the Geely Auto brand.

More than 50,000 people are employed by the group, which also runs 12 manufacturing plants and five research and development centers worldwide in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Gothenburg, Coventry, and Frankfurt.

In addition, it has five design studios around the world: in Shanghai, Gothenburg, Barcelona, California, and Coventry. In 2019, the brands managed by Geely Auto Group sold more than 1.46 million units, and Geely Auto remained the best-selling Chinese brand for the third year in a row, maintaining its position as the best-selling Chinese brand.

They have a very extensive lineup, but the Xing Yue, an all-electric sport utility vehicle, and the Preface, a very sophisticated four-door sedan, are particularly noteworthy.

7. GTA

We are now back in Spain. After more than 20 years of competing at the highest level of the automobile industry, Spania GTA decided to bring the dream of its director, Domingo Ochoa, to fruition: to produce a supercar that will add all of the technology that has been applied to the world of automobiles, achieving the pinnacle of perfection by combining sportiness, elegance, and exclusivity.

It is advertised that the GTA Spano is a car that is equipped with the most cutting-edge technology, innovative aesthetics, studied aerodynamics, and numerous solutions for the future.

It is also advertised as capable of competing in image and performance with brands recognized internationally for their prestige.

This one-of-a-kind supercar will be produced in a limited run of only 99 units.

6. Hurtan

Hurtan is a small, family-owned business that prides itself on the individuality and handcrafted quality of each vehicle it produces.

Hurtan, which has its headquarters in Granada in the Spanish region of Andalusia, is currently meeting a particular demand for motor vehicles.

This has helped the company stand out in domestic and international markets, and it is supplying handcrafted motor vehicles to locations worldwide.

The markets in Asia and the Middle East currently show the most significant demand for vehicles manufactured by Hurtan.

Their vehicles are actual embodiments of automotive fantasies; whether you choose the Author 4P, the Author Berlina, the Vintage, the Grand Albaycin, or the Route 44 caravan, you are guaranteed to be utterly captivated.

5. Lucid

elegant automobiles with a futuristic appearance designed to have the lowest possible fuel consumption.

Their objective is to realize fully sustainable mobility so that people will never again have to decide whether it is more important to travel or to preserve the environment.

And to live in this new world, what could be more fitting than the variety of Lucid Airs? The only difference is that we are discussing engines with 1,080 horsepower.

From this point, you can purchase the Air Grand Touring, the Air Touring, or the Air Pure, each of which is tailored to a specific type of driver.

4. Noble

Like any self-respecting Englishman, Lee Noble holds a very particular perspective on how the world should be viewed.

He believed that many manufacturers of hypercars placed excessive emphasis on driver assistance, which, in his view, rendered the experience of driving pointless and deprived drivers of their sense of accomplishment.

Instead of relying on electronic assistance, his back-to-basics approach concentrated on the more analog design qualities.

Consequently, he was able to produce better results. He ensured that the driving experience was a true reflection of the driver’s ability by applying the principle of pure engineering integrity from the chassis.

This put the driver back in control of the vehicle and made the driving experience more enjoyable.

Therefore, the Noble M600 is not a vehicle that would appeal to all consumers.

Anyone with sufficient financial means can purchase it, but only genuine automobile enthusiasts can appreciate it.

3. Qoros

Chery owns and operates this business as a subsidiary. Although the Chinese brand did not end up adapting to the markets in Europe, it is eager to dominate the world.

The Qoros 3, an SUV with a very European design, was the vehicle with which they made their debut in society in 2013. Since then, they have been working on expanding their product catalog.

The Qoros 7 needed to break into the European market, which the company had previously ignored; however, it seems that we will have to wait for the time before this can happen.

Due to Qoros’s 305 million euro loss in 2020, the company decided to concentrate on the Chinese domestic market.

They are capable of producing quality automobiles, but perhaps there is room for improvement in terms of originality and differentiation in their designs.

2. Rimac

The beaches in Croatia aren’t the only thing that surprises visitors. The industry’s most recognizable brands have taken notice of Rimac.

Porsche has purchased its 10% stake in the company, and Volkswagen has entertained the idea of selling Bugatti to Porsche. Rimac Automobili is currently the industry leader in terms of technological prowess.

It is also a provider of comprehensive technological solutions to automakers worldwide. It specializes in the production of electric hypercars.

The Rimac two, which has a maximum speed of 412 kilometers per hour and a motor rated at 1,408 kilowatts, is the company’s most ambitious project.

Regarding the architectural style of the exterior, all that can be said is that it is undoubtedly one of the most stunning examples of beauty that has ever been constructed.

1. Tramontana

“tramontana” describes a mighty wind that can topple anything.

Catalonians have decided to design, develop, and manufacture supercars that reinterpret the traditional values of hand-built automobiles.

Regardingerior design only uses high-tech materials (like carbon fiber) and luxury materials of the highest quality (wood and leather).

They have four models: the C, which cannot be classified into the traditional categories, with a V-10 600 hp engine and a V12 550 hp engine; the S, with the same engines; the R, a racing version, with a V-10 600 hp engine and a V12 550hp-720hp engine; and the XTR, with some radical chassis modifications and intended for show, with a V12 720/888 hp engine. The C has Pure magic.

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